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Gladys Wilber was my dad's mother and this site concentrates on her ancestors. Although I continue to explore other Wilber lines, I have had the most recent success with the Belchers (Gramma's grandmother was Melissa Belcher). I have met (via the Internet) several Belcher researchers who have generously shared their research and insights and who I consider "electronic" friends!

The site is a work in progress. If you choose to copy information, you do so at your own risk!!! I would only ask that you include a reference to this website with any data you copy. That way others can check for updates here or inform me of mistakes that need to be corrected.

There are many variations of the name Wilber - Wilbur, Wilbor, Wilbore, Wildbore, Wilbour, to name a few. Ebenezer Wilber (1784) is the earliest of my Wilber progenitors I've been able to verify. Although he lived in New York at the time of his marriage, I've thus far been unable to connect him with any of the other Wilber families (however they spelled the name!) at that time and place.

The earliest known Belchers in my ancestry are John (1770) and William (1777), two brothers who first settled in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, before 1800. They were the forebears of virtually all Belchers in that county for the next 60 to 70 years. Their parentage is so far unknown, but we're still picking away at this brick wall.

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I welcome questions, comments, and suggestions via e-mail. I will be happy to share any information I have that may be helpful to other researchers.