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Our Mullen Ancestors

Patrick Mullen was born in Ireland, c.1782 and was buried in Loughall, Armagh, Ireland, 1844. His wife was Sarah McNeice Mullen, who moved with her children to northwestern Vermont (near St. Albans) after Patrick's death.
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The children of Sarah and Patrick Mullen, all born in Ireland, were

John W. Mullen moved to Chicago around 1869 and married Margaret McEvoy (b.1847, Dublin, Ireland).
John W. worked as a carpenter and a contractor. Two of his addresses in Chicago were 541 W. 12th (1880 Census) and 494 S. Wood. He died 27 July 1902 in Chicago. His wife, Margaret McEvoy Mullen, died 30 Dec 1920 in Chicago.

The children of John W. Mullen and Sarah McEvoy Mullen were

John Henry Mullen
Picture taken in Savannah, GA, a few days before he left for Cuba, December, 1898.
John H. Mullen served as a private in Company C., 2 IL Infantry, during the Spanish-American War. On 21 June 1905 he married Margaret Ida Riordan at St. Luke's Church in River Forest, IL.
John H. worked for Sears, Roebuck, and Company for many years.

You can learn about the history of Sears at the Sears Roebuck and Co. archives

The children of John Henry Mullen and Margaret Ida Riordan were
John Aloysius (12 May 1906 - 14 October 1956)
Cyril J. Mullen (5 Apr 1908 - 18 Aug 1989)
Robert Vincent Mullen (6 March 1916 - 25 January 1987)

John H. Mullen
with sons Bob, Jack and Cy.

Other Mullens in Chicago

IN THE 1850 CENSUSp 264, 3977 4031, Mary Mullen 50 Ire, Thomas 21 sailor Ire, Jas 19 shoemaker Ire, John 17 sailor Ire, Patrick 15 clerk Ire
p 265 - Michael Mullen 14 M NY, William Mullen 11 M NY, Bridget Mullen 13 F NY, Mary Mullen 9 F NY, Julia Mullen 7 F NY
1819 1841 D. Mullen 32 M carpenter Ire

Maggie Mullen d 1866
Mary Mullen d 8/4/1869
Ellen Mullen d 7/10/1878
Lena Mullen d 1888, 34 yo

John Mullen teaching in Worth, IL, c. 1854; first teacher since 1844
Also in Andreas - Thos., Theresa, Henry, N.C., Bernard, Charles, J., another Henry.

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