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Thomas Gossick
land records in Illinois 1848.
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This was a most interesting land document found in Illinois on a Thomas Gossick (note how the first s is written) and appears to be "gofsick".  This Thomas Gossick, since he purchased land in Kane Co. Illinois in 1848 may have been born before 1800.



 1830 Holmes Ohio  1850 Racine Wisc1860 Racine Wisc.  1870 Wisc.  1880 Minnesota
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1850 Racine Wisc
household# 818
John D. Gossick age 25 born Md. ca. 1825
Elizabeth R. age 23 born Ohio ca. 1827 (Ruth Elizabeth Hurlburt)
Charles H. age 4 born Wisc. ca. 1846
Mary C. age 2 born Wisc. ca. 1848
Mary Gossick age 54 born Md. ca. 1796
Martha A. Gossick age 33 born Md. ca. 1817
Mary E. Gossick age 14 born Md. ca. 1836

1860 Racine Wisc.
Elizabeth Gossick age 33 born Ohio ca. 1827
Charles age 19 born Wisc ca. 1846
Catherine age 11 born Wisc. ca. 1849
Laura C. age 9 born Wisc. ca. 1851

1860 Racine Wisc
Mary Gossick age 67 born Md.
Martha J. Gossick age 43 1817 (listed as Nurse)


1870 Columbia S.C. Richmond
Charles H. Gossick age 24 born Wisc. ca. 1846 (Soldier)
Possibly Charles H. Gossick on Md. Pensions


1870 Racine Wisc. Ward 5
Martha Brown age 55 born Md. ca. 1815
Mary Gossick age 83 born Md. ca. 1787


1870 Nemaha Co.Ks. Valley Twp.
Laura Gossick age 18 born Wisc. ca. 1851 (listed as School Teacher)

1870 Nemaha, Co. Ks. Red Vermilion Twp.
John J. McKay age 53 NY
Ruth E. age 43 born OHio ca. 1826
Sally age 20 born ca. 1850 N.J.
Charles age 19 born ca. 1851 NJ
Rosey age 13 born Wisc. ca. 1857

1870 Cuyahaga, Ohio, Cleveland, Ward 10
Elizabeth Gossick age 44 born Md. ca. 1825
George age 28 born OHio ca. 1841
Mary age 19 born Ohio ca. 1851
John age 16 born Ohio ca. 1853
William age 8 born Ohio ca. 1861

1880 Murry Co. Minnesota
Laura Gossick age 28 born Wisc. ca. 1852  (listed as School teacher)
In household of "Mother" Ruth E. McKay"
Laura is listed on page 9 of that census, and page 8 is the McKay family. Page 8 was too dark to read.

1830 Holmes Co. Ohio, Ripley
David Gossick  males: 00001- females: 11001
Robert Gossick males: 010001- females: 320001



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