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John and Mary Kinnick family in Maryland

We believe that John Kinnick, son of William Kinnick, married Mary Isaac at Trinity Parish, Charles Co, Maryland, 12 Jan 1790. Based on census data analysis, John was born about 1769, Mary was born between 1770 and 1775, probably closer to 1770.

There is no record that they owned land, but we have found a series of records that indicate they had accumulated a small bit of wealth by around the early years of 1800. The 1800 federal census showed one slave and one free person (other than white or Indian), normally freed black person or former slave, in the household. In that census, they also had 2 young sons and two young daughters, all under ten years of age. In addition, there is another white lady, between age 20 and 45 years of age, most likely a sister (we have no way to identify her, of course).

The record of the August Term of 1802 of the Charles Co (MD) Orphan's Court [links to explanation about this court and the index to its proceedings] (on page 402 & 403) reports a Testamentary Bond for the "Executors and Administrators" of the estate of Elizabeth Waters, in the amount of one thousand pounds, current money. John Kinnick (spelled Kennick, in the record) is one of these four men. Since they each pledge the entire bond amount on default, "in the whole and for the whole, jointly and severally," John must have been perceived to have possessed such value.

In the record of the February Term, 1793, of the same court, John Kennick (Kinnick) is shown as owing "doct Edward Semmes, late of Charles County," 0.5.0 (which I would interpret to mean: 0 pounds, 5 shillings, 0 pence). Other "familiar" local names on the list include: Boarman, Smallwood, Hagan, Smoot, Edelen, Dent, among others. Finally, at the February Term, 1803, of the same court, John Kennick (Kinnick) is shown as purchasing a small item in the Estate Sate of a William Turner, Sr.

The four children of John and Mary Kinnick listed in the 1800 federal census have been identified as sons, William, born about 1785, and John, born about 1797, and two daughters, Percilla and Dorcas, born between John and the 1800 census date. Sarah joined the family in about 1802 and Mary in 1804 (later known to be August 13th).

The 1810 federal census for Charles Co (MD) lists John (41) and Mary (40) with the children aged as follows: William (15), John (13), Percilla (11), Dorcas (9), Sarah (8) and Mary (6). Also in the household is one "free" - possibly the same person as reported in the 1800 census (and again in the 1820 census). Walter W. was born 11 Feb 1810, followed by Ann on 23 May 1812, and Catherine on 31 Aug 1814.

The next record of the family is Charles Co (MD) is in the 1820 federal census, which shows Mary Kinnick as Head of Household. John has probably died, but we have yet to confirm his status with any certainty. The one "free" is now identified as a "male, age 45 & up." The children are all in their respective categories: William (25), John (23), Percilla (21), Dorcas (19), Sarah (18/19), Mary (16), Walter (10), Ann (8), and Catherine (6).
Sometime during the next couple of years, the family moved to Belmont County, Ohio, presumably over the National Road, and settled near the National Road, which was being built through that part of Ohio at that time.

Only William appears to return to Maryland, between 1830 and 1833, to marry and have one known child [link to William's family information].

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