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NEW! Link to Cook County Cemeteries information below.

Links to other Chicago Genealogy pages on this site

Older Chicago-area cemeteriesNames and addresses of some cemeteries, about 1920
Lake Street businesses 1846Names and addresses of many of the businesses on Lake Street

Links to other Chicago Genealogy sites on the Web

Illinois State Genealogical Society
List of Cook County Cemeteries
Includes alternative names for cemeteries, locations, related web pages, and more.
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763-1900 You can do a surname search at this site to see if you can find a reference to the date and record of your ancestor's marriage.
Cook County Clerk's Services
(for vital records)
This page tells you how to obtain birth, marriage, and death records for Cook County
Cook County,Illinois
Links to a wonderful Cook County surname search form. A great site with suggestions, data,
and many links that are especially helpful to the person researching genealogy in Cook County.
You can also easily link to other Illinois genealogy and history sites from here.
Newberry Library's Genealogy Section The Newberry is a renowned source for information on history and genealogy. Through these web pages you can find out about its holdings and learn about researching there (or having someone look up information)
Irish in Chicago 1830-1900 Searchable database of many references; use search terms such as Chicago street-names and parish-names, locations in Ireland, and other words that are in the texts.
Illinois State Archives Databases
Click here to search all their online databases
You can search in
Public Domain Land Sale Records
Database of Illinois Civil War Veterans
Database of Illinois Spanish-American War Veterans
Illinois in the Civil War Many links to searchable databases and helpful information on Civil War Records.
in Illinois or
A useful source for finding former students at colleges or high schools
Partial 1850 Census Generally has surnames similar to those of my family, but includes other surnames, especially of distinguished early Chicagoans
MapsOnUs.switchboard.comUse this to find a map of streets near your ancestor's home

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