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A Study of some Pioneer Families of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


The city of Hamilton, Ontario, occupies a unique place in the history of Canada as it was at one time the major industrial centre of the country, and a destimation or stopping ground for many of thiscountries immigrant families. My name is Kevin Marshall Lee, born December 3, 1962, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I have been blessed by having living Grandparents while I was in my 30s and would revel in their stories about family members of the past. In hearing these names over the years I became interested in where my family come from. And so my search began. My search for my roots became all consuming, and soon finding small details of ancestors started turning up information on ancestors of friends. My interest in genealogy became a passion for local history, and from that a genalogical interest in many of the pioneer families of the Hamilton Wentworth area.

This site...

the purpose of this site is to showcase the history of the families I have come across, my own as well as many other early Hamilton /Wentworth families.

Various Families I am researching ...

Lee, Rolfe, Cameron, Freeman, Misener, Lang, Laing, Belling, Hoadley, Hils, Mills, Pearson, Berry, LeFevre, Lefever, Lefebure, Hubard, Pettitt, Robillard, Williams, Branton, Gower..