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by:Henry H. & Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986
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Louisa E. Goswick b. Oct. 1831 Hall Co.Ga. d: after 1920 Dawson Co.Ga. 1870 census 1880 c
(m) lst. Oct.11,1846 Lumpkin Co.Ga.
(m)2nd.Jan.27th,1852 Lumpkin Co.Ga. (listed in GedCom files of Langley's)
lst. William H. Keith (divorced)
2nd. Balus Langley b.n/r (divorced)
          children by Balus Langley
1. J. Oscar Langley
2. Mary Gladys Langley
3. Andrew E. Langley

View 1900   1910   1920   census of Louisa E. Goswick.

1. John Walter Goswick b. 1864 Ga.  View 1900  1910  1920 & 1930 census of John W.Goswick

According to Louisa E. Goswick's nephew "John Goswick", (son of Louisa E.'s older brother Thomas) , John Goswick told his grandchildren that Louisa was first married to a Keith (divorced him) then married a Lanley and divorced him.  There was no mention of any children of Louisa  Goswick by either of her marriages.  Louisa is found living with her parents in 1870 and only one child listed as "John Walter Goswick" age 5 as Louisa's son.  It is this writers opinion that the three children listed as children of Louisa and Balus Lanley were probably his children by a previous marriage and not the children of Louisa Maria Goswick.  If those children were Louisa Maria Goswick Langley, then why were they not living with her in 1870? {kgk}

1870 Dawson Co. Ga. census film.

Matthias Goswick age 80 born N.C.
Elizabeth Goswick (wife) age 81 born N.C.
Louisa Goswick (dau) age 38 born GA. ca. 1832
Walter Goswick (g-son) age 5 born Ga.



John Walter Goswick b. 4/15/1864 Dawson Co.Ga. d:n/r  (view 1930 DawsonCoGa.census)
(m) ca. 1888 Ga.
Julia Boggs  born Oct. 12,1870 Ga. d:n/r
        children listed:
  1. Jennie Goswick b. Oct.04,1889 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Victor Harbin
  2. Edyth Goswick b/. 9/28/1891 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Earl Parks
  3. Margaret Ethyl Goswick b.11/02/1893 Dawson Co.Ga. (m)Worth Vandiver
  4.Eva Goswick b.12/26/1895 died infancy
  5. William Walter Goswick b.6/03/1897 Dawson Co.Ga. (m)AngelineIngram (v iew 1930 census)
  6.Dewey George Goswick b. 7/05/1899 Dawson Co.Ga.(m) Beatrice Gravitt (view 1930 census)
  7.Aurora Vesta Goswick b. 1/10/1901 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) William Crawford
  8. Homer Goswick b.2/14/1903 Dawson Co.Ga. (m)Hortense Dodd
  9.Henry Grady  Goswick b.6/05/1905 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Ethyl Hammond (view 1930 census)
10.Fred Goswick b. 11/21/1908 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Ethel Perry
11.Hazel Goswick b. 3/22/1913 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Hoyt Beck

John Walter Goswick was the son of Louisa E. Goswick and the grandson of Matthias
and Elizabeth (Goswick) Goswick.

Information received from Glenn Harbin(of Bremerton,Wa.)
Jennie (Goswick) Harbin b.Oct.04,1889 Dawson Co.Ga. d:Oct.25,1942 Dawson Co.Ga.
Victor N. Harbin b.Oct.12,1886 d:Jul.27,1976 Atlanta Ga.

SS Death Records
William Walter Goswick b.6/03/1897 d:5/15/1987
Henry Goswick b.6/5/1905 d:6/07/1970 Miami, Florida
Hazel Beck born 3/22/1913 d:Jan.24,1989 Atlanta,Ga.
Hoyt Beck b.May 5,1910 d:may 1954 Ga.
George Goswick b.7/05/1899 d:9/09/1979 Cummins,Ga.
Aurora Crawford b.1/10/1902 d:Apr. 1985 Dawsonville,Ga.
Ethel  Goswick b.Jun.13,1914 d:Jan.24,1995 Dalton,Ga.
Ethel Vandiver b.11/02/1893 d:Jan. 25,1979 Dawsonville,Ga.


Charles Edward Goswick is the son of Henry Grady Goswick and Ethel Hammond Goswick.  Most of your
information was correct but Ethel Hammond Goswick did not die until April of this year.  Her birthday ws
April 5th and she died on April 4th.  She would have been 89 years old on April 5th.    She had been living
in Clarkesville, Georgia for the last number of years after she was widowed by her second husband, Karel
Braum.  She is buried in Crossroads Cemetery close to Dawsonville, Georgia, along with Henry Grady
Goswick and Karel Braum.  She and Henry Grady had three children but one died in infancy.  The other two
are Jessie Goswick Cannova and Charles Edward.  Jessie still lives in Clarkesville where she had lived with
her mother before her death.  Charles Edward lives in Atlanta.  Jessie was born November 1, l927 and
Charles was born November 28, 1929.

Henry Grady was the son of  John Walter Goswick and Julia Boggs.  He was one of eleven.  I tried to trace
back further but ran into a wall.  According to an aunt of Charles who is quite old (Fred Goswick's widow),
it was not known for sure whether John Walter's mother was married at the time of his birth..  I believe she
said that she had two sons but I am not sure.   Fred Goswick, Jr. is retired and lives in Dawsonville.  He is
much more informed than I.   I believe he has pictures of John Walter.  Fred Jr. is quite a colorful character
and he and his mother know much more than I do about the Goswicks.    Fred Sr.'s widow would only talk
about it in a whisper and said it was kind of a "family secret" about their grandmother!

Even though I am a Goswick only by marriage, I certainly appreciate all the hard work you have done.


William Walter Goswick born 6/03/1897 Dawson Co.Ga. died 1987 Ga.
married: Jan.12,1919 Dawson Co.Ga.
Angeline Ingram born 11/07/1896 Dawson Co.Ga. died: 4/30/1977 Ga.
1. Hoyt born Jan.20,1920 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Rose Anderson
2.Cleo Lola born 4/27/1921 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) (?) Lawson
3.Ora Hattie born 7/04/1923 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Henry L. Stegall
4. Herbert William born 5/26/1927 Dawson Co.Ga. (m) Bobbie Talley



Henry Grady Goswick born 6/5/1905 Dawson C.Ga.
Ethel Hammond b&d N/R
        children known:
1. Charles Edward Goswick born Nov.28,1929 Ga. died Dec. 06, 2000 Fla. buried Cleveland,Ga.
     Betty Carr  born N/R (no record)
Received message from daughter "Debra (Goswick) McLaughlin" on 1/30/03

Dear Kay, I just happened onto your site and was thrilled with the information on my family.  I am the only child of Charles Edward Goswick and Betty Carr Goswick.  My grandfather was Henry Grady Goswick of Dawsonville GA.  My name is Debra Goswick McLaughlin and I reside with my family in Lawrenceville, GA.  My father, Charles Edward, passed away on December 6th, 2000 and is buried in Cleveland, GA.  I have two children with my husband Joseph McLaughlin.  My daughter is Kelly McLaughlin Taylor and my son is Ryan McLaughlin.  Thank you for all the information on my family.  I would love to be kept up to date on any new info you might receive on the Goswicks in Dawsonville.  I was told that Julia, my great-grandmother, had a full Cherokee Indian mother and her father fought in the civil war.  That is all I really know about her.  Thanks again for your efforts.
     Sincerely, Debra Goswick McLaughlin
email me at:
Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued Tools
CHARLES E GOSWICK 28 Nov 1929 06 Dec 2000 (V) 33150 (Miami, Miami-dade, FL) (none specified) 266-32-4991 Florida SS-5 Letter
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HENRY GOSWICK 05 Jun 1905 Jun 1970 33125 (Miami, Miami-dade, FL) (none specified) 263-26-4211 Florida SS-5 Letter
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1930 Dawson Co Ga. Militia District 1178 Dist. 11

hh# 24
George D. Goswick age 30 1900 Ga. Parents born Ga.
Beatrice (wife) age 22 born Ga. parents born Ga.

hh# 27
William Goswick age 32 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Angie (wife) age 32 born Ga.parents Ga.
Hoyt (son) age 10 born Ga.
Cleo (dau) age 8 born Ga.
Ara/Ora (dau) age 6 born Ga.
Herbert (son) age 10 months born Ga.

hh# 39
John W. Goswick age 65 born Ga. Father Ga. Mother NC
Julie (wife) age 58 born Ga. Parents born Ga.
Homer L. (son) age 27 born Ga.
Fred (son) age 21 born Ga.
Hazel (dau) age 17 born Ga.

hh# 43
Grady Goswick age 23 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Edith (wife) age 20 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Jesse D. (son) age 2 born Ga.
Charles (son) age 4 months born Ga.

1900 Dawson Co. Ga. Militia Dist. 1178
hh# 9
John W. Goswick born Apr. 1864 Ga. parents Ga.
Julia V. (wife) born Dec. 1871 Ga. parents Ga.
Jennie (dau) age 10 born ca., Oct. 1889 Ga.
Edith E. (dau) born Sep. 1891 age 8 Ga.
Margaret E. born Nov. 1893 age 6 Ga.
William W. born June 1897 Ga. age 2
George D. born July 1899 age 10 months.
Louizey E. (mother) born Oct. 1831 Ga. age 69 Father born N.C. Mother born N.C.

1910 Dawson Co.Ga. Militia Dist,  1178 Blacks township
John W. Goswick age 45 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Julia age 40 born Ga.
Edith E. age 18 born Ga.
Margaret E. age 16 born Ga.
Walter W. age 12 born Ga.
George D. age 10 born Ga.
Aurora V. age 8 born Ga.
Homer L. age 6 born Ga.
Henry G. age 4 born Ga.
John F. "Fred" age 1 born Ga.
Louisa E. (mother) age 79 (widow) born Ga. Parents born N.C.


1920 Dawson Co. Ga. Savannah Dist.
hh# 32
John W. Goswick age 54 born Ga.
Julia age 49 Ga.
Dewey G. age 20 b. Ga.
Vester age 17 b orn Ga.
Homer L. age 15 Ga.
Grady H. age 13 born Ga.
Freddie age 11 b. Ga.
Sarah H. age 7 born Ga.
Louisa (mother) age 89 born Ga. parents N.C.

hh# 33
William W. Goswick age 22 born Ga.
Angelina age 22 born Ga.


I saw your website.  I am not related to Vesta but I am related to her husband William CRAWFORD and, of course, to his children.  I see Vesta in the Social Security death index
AURORA CRAWFORD 10 Jan 1902 Apr 1985 30534 (Dawsonville, Dawson, GA) (none specified) 260-68-6123 Georgia
and also in the GA death index
Name: Vesta G Crawford
Death Date: 29 Apr 1985
County of Death: Hall
Gender: F
Race: W
Age: 84 years
County of Residence: Dawson
Certificate: 016660
Date Filed: 10 May 1985
William Crawford, wife Vesta and three children (Claude, Audie, Maveous) are listed in the 1930 census The Rock, Upson County GA; ED 15.
She is also listed in the Dawson County Heritage Book.  The Heritage book states her three children were all daughters (Claudia, Audia, Maveous) but the 1930 census lists the two eldest children, Claude and Audie, as males.  The two were evidently twins, born about 1921.
Do you by chance know whether the twins were male or female?  (Or, I suppose, they could be one of each.)
Sorry, I do not know anything more about the children of William and Vesta.
Rick Elliott