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Biographies of my Ancestors

Surnames and Locations:

FISCHER - Hesse Cassel, Germany to Toms River, Ocean Co. New Jersey 1849. Associated names GROVER, CAMP

ADAMS -England to Burlington Co. New Jersey

GRIMSRUD - Trogstad, Østfold, Norway to Brekenridge North Dakota and Norman County, Minnesota. Associated names THORPE, HEIER, GILLIE

HVESSER ( VESSER or HVESSE ) - Trøgstad, Østfold, Norway to Ottertail Co., Dane Prairie and Aurdal township, Minnesota. Associated names: KVINDLOG, LARSON

KIESEWETTER -Austrian Empire to Sardina, Brown Co. Ohio. Associated names SCHNEIDER, FREUH, HAUKE, BIEHN, DUNN

FREEH ( FRUEH or FRUH ) - Geiselberg, Germany to Brown Co. Ohio

HOFFMAN - Balgau, Haut Rhin, Alsace, France to Dayton, Ohio 1907. Associated names GUILLAUME, VOGEL

VOGEL - Wintzenheim and Strasbourg, Alsace, France to Dayton, Ohio. Associated names BLIND, FRICKER, DELANDRE

My goal for creating this web site is to honor my courageous ancestors. They left their homelands and endured many hardships in hopes of a better life in America. Without their bravery, I wouldn't be here in this great country where I am able to persue my dreams.

I also hope that other descendents will find me through this site, and will share information about our ancestors to make this memorial richer. I have lots more photos and information to share too!

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John Fischer David Adams Christian Johannessen Grimsrud
Hans Larsen Vesser Johan Jacob Kiesewetter John Freeh
August Hoffman George Vogel Rosalie Marie Hoffman
Charles Sverre Fischer Maggie Freeh Anna Barbara Schneider

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Just for fun; a family recipe for Molasses Taffy

 taffy recipe 

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