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by: Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

Joseph W. Goswick

& some of his descendants found.

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Joseph W. Goswick born Dec.03,1726 Balt.Co.Md. d: after 1818 Franklin Co.N.C.
(m) ca. 1749 Md.
Sarah (?) b&d n/r
      children found:
1.Abarilla.         1750 Md. (m)William Woolbanks
2.Sarah E. b.Jan.  09,1752 Md.
3.Ann b.May 03,1754 Md.
4.Quilletter b.May 14,1757 Md.
5.Nicholas b.Sep. 06, 1759 Md. (READ STORY)
6.Sefiah b.Dec. 14, 1761 Md. (m)Edmund Yarbrough
7.James          1763 ? (m)2nd.Mrs.Rebecca (Boone)Goswick (widow of George)
8.Joseph W.Jr. b.Jun.09,  1765 Md. (READ STORY)
9.George         1767 Bute Co.N.C. (now Franklin) (m)2nd.Rebecca Boone
10.John         1769 Bute Co.N.C. (now Franklin)

There is confusion as to just how many children that Joseph & Sarah Goswick of Franklin Co. N.C. had.  Two bible leafletts of the childrens names was in the posession of Joseph Goswick, Jr. which was used in the Union Co.S.C. Courts to prove the age of his brother Nicholas.  These two bible leafletts did not show the names of:Ebarilla/Aberilla, George or John Goswick.  The origingal of these two bible leafletts were much clearer and names could be read easily.  George Goswick's will was found and he leaves his father "Joseph" as exec of his estate, otherwise, George would never have been placed accordingly.  Ebarilla/Abarilla was mentioned as:Gossett, dau of Joseph of Bute Co. N.C. (now Franklin), as being the oldest sister of Nicholas and Joseph (both spelled Gossett).  Since the oldest child on these bible records is listed as:Sarah E. born 1752 (this may be Sarah Ebarilla ?), or Ebarilla/Abarilla was born prior to 1752.  VIEW THE OLD BIBLE RECORDS.

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Joseph W. Goswick was the son of Nicholas and Abarilla/Ebarilla (Yanston) Gostwick of Baltimore Co. Md.  There is no information as to the maiden name of his wife "Sarah".


Joseph Goswick settled in Bute Co.N.C. in or prior to 1767 when he purchased 365 acres of land in Bute Co.N.C. from John Thornton.

Joseph Goswick is found on the Franklin Co.N.C. census index as Joseph GOSSETT.  The 1790 film shows his name as GOSWICK.  Some of the land records are listed as GOSWICK AND GOSSETT.  Nicholas is also listed a Gossett on 1790 index, but is Goswick on film.

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The birth records of these children and their names was taken from two bible leafletts that was used in Court Documents in 1839 when Nicholas Goswick b. 1750 applied for his Revolutionary War pension.   Joseph Goswick, Jr. produced the bible that contained the names of the children with birth dates listed.

George Goswicks will in 1812 shows his Father to be "Joseph Goswick".  In 1810 Franklin Co.N.C. John Goswick, George Goswick and Joseph Goswick, Jr. were all neighbors.

I have not been able to find Joseph Goswick, Sr. or Nicholas Goswick for 1810 and they may be listed on census as:Gassett/Gossett, ect., as many of these descendants have been found in the census records as:Goset and Gossett. {kgk}

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