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by:Kay (Goswick) Kennemore
copyright 1986

Will of Robert Gostwicke of Warden,Bedford Co.
Dated: Novr.20, 1558 Proved:Oct. 30, 1562

Will of Robert Gostwicke of Warden,Bedford Co. (brother of Elizabeth Gostwick of Willington)
Dated: Novr.20, 1558 Proved:Oct. 30, 1562

I, Robert Gostwicke of Warden in the County of Bedford, Gent., My body to be buried in the Chancel of the Par. Church of Waarden Nighe unto Anne my wife.

To My son William gostwyke the lease of Warden Abbie that I do now dwell in.

To My son Abraham Gostwicke the right and interest of Hope Close, and one close called Hell Close., My house that Gentt now dewelleth in., The lense of my personage of Wedon after the decease of his mother-in-law.

To Anne my daughter,  Barkers Close next unto the Great Wood

Thomas Wilsheire, sonne & heir to Thomas Wilsheire my brother-in-law.
Thomas Wishheire, Sisley Wilsheire, Anne Wilsheire, my brother Thomas Wilsheir's (of Welwin) children.

To Edmond Gostwick's two son's and his two daughters.

My cousin William Gostwick, son and heire to EDWARD GOSTWICK MY BROTHER LATE OF STANFORD, DEC., and his three (3) sisters.

I give to ALICE (my wife) a colt.

Alice my wife her late husband Thomas RUSSELL, John Basse of Cambridge, and Thomas Wilsheire of  Welwen to be my executors.

Edmond HATLEY, Gent., of Sowthoe and John Cooper of Bedford Supervisors.

In Presence of Thomas Wilsheire, John Russell, Alexander Sympson, William Lawson & Foolk Walker

Proved 30th Oct. 1562 by Thomas Wilsheire, John Basse having died.  (P.C.C. 26 Streat.)

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According to the will of this Robert Gostwicke:

Robert Gostwick b.n/r died 1562
(m) lst. Anne Wilsheire b.n/r d: n.r
(m) 2nd. Alice (?) Russell (widow of Thomas Russell)
    children by Anne Wilsheire

1. William Gostwick born after 1546 (he is not mentioned in Aunt Elizabeth Gostwicks will)
2. Abraham Gostwick born after 1546 (not mentioned in Aunt Elizabeth Gostwicks will)
3. Anne Gostwick born after 1546 (not mentioned in Aunt Elizabets Gostwicks will)

Robert Gostwicks Brother: Edmond Gostwicks two sons & two daughters.
In 1546 Edmond Gostwick has a son John and a daughter Alice Gostwick, so another son and daughter was born to Edmond Gostwick after 1546.    (check the Bedford England Early births)

Robert Gostwick mentions his deceased BROTHER EDWARD GOSTWICK, and Edwards, son William and William's 3 sisters.

In 1546, Elizabeth Gostwick mentions brother Edwards children as: Agnes, Jane and Alice, so the son William Gostwick was born after 1546.


It has been written in the Gostwick history that William (son of Robert) died in prison in 1574.  The Will of William Gostwick who died in prison in 1574 states he was of "Late of Ware, Hertford Co.".  Robert Gostwick's will shows he is of Bedford Co.

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