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England & Wales Civil Registration Index 1837-1983
Cambridge University Alumni 1261-1900
Visitation of London 1633-1635
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(Note from the Gostwick of Willington book by:H.P.R.Finberg pg.138:  Gostick is a variant of the name which occurs very frequently in connection with undoubted members of the family, and no doubt represents the usual pronunciation.  thus, Henry V111 calls Sir John G. "our treasurer GOSTYK", and the Prerogative Court, in granting administration of the first baronet's estate call's him "SIR WILLIAM GOSTICKE, otherwise"GOSTWICKE.".  Parish registers and other records in Herts, Beds, Northants, Suffolk, and London contain many references to persons named GOSTICK, who probably represent offshoots thrown off by the Willington family centuries ago.  Between 1836 and 1883 JOSEPH GOSTICK, who by the latter date had changed his name to GOSTWICK, published a number of books, chiefly on German Literature)



1502-10  Thomas G. employed in various capacities by the Mercers Company in London (Acts of Court of the Mercers' Co. -1453-1527, pp254,266,270,272-3,311, 324-5, 405) (H.P.R Finbergs "Gostwick" Book page 138.

1588, Feb. ??, Marye Gostyke c. Westminister, St.Margarets,London Co.(dau of William

1588, May 05, Susan Gosticke ( London St.Mary Somerset "John Newman" (This is most likely Ann )


1605, Mar. 06, Anne Gostwicke c. London St. Olave,Hart St. (dau of Edward GOSTWICKE

NOTE:  Here we have an Edward Gostwicke 1582/8.  In H.P.R. Finbergs "Gostwick's of Willington" page 138,
he list only a G. but does not spell out the surnames.

1617, Dec. 02, Jane Gostocke ( London St.Gregory by St.Paul "Thomas Hall"

1620, Aug. 30, Eve Gostick c. London St.Botolph without Aldegate (dau of Roger ( Versula)

1622, Jun. 10, Frances Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (dau of Edward ( 1598)
1623, Aug. 06, Jane Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (dau of Edward)
1624, Jan. 10, Mary Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (dau of Edward)


1625, Jun. 02, Jane Gostick (married) London St.Dunstan in the East "Matthew Lister"
          (Jane is said to be Jane Owen, and widow of Sir William Gostwick of Willington,Bed.Co.)

1632, Mar. 13, Elizabeth Gostwick age 23 ( 1609) (married )St.Faith London Co."Miles Mathews"

1636, Apr. 01, Jane Gostwick age 21( 1615) (married) St. Andrew in The Wardrobe,"William Oliver" (both of St. Martin in the Fields, London)

1637 Feb.20, Elizabeth Gostwick (m) All Hollows, London Wall, "Francis Reade"

1638, May 15, Sir Maurice Williams of St. Martin in the Field, bachelor age 50 and Mary GOSTICK of same, spinster age 26 ( consent of her father in law, Sir Matthew Lister of St. Anne Blackfriars, Christ Church, London, St. Faiths, aforesaid.

1639, Dec. 22 Elizabeth Gostick c. Stepney St.Dunstan (dau of John & Joanne)

1640, Jun.22 Anna Gostick (married) Westminister,St.Martin in the Fields "William Winsor"

1647, Oct. 16, Thomas Gostwicke (m) Clerkenwall, St.James,London "Elizabeth Dorislas"

1650,Jul.18 William Gostwick c. London St. Mary Bothaw (son of William)
1653, Apr. 01, Jane Gostwick c. London St. Mary Bothaw (dau of William)

1651, Mar. 31, Bridget Gostick (married) London St.Giles Cripplegate "John Hudson"

1655, Oct. 09, Anne Gostwicke c. LondonSt. Helen, Bishopgate,(dau of William & Sibil)
1656, Aug. 27, Jane Gostwicke c. London St.Helen Bishopgate, (dau of William & Sibilla)
1658, Jul, 20, Francis Gostwyck c. London St. Helen Bishopgate (son of William & Sibilla)
1659, Aug. 12, Elizabeth Gostwyk c. London St. Helen Bishopgate (dau of William & Sibil)

1662, Nov. 24, Susan Gostwick (married) Stepney St.Peters,London "John Thomas Milton"

1662, Jul. 25 Daniel Gostwick (married) London St.Giles Cripplegate, "Mary Eglestone"

1663, Nov. 22 Joseph Gosticke c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (son of Thomas & Alice)

1668, May 12, Mary Gossick c. St.Marys Whitechapel, Stepney, London(dau of John & Elizabeth)


1674, Aug. 17, William Gostwick (married) London St. Margaret,Lothbury "Joanna Wolf"
1675, Jun. 14, William Gostick c. Westminister ST.Paul, Covent Garden (son of William & Joan)
           (this William Gostick c. 1675 is believed to have married Mary Sadler)

1678, Apr. 02, Charles Gostwick ( St. Marleybone, St,Mary, London"Elizabeth Parnell"
1678, Apr.02, Charles Gostick (m) St. Marleybone, St.Mary, London "Elizabeth Parnell

        Charles is found as Gostwick & Gostick on marriages.

1680, Oct. 13, Richard Gosstret c. St. Martin in the Field,London, (son of Richard & Mary) (Note: a will of Richard Gosstree listed in Dorchester Co. Maryland 1728)

1683, Sep.18 Elizabeth Gostwyke age 22 (married) St. Martin, Outwich,London" Stephen Charman"

1686, Mar. 04, Thomas Gosticke (m) London St.Mary Magdaline,Old Fish,St. "Dorothy Phillips"

1687,, Nov.09, Richard Gostwich, late of H.M.S. Happy Return, deceased; administration granted by the Prerogative Court of Cantebury to John Charlton, a creditor of the deceased (pg138 H.P.R.Finbergs book)

1699, Nov. 30 Elizabeth Gosticke (married) London St.Mary Somerset "Thomas Hatch"



1700, May 28, William Gostwick c. Westminister,St,Martin in the Field,London (son of John & Martha)

1714,Sep.17th. Charles G. buried at St.Pauls Covent Garden (page 138 F.P.R. Finbergs book)

1719, Mar. 12, Martha Gostwick (married) London St.Benet,Pauls Warf "William Drake"

1726, Jun.05, George Gossup c. St. Mary Whitechapel,Stepney,London (son of Wm. & Frances)
1727, Mar. 03, William Gossup c. St. Mary Whitechapel,Stepney, London (son of Wm. & Frances)
1730, May 03, Thomas Gossup c. St. Mary Whitechapel,Stepney, London (son of Wm. & Frances)
1731, Mar. 01 James Gossup c. St.Mary Whitechapel,Stepney, London (son of Wm. & Frances)

1732, Sep.06, William Goswet c. St,Giles Cripplegate,London (son of William & Alice)

1732, May 14, Daniel Gossuch c. St. Botolph, Bishopgate,London (son of Daniel)

1745,Apr. 26 William Gostick c. London St. Sepulcher (son of John & Betty)

1766, Jul. 20, Cassiam/Kesiah Gostick (married) Bethel Green St.Matthew "Daniel Mayham"

1769, Apr. 23, William Gostick (married) Shoreditch St.Leonard,London Co."Mary Chandler"

1769,Jul. 10 John Gostwick (married) London St. Botolph without Aldegate "Elizabeth Holmes"

1770, Dec. 14, Susanna Harriott Gossip c. St.Paul Covent Garden (dau of George & Maria)

1771, Feb.03, Rebecca Gostwick  c. London St. Sepulcher (dau of John & Elizabeth)

1772, Apr.05, Elizabeth Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (dau of John & Elizabeth)

1772, Feb. 10, Charlotte Gossett c. St. Leonards Shoreditch,London (dau of Joseph & Martha)

1773, May 26, Elizabeth Gostick (married) London St.Giles Cripplegate "William Handscomb"

1776, Nov. 10, Thomas Gostick c. Shoreditch,St.Leonards (son of William & Mary)

1769, Oct. 08 William Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (son of William & Mary)
1775, Feb. 05, John Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (son of William & Mary)
1779, Jan. 10, James Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (son of William & Mary)
1783, Oct. 12 George Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (son of William & Mary)
1786, Aug.06, Alice Margaret Gosstick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (dau of William & Mary)
1786, Aug. 06, Charlotte Gosstick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (dau of William & Mary)
1788, Nov. 09, Charles Robert Gostick c. London St.Giles Cripplegate (son of William & Mary)

1787, Dec. 15, Sarah Gostick (married) Shoreditch, St. Leonards "James Payne"

1791, Sep.19, William Gostick (married) London St.Andrew by the Wardrobe "Mary Grimsham"

1793, Jun. 23, William James Gostick c. Finsbury, St.Luke, Old St. (son of William & Mary)

1799, Feb. 27, Mary Price Gostick c. Holborn St. Andrew (dau of John & Elizabeth)


1801, Mar. 16, Elizabeth Gostick (married) London St.Giles Cripplegate "John West"

1809, Feb. 02, Joseph Gostick (married) Shoreditch,St.Leonards "Jane Johnson"
1810, Mar. 25, Joseph Josiah Gostick c. Moxton Academy Chapel,Independent(son of Joseph and Jane)

1812, Mar. 01, Emily Jane Gostick c. Moxton Academy Chapel, Independent (dau of Joseph & Jane)


1810, Jun. 27, Mary GOSWICK  c. Saint John Hackney, London Co. (dau of Robert)
  (you will find Robert Goswick in Hertford Co. for 1808)

1815, Elizth Goswick married Isaac Young at St. Martin in the Fields

1819, May. 24, Charles Robert Gostick (married) St. Botolph without Aldegate "Margaret Colwell"
1819, May 21, George Gostick (m) St. Brtholomy the Great "Catharine Wood"

1821, Jul. 08, William Gostick c. Stepney St. Dunstan, (son of William James & Martha)

1823, Aug. 31, Catharine Gostick (married) London St.Giles Cripplegate "David Hughes"

1824,Aug. 29, Benjamin Gostick (married) Bethnal Green,St. Matthew " Elizabeth Robinson"

1829, Dec. 03, William Gostick c. St. Pancras, Old Church, (son of Mary)

1831 Thomas Gostwick married St. Marlebone, Eng. "Maria Andrews"

1832, May 16, Maria Gostwick c. St. Marleybone,St.Mary,London (dau of Thomas & Maria)
1835, Mar.29, Thomas Gostwick c. St. Marleybone, St.Mary,London (son of Thomas & Maria)
1839, Feb. 25, Anne Gostwick c. St. Marleybone, St,Mary,London (dau of Thomas & Maria)

1835, William GOSWICK married Mary BUTTON at St. Dunstan in the West ,William, son of Robert.   William and Mary has son.

1838, Sep. William Button Goswick born London Middlesex. (son of William & Mary) died 1877 (married n/r, a son William Button Goswick born 1851.

1861 Surry Co. Eng. Newington St. Mary, St. Peter Walworth
Richard Button (head of household) age 35 born ca. 1826 Woodchuck, Kent Co.Eng.
Mary (wife) age 36 born ca. 1825 Thoulder , Kent
Emily Ann (dau) age 6 born ca. 1855 Newington, Surry Co.
Fred'k Foreman (son) age 4 born ca. 1857 Newington, Surry Co.Eng.
Kate (dau) age 2 born ca. 1859 Newington, Surry co. Eng.
Mary GOSWICK (sister) age 50 born ca. 1811 Woodchuck, Kent Eng.
Elizth GOSWICK (niece) age 24 born ca. 1837 City St. Brid Flat Street

(According to this census finding, William and Mary (Button) Goswick had dau Elizth"Elizabeth" born 1837 and a son William Button Goswick born 1838 died 1877.  William Button Goswick born ca. 1838 has not been found for 1861 census.



1836, Jun. 12, Josiah Gostick c. Shoreditch, St. John the Baptist (son of Joseph Josiah & Ann)
1839, Oct. 17, William Gostick c. Shoreditch,St. John the Baptist (son of Joseph Josiah & Ann)

1848, Dec. 25, Thomas Gostick (married) Bethnal Green St. Matthew "Elizabeth Norman"

1849, Dec. 10, Thomas Gostick c. Shoreditch St. Leonards (son of Thomas & Elizabeth)

1851, Jun. 08, Elizabeth Gostick (married) Stepney St.Dunstan "James Glover"

1851, Sep.23, John Gostwick c. Westminister, St. Clement,Danes (son of John & Susanna)


1851, Jul.15, William Button GOSWICK c. St. Brides Fleet,St. London  (son of William Goswick 1838)


1853, Sep. 26, Emily gostick (married) Stepney, St. Dunsan, "Edward Quincey"

1855, Jan. 07, Charles Gostick (married) London St.Giles Cripplegate " Hannah Brown"

1860, May 27, William Gostick (married) Isslington St. Judes "Mary Ann Skeggs"

1862, Jul.06. Samuel Gostick (married) London St. Brides Fleet St."Emily Pastorelli"

1870,Apr. 10, Charles Caves Gostick (married) Chelsea St. Luke "Mary Ann Sarah Booth"

1873, Jul. 20, Anne Elizabeth Gostick c. Friarn Barnet,(dau of Charles & Mary Ann Sarah)

1875, Mar. 17, Benjamin Gostick (married) Westminister, St. Maritn in the Field "Euphenia Watson"

England and Wales Civil Registration Index 1837-1983  Births & Deaths.
1873, March, Mary Eliza Gostwick died London, Middlesex (no age mentioned)
1877 June, William Button Goswick died Greater London, Middlesex (no age mentioned)


Cambridge University Alumni 1261-1900

1554 John Gostwick entered Clare..Michs. 1554
1586, Roger Gostwick entered Kings C.  (view Devon Co. Eng)
1617, William Gostwick entered Christ C.
1627, Gabriel Gostwick entered Sidney C. (view Devon Co. Eng.)
1640, Thomas Gostwick entered Christ C.
1661, William Gostwick entered Sidney C




Visitaiton of London 1633-1635
Thomas Gostwick (no age listed)
Alice Gostwick 28  ( I am not sure if the # is their age)
William Gostwick  28

1871 London, Eng. C/P St. George Hanover Square
Robert Goswick age 68 born ca. 1803 Addle St. City
Ann (wife) age 78 born ca. 1793 Surry Eng.