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My Goswick Family
by: Kay (Goswick) Kennemore
copyright 1986


1/20/2002 (Va. & Tn).
Goswick Marriage Records Found
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Cherokee County Alabama

G.W. Goswick (m) Feb.03,1881 Miss S.E. Roberson




Robert V. Huff Of Harrison, in Boone Co.Ar. over age 21 and Nell Dignon under age 18(married Dec 27, 1919 Neosha, Newton Co. Mo."was written off by her father:?

Logan Co.Arkansas:
Susie Gossit (m) Oct.15,1896 D.E. Calhoun

Clay County, Arkansas
Matilda Goswick (m) Feb.03,1898 A.L. Bodenhofer(1902 Matilda Bodenhofer owned 80 a land in LittleRock, Ar.)
J.H. Goswick (m) 2nd.Aug.08,1893 Mrs. Sidney Holifield

Conway County Arkansas

James Plesant Obadiah Goswick (m) July 20, 1870 Rebecca Jane Davidson
Jannie Chism married Feb.01,1885 Conway Co.Ar. Charles F. Ridling
William Chism married Sep.05,1872 Conway Co.Ar. Nancy E. Oaks

(Check Newton Co.Ark for more marriages of Chisms)

Pope County Arkansas

Sarah E."Sally" Goswick (age 16)(m) Dec.23,1888 Wm.Hiram"Bill" Huff (age 24)(both of Freeman)
Mary Jane Goswick (m) Mar.09,1893 George W.Davidson
Jess Nelson Goswick (m) Jan.19,1902 Nettie Jeanetta Dunlap
Susie Ellen Goswick (age 22)(m) Apr. 20, 1902 James "Jim" Laymon(age 27) both of Huffs,Ar.
Martha Adaline Goswick (m) Nov.28,1909 Sam F. Dial
Thomas Benjamin Goswick (m) Aug.27,1909 Lillie Dial
Thomas Benjamin Goswick (m) 2nd.Nov.22, 1914 Margaret E.Fondren
Ethel Jane Goswick (m) Sep.15,1928 Llewis Wooten
Jessie Goswick (m) Feb.12,1944 Lawrence Wooten
Rebecca E. Huff (m) Nov.15,1905 Soloman Prince
Sarah E. Huff (widow) (m) Oct. 17,1908 John Green Chism
G.W. Goswick age 21 of Freeman,AR.(m)June 03,1888 Mary Bratton age 18 of Van Buren,Ar.
Jess N. Goswick age 21 of Huffs (m) Jan.19,1902 Nettie Dunlap age 19 of Huffs,Ar.

 Yell County Arkansas

Margaret Elizabeth Goswick (m) Apr. 04,1908 Wilburn O. Pruitt
Georgia Anne Goswick (m) Nov.27,1910 John Allen Pruit
Martha Jane Goswick (m) Sep.31,1923 Jewell David Russell
Myrtle Ethel Goswick (m) NOv.30,1919 William Ila Price
Florence Elaine Goswick (m) June 05,1922 George David Morris
John William Henry Hasacar Goswick (m) March 06,1881 Margaret Ella Powers
Goodman Goswick (m) Dec.18, 1888 Missouri Stevenson
Nannie Goswick (m) Nov.28,1866 Absolem M.Cornelious/Cardens
(listed both as Cornelious and Cardens by researchers)
Nannie Goswick was Nancy Sophia Grimmitt, adopted daughter of Turner W.Goswick.

Jessie Beatrice Goswick (sis to Lena & Dollie)(m) 7/31/1927 Blytheville, Ar. Paul Pope
Dollie Goswick (sis to Lena May) (m) 4/27/1952 Luxora, Ar. Roscoe Cleveland Langston (his 2nd marriage)





Hall Co. Georgia
Thomas Goswick to Rebecca D.Park June 22, 1898


Margaret Goswick (m) May 05,1835 Malichi Burns
Delitha Goswick (m) Oct.05,1837 David Blalock
Thomas Goswick (m) Oct. 18, 1838 Lucinda Conaway

Paulding County Georgia

Miss W.A.(or M.A.) (m) Sep.05,1858 Bryant Wadkins
Miss M. Goswick (m) Dec. 16,1863 George Harmon


Murray County Georgia (listed Goswick & Gossett)

Andrew Gossett (m) Jan.28,1871 Georgia Ann Brindle
Andrew Goswick (m) Jan.28,1871 Georgia Ann Brindle
Andrew "Andy" Gossitt (m) Apr.04,1894 Louisa Casey
Andrew "Andy" Goswick (m) Apr.04,1894 Louisa Casey
Wm.M. Gossitt (m)Jan.10,1877 Martha Cash
Wm.Madison Goswick (m) Jan.10,1877 Martha Cash
Wm.M. Gossitt (m) Feb.16,1881 Jane Timms
Wm,Madison Goswick (m) Feb.16,1881 Jane Timms
Wm.M. Goswick (m) 1895 Louisa Henderson
Sam R.Goswick (m) Mar.04,1919 Winnie Mae Parker

Georgia marriages (?)County.

James Jefferson "Jim" Goswick (m) Dec.22,1901 Mary Narcissus Campbell

Whitfield County Georgia

James Marion Goswick (m) June 05,1923 Bessie Lee Owen

Walter J. Goswick (m) Nov.30,1929 Roswell, Ga. Delsie Barton Dorris




Cuyahaga Co.Illinois

Charles H. Gossick (m) Oct.04,1871 Mary E. Gossick

Rock Island, Illinois 2/2/2002
John M. Goswick (m) Jul.04th. 1898 Rose M. Gibson




 Monroe County Indiana

Violet Eva Goswick (m) Aug.03,1881 Charles P. Rogers

Fountain Co. Indiana
Lennie Goswick (m) Dec. 23,1897 John W. Espich (Book 11 page 454)

Brown County Indiana
James Monroe Goswick (m) May 2, 1883 Levina Dine






Logan County Kentucky
Bird Goswell/Goswick Dec. 14,1858 Mary Anderson (view civil war rec on Bird Goswick)
V.M. Goswick 1845?(m) May 23,1865 A.W. Anderson
James V. Brooks (m) Jan.28, 1851 Margaret Anderson
Mary Goswick 1844?(m) June 21,1870 James V. Brooks
William Goswick (m) June 01,1876 Arkansas Anderson
Melvina R.Goswick (m) Feb.20,1877 John Calvin Brooks
Luetta GOSWICH married Jan.08,1900 A.B. Mansfield
Lula Bell Goswick (m) Mar.10,1904 James G. Harris

Hopkins County Kentucky

A.C. Goswick (m) Oct. 15, 1876 E. Sisk
Deba Goswick (m) Aug 30, 1876 E.W. Sisk
D. Goswick (m) Oct 25, 1877 Jim Vance
Uicy E. Goswick (m) Oct.14,1877 James L. Vance
J.F. (John Franklin) Goswick (m) Mar.11,1883 Mary L. "Mollie" Robertson
Priscilla Gossett (m) 8/27/1877 John L. Cash





Thomas Gostwick and Elizabeth Yanstone  (m) Sep.??, 1717
Nicholas Gostwick and Ebarilla Yanstone  (m) Dec.??,1720
Sefiah Gostwick and John Bryant (m) Feb.07,1732
Henry Yostain and Jane Rider (m) Jan.24,1730
Elizabeth Gostwick and John Sergant (m) Feb.04,1737
Ebarilla Gostwick and Benjamin Curtis (m) Jul.28,1744
Hugh Jones and Sarah Kemp (m) ???,19,173?
Anne Gorstwick and Richard Rowles (m) Jan.30,1753
Thomas Goswick and Elizabeth Lauder (m) Apr.15,1800
Keziah (Goswick) Stansbury (widow:Mrs.Edmond) (m)2nd. Dec.11,1780 Joseph Howard Cromwell
Richard Lane and Hanna Morris (m) Nov.09,1784
John Lane and Mary Baxter (m) Mar.17,1814
Abraham Embler and Mary Lane (m) Dec.09,1842
Elizabeth Goswick (m) May 14,1808 Thomas Davis
Ann Goswick born 1801 (m) Nov.2,1818 Moses A. Dysart (in 1850 Balt Md census)






Pauline GOSWICH (m) July.29,1882 Bay Michigan Frank Behrling




Dunklin County Missouri
Elizabeth Goswick (m) May 11,1873 Phelix Mounc

Kansas City Mo. Jackson Co.
Robert V. Huff, Jr. age 27, born Oct.23,1930 (married) May 24, 1957 Caroline S. Beardon age 22 born Apr. 4, 1935

Newton Co. Mo, Neosha
Robert V. Huff Of Harrison, in Boone Co.Ar. over age 21 and Nell Dignon under age 18(married Dec 27, 1919 Neosha, Newton Co. Mo."was written off by her father:?


Keuttah Goswick married Nov. 11, 1947 Hernando, Ms. Henry Howard Kennemore



View more Franklin Co.NC Goswick marriages

Abarilla Goswick  (m) Aug. 27, 1772 William Woolbanks
Sefiah Goswick      (m) Dec. 05, 1789 Edmund Yarbrough
Matthias Goswick (m)                1814 Elizabeth "Betsy" Goswick
Elizabeth "Betsy"Goswick (m)1814 Matthias Goswick
James Goswick     (m) Jan. 19, 1816 Rebecca (Boone) Goswick
Jemima Goswick  (m) Dec. 14, 1821 Thomas Ascue (James Goswick 'bondsman')
William Goswick (m) Dec. 26,1822 Lucinda "Lucy" Goswick
Nick Jefferson Goswick (m) Jan. 27, 1824 Temperance "Tempy" Murray
Aquilla Goswick (m) Feb. 19, 1825 Martha Sumner
Jason Goswick (m) Jan. 06, 1825 Sarah "Sally" Felts
John Goswick (m) Dec.15,1827 Mary "Polly" Wright
Josephus Goswick (m) Nov.15, 1836 Ada Burnette
Elizabeth "Eliza" Goswick (m) Dec. 02, 1850 Edward Power
Lucy Goswick (m) Dec. 09, 1850 Guilford W.Rudd
Elijah Goswick (m) Sep.27, 1851 Emily Murray
Soloman Goswick (m) Aug. 15, 1855 Mrs. Nancy(Burnette) Hamm
Caroline Goswick (m) Oct. 10,1859 Isaac H. Hight
James P. Goswick (m) Dec. 10, 1859 Maria Swanson
John Goswick (m) Apr. 25,1865 Mary Perry
Louisa Goswick (m) Dec. 10,1867 W.H.M. Hester
Jason Turner Goswick (m) Dec. 16,1879 Anne E. Winston
Charles Thomas Goswick (m) Dec.18, 1891 Mary E. Barham
Edward Goswick (m) Mar. 06,1895 Lavina Woodlief
Kindred Goswick (m) Aug.02,1900 Elizabeth Bunn

Any one with additional marriages of the Goswicks in North Carolina please E-Mail
Information to me at   Kay (Goswick) Kennemore  so that we may add it to this page.




Bennington ,Oklahoma, Bryan County

James William Charles Goswick (m) June 02,1920 Amanda Bece McClure




Williamson County Tennessee
George W.Goswick (m) Oct. 09, 1829 Elizabeth Powers

Shelby Co.Tn. from 
Elizabeth J.A. Goswick (m) Dec. 01,1853 John T. Leroy
(note from Kay..I have no idea who this Elizabeth J.A. Goswick is).

Frances Goswick (m) Dec.08, 1853 John T. Roy

Sevier Co.Tn. (from Todd)
Children of Jason Gossett, & g-children of Johnson Goswick/Gossett
Sarah Gossett (m) Nov.30,1874 John Ingles
Vina Gossett (m) lst. Jan.22,1876 James Moore
Vina Gossett (m) 2nd. 1884 Eli Baker
Benjamin Gossett (m) Aug.1881 Nancy (?)
Caldonia Gossett (m) Jan.03,1892 Elbert Justice

Lena May Goswick (m) 10/26/1919 Memphis, Tn. Roscoe Cleveland Langston



J. GOSWICK married Dec.04,1864 Shenandoah, Va. to S.B. BOWLEY



1906,June 14th Gila Co.Az...Rose Goswick (m) Middleton Cage Edwards


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