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Beginning in late June 2000, The Kinnick Project has begun to create
The KINNICK 2003 Genealogy Book online. You are invited to watch it grow and to contribute as you see things related to your branch of the family that ought to be there. Bill Smith has set up a new email account to use in connection with this collection of information. Again, if you have a family web site that we can reference and make a link to, please tell me or remind me that it is there! I'll add it as soon as possible.

Bill Smith, 15 June 2000 - hope to have all the pieces in place by 2003!


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Tips for using this book information

1. If you are uncertain which early ancestor you relate to, you may want to check the "complete" file at RootsWeb's WorldConnect. Here you can search for your earliest known ancestor. You can then click back to earlier generations in order to locate a person in our Menu. In a few months, we will add a search engine for the entire site. Please use the WorldConnect information in the meantime. Let me know if you have a problem.

2. Early on, many of the "chapters" are little more than the name of the group. I will continue to work at "filling them in" as time allows, one by one. There are a lot of families in the 1953 book that are not yet entered in the WorldConnect file, and a few family files some of you have sent me that are not completely entered. I don't mind at all having you contact me to check if yours is still on hand.

Bill Smith

The KINNICK Project
June 18, 2000


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