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Algoe Family Reunion

From an Ortonville-area newspaper (Oakland Co., Michigan), probably in 1887:

Algoe Reunion
A reunion of the Algoe Family was held in Ortonville last Saturday, June 11th, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin, brother [in-law] and sister to Wm. Algoe, of that village.

There were present, Wm. Algoe and family, of Ortonville; James Algoe and family, of Groveland; Katie Algoe and family of Kingston, Tuscola county; Edward Kipp and family, of Atlas, Genesee county; John Algoe and family, of Groveland; [handwritten in the column are the words "E... (illegible) Brosius & family"] John Jacoba and wife, of Kingston, Tuscola county; John Wright and family, of Davison, Genesee county; Geo. Wright and family, of the same place; Elmer Lasch and family, of Ortonville; Mrs. Eliza Wright, Wm. Wright and wife and Mrs. Mary Lasch, of Atlas, Genesee county; Mrs. Margaret Jacoba, of Shiawassee county; Otis Algoe and wife, of Ortonville; John Algoe and wife, of Hadley, Lapeer county and Joseph Algoe, wife and daughter, of Detroit; making in all, heads of family and children, forty-seven who dined at one time.

Their father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Algoe, moved into the State from Nova Scotia in July, 1836, settling in the township of Groveland, where they lived upon the farm they purchased until their death.  The father dying in 1865, at the age of 65, and the mother in about 1884, at the advanced age of nearly 92 years.

Settling thus early in the history of the township and county upon an entirely new farm, 80 acres deeded to them by the Government, th... [here the article is torn and continues] the...ey [they?] had endured all the trials and hardships incident to pioneer life, and may be counted among that sturdy yeomanry who have made the State of Michigan among the foremost in intelligence and wealth, of the Union.

They were also of Scotch extraction, and instilled into the characters of their family of large children those sterling qualities of mind and heart that have made the Scotch Nation distinctly famous.  The Algoe family of children, especially those living in Genesee and Oakland counties, are too well known to many of our readers to require special comment at our hands.  They do honor to the sturdy and heroic parents before them.

The entire day was spent in joyous convivialities recounting events of other days, and happy in the hopeful anticipation of the future.

A group picture of the entire party was taken by a photographer, on the premises a copy of which will find its way in all the families represented, to be preserved by future generations of the Algoe family as a sacred relic of other days.

County papers please copy.

If you would like a full copy of this photo (I cut the height to fit better on this page), please e-mail me.  I can also send you a scan of the newspaper article.  If you can identify any of the individuals in the photo, please contact me.  Photo and article courtesy of Dave Nolan.

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