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James Stewart Foley III
“J. Stewart Foley”


His father (James Stewart Foley II) left him, his sister and mother while a young

teenager during the Great Depression. He worked doing anything he could (digging

ditches, etc.) to provide food for his mother and sister. Wanted to fly as a pilot

when WWII broke out, but had no higher mathematics. Taught himself Calculus in

six weeks to pass the qualifying exam to meet the Army Air Force entrance requirements

for pilot’s training. Once in the service, he took up dualing, sword-fighter.

He boasted many scars from getting cut up with a real saber.

* * *

Became a bomber pilot and served in the Pacific Theater against the Imperial Japanese

navy and army. Was shot down, captured and made a POW on some unknown island (maybe PI?).

Got malaria, dysentery, severe malnutrition and lost some of his teeth. His fellow

prisoners were dying. He managed to escape, maybe with some comrades. He was found

by the U.S. and sent to hospital. After hospital, he went home. Either he did

or he did not serve as a United States Air Force Test Pilot after the war (unconfirmed).

Jets were becoming the mainstay aircraft. His wife did not allow him to die as

a test pilot.
* * *
During the War, he met Marion Shaw in Texas while attending

Flight Training School. Marion was daughter of Texan oilman Thomas “Tommy” Shaw

– 3rd richest oilman. Marion Shaw became Mrs. J. Stewart Foley. Their home together

was on Hilltop Road in Ft. Worth, Texas. Marion was a Type I Diabetic all her

life. Stewart cared for her and kept her seeing the best specialists from all

around the world. They were married for over 50 years.

* * *

No children, but Marion had daughter from previous marriage, Sandra.

Sandra was not raised by Stewart and Marion.

Sandra had a daughter and a son from her first marriage. Sandra’s

later marriage was to a Russian immigrant, Yonn Maxx, a Surrealistic painter.

Devils Den, Tishomingo, Oklahoma was home to a recreational resort owned by Sandra.

Yonn died early due to complications with alcoholism.

* * *

Stewart was a successful salesman during his professional career. He represented clothing

manufacturers and the textile industry. His major accounts were clothing departments

of big department stores. He won a nationally recognized award for “Salesman of

the Year”.
* * *

Marion died in the late 1990’s. Stewart died of Alzheimer's in

a convalescent hospital around the Dallas / Ft. Worth area soon after.

* * *

J. Stewart Foley back from

Officer Training School.

Most of this is from Ruth Patricia Foley–Wagner, recalled by her son Kevin F. Coffman, Stewart’s nephew.