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by:Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore


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1850 Franklin Co.N.C. Haysville, Township

Soloman Goswick born 1833 living with parents Jason & Sarah (Felts) Goswick.

hh# 1179
 Sarah Goswick age 56 b.NC  (widow of Jason)
Emily (dau) age 21
Polly (dau) age 18
Henry (son) age 17
Sally (dau) age 15
Louisa (dau) age 13
Georganne (dau) age 11

Soloman Goswick age 27 b.NC  (son of Jason and Sarah (Felts) Goswick) (view 1870 census)
Nancy age 27   
Green age 11 (son)
Jasanth "Jason" (son) age 4
Lusice?Susie (dau) age 2

hh# 1181
Edward Power age 48
Eliza age 29  (Elizabeth Goswick, dau of Jason and Sarah (Felts) Goswick)
John age 10
Mary age 8
Sally age 6
Martha A. age 4
Edward age 1
James age 4 months
Ellen Hogg age 11

Soloman Goswick died 1864 interstate, was exec of his fathers will which was not settled for many years.  (read will of Jason Goswick).

1870 Warren Co. North Carolina,    (v iew 1880 census)
Nathey Gossip age 35 born N.C.
John Ham age 19 (son)
Jason Gossip age 14 (son) born ca. 1856
King (Kindred) Gossip age 9 (son) born ca. 1861 (may be John Goswick b.1861 d:Illinois)
Charles Gossip age 6 (son) 1864
Maria Gossip age 2 (dau)

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1880 Warren Co. North Carolina Fork Township   (view 1900 census)

Nancy Gossitt age 45 b.N.C.
Charley Gossitt age 17 (son)
Mittie Ann Gossitt age 12 (dau)
Victoria age 9 (dau)
Carrie Hamm (dau)

Altho all these are listed as Gossitt on census, Nancy and Charley were Goswicks, Mittie, Victoria and Carrie were g-chidren, and not children.


1900 Franklin Co. North Carolina, Sandy Creek Townsip.

Nancy Yossett, born March 1835 N.C. age 65
Carrie House  born Jan. 1874 N.C. age 26
Yertrude E. House born Jan. 1896 age 4
Nancy V. House born Oct. 1898 N.C. age 1

The descendants of Jason Turner Goswick state that the mother Nancy (Burnett) Hamm, Goswick put her son's Jason Turner, Charles Thomas Goswick and Kindred "King" Goswick up for adoption.  In 1880 the son Charles is still in her household age 17.

Nancy Burnette, Hamm,  Goswick died Aug.14,1915 Franklin Co.N.C. leaving a will dated Jul 04,1912 and mentions W.D. Bowden as her Executor, and he to receive all her property real and personal, except for a clock which was to be given to her GRANDDAUGHTER Gertie Swanson.  A marriage record of Franklin Co. N.C. show that W.D. Bowden married on Feb. 02,1898 Lula Burnette.

Nancy(Burnett) Hamm, Goswick was the daughter of Green and Ruth (?) Burnette, and Nancy married first on Feb.28,1848 Jordan Sherwood Hamm, and two children of this marriage: John Green Hamm and Eunice Hamm.