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by:Kay (Goswick)Kennemore


Dated Jul. 15, 1541 Willington,Bedford Co.Eng.
Proved: May 16, 1543 Willington, Bedford Co.Eng.
(found by:F.A.B.)

15, July, 1542, Robert gostwike, Capellanus, To be buried in the Church at Willington before the high altar of the B.V.M. to which he gives 6s.8d.  To Willington Church 13s. 4d.  To Northill College his "bowke of degrees".  To young William Gostwike "my booke called Ortus Vocabuldrum and in money xijd.  To cousin William Gostwike of Cauldwell  5s. & to "my cosyng" his wife xid.  To Mr. Edmond Mortdant & to Mr. William Mordant his godson "all my books of ? which are 14 in number. To cousin John Gostwike of Willington, husbandman 5s.  To Thomas Hatley of Much Stoughton, ija.vjd.  To Godfrey Hatley 2s.6d.  To godson John Hill,  a  coverlet & xs. in money.  To goddaughter Alys Crosset 2s.  To Thomas Gostwike of Wardon his best coverlet & pair of sheets, a pair of blankets & pillow, &c., a painted seller to be over a bed with all thereto sewed or annexed, also the best coffer with the key, also his best cont with under doublet, also his best purse.  To wife of Thomas Gostwike a gowne, also his best "neght kyrchewe".  Appoints:William Gostwike of Cawdwell & John Gostwike of Willington Executors.

Any property not devised to be sold and distributed to the poor of the parishes of Northill, Willington, Turvey, Weston Downe in Essex, and Kempston.  Appoints: John Mayegot "parson of the ij churches" supervisor of his will.

Pray for the soul of R'b't Gostwike priest, Rob't Gostwike and Joan his wife , Sir, John Mordant, Knyght, and Lady Edith his wyffe & the soulls of all the p'ysshony's benefactors of the said Robert Gostwike prest & all cristen soulls.  And that my good Lord Mordant and Sir John Mordant Knight discharge me of there owne proper costs and charges of all mann' of yerely charges and payments to the King's grace.  And in lykewyse unto the bysshope of the dye, and the archydeacon and also they shall support and bere all man' of Rep'acions unto the chaunsell of the churche of Westhorndowne and in lykewyse of the p'sonage there and of all the howses thereto belonging of there owen proper cost and charges paying me the p'son thereof the cure?????iij/.xs.viijd. de claro.

Proved at Bedford, in the Archdeacon's Court, before the Commissary, and Official of Bedford 28 Dec. 1541.

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