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John and Ann Kinnick in Maryland

The first record of this John Kinnick, in Maryland, is the record of his purchase of land in 1775 that identifies him, in the actual record, as: "son of Jasper." The deed is dated 16 Jan 1775, from George Keeth, planter of Prince George's County, to John Kinnick, son of Jasper in Charles Co, for 90 pounds, for a tract of land called the Seale of Head, lying in Charles County, bounded by a white oak by the east side of Askin Mill Swamp and on the north side of a main road that leads from Peter Montgomery's to Benedict Town, containing 66 acres. Signed by George Keeth (his mark). Witnessed by Robert Young and Philip Briscoe. Monika Keeth, wife of the said George Keeth, relinquished here right of dower. Recorded 31 Jan 1775. (page 689-690).

The second mention of John Kinnick, in Maryland, is his Oath of Allegiance in Charles County in 1778. His name is the 213th in the list of those who took the oath as recorded by the Worshipful Daniel Jennifer. (Hodges Unpublished Records, Vol. 5, Page 82 - reported on p. 4 in the Kinnick book.) (Note: Mr. Robert F. Hayes, Jr., Professional Genealogist, reported to Mrs. Waggoner that this listing "is accepted by the Daughters of the American Revolution as a claim for membership.)

From the Tax Lists of Charles County, Maryland, 1782-83, in the Maryland Historical Society (reported in the Kinnick book, p. 5), John Kinnick had land and property in Bryantown Hundreds. The 66 acres of land had a value of 33 pounds. There were 3 horses. Four black cattle had a value of 21 pounds. The value of other property is reported as 9 pounds. The total assessment was 73 pounds (basis). The assessment was 14 shillings, 7 pence. The assessment in specie was 3 shillings, 2 pence. The number of white inhabitants was listed as 7. Regarding this number of white inhabitants, it would include John and Ann, plus children John Adam, David R. and Elizabeth, plus two others. These were likely John's father, Jasper, and a sister of Ann, assisting in the household. This is speculation, of course, but reasonable, based on information available.

The 1790 federal census appears to have the John Kinnick family listed under "Kennia, John, Senr." Under this name are 1 Free white males of 16 years & upward, including heads of families (John), 3 Free white males under 16 years (John Adam, David R., and George Washington), 4 Free white females including heads of families (Ann, Elizabeth, Susannah, and Mary - suggests that Milly not yet born at time of census), and 1 slave.

On 22 March 1792, George Morton bought from John Kinnick for 119 pounds current money the tract of land called Seale of Head lying in Charles County. The description is similar to the purchase document but lists it as 68 acres. Signed by John Kinnick. Witnessed by Ben Dyson and Alex McPerson. Ann, wife of John Kinnick, did appear before the witnesses and did relinquish her right of dower to the land, "freely of her own will." The deed was recorded on 27 March 1792 by George Morton.

It is believed they moved to North Carolina shortly after the sale. The family would have included John and Ann (each aged 38), John Adam (14), David R. (12), Elizabeth (10), George Washington (8), Susannah (5 1/2), Mary (4 ), and Milly (2).

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