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World War One 1917-1918
April 6, 1917 USA declares War on Germany - Nov 11, 1918 end of War

Flag Allen Drewry, U.S. Army Infantry

Stationed at Camp Gordon, Georgia & Camp McClellen, Alabama

Private - Sept 18, 1917

1st Sergeant - Nov 1, 1917
2nd Lieutenant - June 1, 1918

Enlisted Army Service Number

**Starting Feb 1918, WWI era Enlisted men in the National Army were given service numbers ranging from 1 to 5,999,999.
Prior to WWI, index lists of soldiers by rosters and muster rolls were used.

In loving Memory of my "PoPo" by his Granddaughter MaryCarol


1st Sergeant

2nd Lieutenant

The WWI Victory Medal
was awarded for service
during 1917 -1918

WWI Victory Medal

WWI Victory Ribbon
worn daily on his uniform
in place of the Medal

WWI Draft Card June 5, 1917
Flag Allen Drewry - 25 yrs old - b. March 11, 1892 in Greenfield, Tenn
trade: Auto Mechanic employed by self in Greenfield
Married - wife
What military service have you had: rank of Sergeant in Infantry for 3 yrs for Nation (US Army)
Claim exemption: Dependent*
Medium build - slender - blue eyes - light hair

*Note - Most of the married men claimed their families as a reason for exemption.  Flag and Pricie, along with her brother, Jesse Campbell & Nannie Sharp were married June 4, 1917 in Greenfield, Tennessee but separate weddings.

**Note - It appears that Flag was involved in the training of men during World War I. As he already had a tour of duty 1912-1914, he would be ready to train the young raw recruits.

Timeline reconstruction of his WWI Army Service Record from Army "Special Orders of the Day" copies found in his leather briefcase

He was called up - Conscripted - Sept 18, 1917. Even though he had prior service with rank of Sergeant, he had to start over as private but quickly was promoted to 1st Sergeant. Enlisted National Army at Camp Gordon, Atlanta,Georgia, Private 7th Company 2nd Training  Battalion 157th Depot Brigade. Sept 18, 1917 to Nov 1, 1917.

Note: Camp Gordon, Atlanta Georgia 1917 - 1919. Built during the rush to mobilize for World War I in just five months. The Camp had 2,400 acres, 1,635 buildings with barracks for 46,612 men and corral space for 7,688 horses and mules. It was one of 16 temporary training camps, the largest in the South. It was  abandoned by 1921.

Postcard - Camp Gordon WWI training - Motor Cycle Machine Gun

Nov 1, 1917
Company Orders No 5 - Camp Gordon, GA - 7th Co. 2nd Training Battalion 157th Depot Brigade. The following appointments and promotions are made in 7th Company 2nd Training Battalion 157th Depot Brigade, effective this date. To be 1st Sergeant: Sergeant Flag A. Drewry

Jan 5, 1918
On Detached Service  as Sgt. in Officers Training School at Camp Gordon, Georgia. Relieved per Special Orders No.82 HQ Camp Gordon, Georgia April 5, 1918.

Dau. Margurite Wilson Drewry born March 16, 1918 in Greenfield, Tenn.

May 13, 1918
1st Sgt. 7th Company 2nd Training Battalion 157th Depot Brigade. to June 4, 1918.

May 31, 1918
Transferred as 1st Sgt. to 25th Company 7th Training Battalion 157th Depot Brigade per General Orders No.1 Hq 157th Depot Battalion.

June 6, 1918
Discharged at Camp Gordon, Georgia  by reason of appointment and acceptance of 2nd Lieut. Infantry National Army. June 7,1918 per Special Orders No. 154 Hq Camp Gordon, Georgia June 3, 1918 with rank from June 1, 1918.

June 7, 1918
Assigned to 7th Training Battalion  per VOCO.
Attached to 25th Company per VOCO June 7, 1918.

June 29, 1918
Assigned to 2nd Training  Battalion 157th Depot Brigade per Special Orders No. 124 Hq 157th Depot Brigade. Assigned to 2nd Training Battalion 157th Depot Brigade. June 29, 1918 and 7th Company 2nd Training Battalion 157th Depot Brigade.per Special Orders No.35 Hq 2nd Training Battalion June 29, 1918 to June 30, 1918. Continued 7th Company August 1, 1918.

Sept 13, 1918
Transferred with 7th Company to Camp McClellan, Alabama  per Special Orders No. 255 Hq Camp Gordon, Georgia Sept 12, 1918.  *He was here at end of WWI on Nov 11, 1918 -  Stationed here Sept  to Dec 1918.

* Note: US War Dept established Camp McClellan, Anniston, Alabama on July 18,1917.  It was a mobilization camp used to quickly train men for World War I.

Camp McClellan 1918

Flag Allen Drewry, U.S. Army Infantry - WWI
1917-18 U.S. ARMY Camp Gordon, Georgia

Flag Allen Drewry, U.S. Army Infantry
WWI  - Camp Gordon, Georgia 1917
He has earned his Rifle Sharpshooter badge

Private Flag A. Drewry  & wife, Pricie Campbell Drewry
U.S. Army Camp Gordon, Georgia abt. Oct 1917 Pricie is pregnant with
Flag has earned Rifle Sharpshooter Badge.
2nd Lieutenant Flag A. Drewry
Camp Gordon, Georgia June 1918
Sharpshooter Badges for Rifle & Pistol

Daughter, Margurite Wilson Drewry born March 16, 1918.Pricie went home to Greenfield, stayed with her sister, Flora Campbell Williamson to have the baby.
Story goes, the Dr. was drunk and the bed slats broke.

Pricie with baby Margurite 1918

Margurite Wilson Drewry
Camp Gordon, Georgia summer 1918
Base Artillery Gun and buildings in background

Pricie with Margurite
Camp Gordon, Georgia summer 1918

Pricie with Margurite at Camp Gordon, Georgia
Summer 1918
- Sitting on Army Artillery Gun

Flag with Margurite Camp Gordon, Geogia 1918

Pricie with Margurite summer 1918
Camp Gordon, Georgia

World War One Victory Medal issued to everyone
who served 1917 - 1918.

I have Flag's WWI Victory Medal, a little worse for wear, the ribbon is fading fast but a treasure to me.

This is what Flag's Rifle Sharpshooter Badge looked like.

I have not been able to identify his Sharpshooter Pistol Badge with crossed pistols that he earned at Camp Gordon, GA.

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