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John and Ann Kinnick in North Carolina

John and Ann Kinnick moved their family from Charles Co, MD, to the Valley of the Yadkin River Forks in North Carolina in the spring of 1792, after selling their land in Maryland. The family would have included John and Ann (each aged 38), John Adam (14), David R. (12), Elizabeth (10), George Washington (8), Susannah (5 1/2), Mary (4 ), and Milly (2).

The birth of their son, William, on 20 Mar 1793, is recorded as taking place in North Carolina [as well as the subsequent four children born there]. This would seem to pinpoint the move from Maryland to North Carolina at the spring of 1792. It could have been anytime during the twelve month period, but spring of 1792 seems the most logical.

The first recorded land transaction in North Carolina is in the Rowan County Register of Deeds, Salisbury, NC, Book 15, Page 485, dated 30 Jan 1795, conveying 150 acres from John M ock to John Kinnick (Kinneck). On a historical note, this land was located about five mile southeast of the cabin where Daniel and Rebecca Boone had lived, prior to moving to Kentucky about sixteen years earlier. [I enjoyed reading the book, "Boone, A Novel Based on the Life and Time of Daniel Boone, " by Cameron Judd, shortly before we visited the area in the summer of 2000]. Rowan County was later broken into multiple counties, and this land and area became Davie County in 1836.

We have yet to find the family in the 1800 census in North Carolina. If we did, however, the family would appear as: John and Ann (each age 46), John Adam (22), David R. (20), Elizabeth (18), George Washington (16), Susannah (14), Mary (12), Milly (10), William (7), James (5), Catherine (3), Nancy (2), and Richard (born in 1800). The family was complete, but the older children are about to go out on their own, as we will shortly see. Rowan County records show that John Kinnick purchased an additional 15 acres from Isaac Adams on 4 August 1801, described as "on the south side of the Great Yadkin." The witness was George Kinnick. (Book 15, Page 485)

On 7 Sep 1802, Israel Whitaker sold to David R. Kinnick 100 acres on the west side of Dutchman Creek. [We drove over Dutchman Creek a couple miles from this property when we visited.] On 3 Nov 1803, Allen C. Harbin sold to John Adam Kinnick 150 acres "on Big Branch in fork of the Yadkin River." The witnesses were David R. Kinnick and George Kinnick [his brothers, we now know, of course]. [Mrs. Waggoner recorded the transactions attributed to John Adam Kinnick, but never realized he was the oldest son of John and Ann. She also did not realize that David married, lived in the area for a while, and then moved to eastern Tennessee.] David purchased an additional 100 acres on the west bank of Dutchman Creek from Allen C. Harbin on 27 Feb 1804.

The first marriage in the family was Elizabeth, who, at about age 21, married James Harbin on 4 Aug 1803. This was followed shortly the marriage of John Adam Kinnick, at age 25, to Anney Call, on 7 Nov 1803. This was four days after he bought the 150 acres noted above. David R. then married Sarah Rector on 1 May 1804. Mary married Peter Rector, Jr., later in 1804 or in 1805. George Washington Kinnick married Hannah Grimes in about 1806. Left in the home of John and Ann (each now about 52), then late in 1806, would have been: Susannah (20), Milly (16), William (13), James (11), Catherine (9), Nancy (8), and Richard (6).

On 6 Feb 1808 Allen Cartright Harbin sold to John Adam Kinnick 100 acres on Jacob Blacks Mill Creek. On 14 Nov 1808 Allen C. Harbin sold to John Kinnick (does not specify John Adam) 75 acres, "in the fork of the Yadkin." On 31 Aug 1810, Frederick Black sold to John Kinnick 90 acres on the forks of the Yadkin River joining the property of John Harris and Joseph Harris. Witnessed by D. R. Kinnick and Peter Rector.

Susannah married John Harris in 1810. Milly married Basil Hagin, but we do not know the year. Catherine married John Eastburn in about 1815. James married Margaret Eckles on 24 Feb 1817. A short time later, on 16 May 1817, Nancy married Henry Riddle.

In August of 1817, we find William Kinnick (he would have been age 24) listed among a list of voters in Lawrence County, Indiana. In a list of residents, also attributed to the year 1818, we also find Richard Kinnick (he would have been age 18). That accounts for the next step in the lives of all the children - marriage or a new location as an adult.

Meanwhile, back in North Carolina, John Adam Kinnick purchased, on 18 Apr 1818, 372 acres, adjoining his earlier purchases, from A.C. Harbin, for $100.00. On 24 Nov 1824, George Kinnick received a state grant for 30 acres, "near the North Yadkin, adjoining Nathan Chaffin."

In 1822, the eldest son, John Adam Kinnick died, leaving a wife and several young children, ranging from 16 to less than a year old. Details of this situation are recorded in local court records.

On 8 August 1833, John Kinnick sold 203 acres to his son, George Kinnick, for $100.00. There is no mention of Ann, the wife of John, so it can be reasonably assumed that she has died. In this year, they would have each been 77 years old. John died in 1838 at the age of 84. Distribution of his remaining land and property is recorded in local court records.


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