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William Gostick & Mary Sadler

Podington, England
Info supplied by: Mrs. Carol Venner, The Malthouse, Chilmark, NR Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3  5AU
 England on the children of William & Mary (Sadler) Gostick & many of their descendants.
Carol descends from Isaac born 1713& Lidia (Right) Gostick
Thank you Carol. {kgk}

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Marriages    2005

William Gostick born ca. 1670/5, Podington,Bedfordshire,England, d:May 17,1729 Podington
(m) Nov. 20,1698 Podington, Bedfordshire Co.Eng.
Mary Sadler 1679 ? died: Jan.31,1751 Podington, Bedfordshire,Eng.
          Children listed:
1. William Gostick c. Aug. 20,1699 d:3/21/1703 Podington,Eng.
2. Mary Gostick c. Apr.18,1701 Podington (m)Joe Brooks
3. George Gostick c. Jan.17,1702 Podington (m) Elizabeth Bayley
4. Ann Gostick c.Nov.12,1704 Podington (m)John Richardson
5. William x2Gostick c.Aug.21,1707 Podington (m) Elizabeth (?)
6. Elizabeth Gostick c. Jun.12,1709 Podington
7. Elizabeth Gostickx2 c. Jan.11,1712 Podington
8. Isaac Gostick c.Mar.14, 1713 Podington (m) Lidia Right
9, Richard Gostick c.Aug.12,1716 Podington
10.  Thomas Gostick c. Oct.17,1717 Podington (m) Esther Hills

Parents of William Gostick 1675/5 are unknown. {kgk}

I find a William Gostick c. June 14,1675 Westminister St. Paul Covent Garden who is listed as son of "William and Joan" Gostick.

1674,Aug.17, William Gostwick (m) London St. Margaret Lothbury, London Co. "Joanna Wolf".

This William Gostwick who married 1674 was born at least 1650 and I find:

1650, Oct. 09, William Gostwick c. London St. Mary Bothow (son of William Gostwick)
1653, Apr.01  Jane Gostwick c. London St. Mary Bothaw (dau of William Gostwick)

Now this William Gostwick has to be born at least 1625/1630 and I find one William born in that year.


Oct. 17, 1630 William Gostwyke christened Willington, Bedford Co. (son of Edward Gostwyke)

Edward Gostwick (father of William) would be born between 1600 and 1610.

England IGI marriaqge Records found:

1. Mary Gostick (m) Oct.01,1729 Podington, Joe Brooks
2. George Gostwick (m) Sep.28,1731 Sharnbrook, Bedford Co.Eng. Elizabeth Bailey
3. George Gostick (m) Sep. 28,1731 Sharnbrook,Bedford Co. Eng. Elizabeth Bailey
4. Ann Gostick (m) Aug.31,1727 Podington, Eng. John Richardson
5. Isaac Gostick (m) June.12,1749 Bridstock, Northampton Co. Lydia Right
6. Thomas Gostwick (m) Oct.02,1749 Carlton, Bedford Co. Esther Hill
7. Thomas Gostick (m) Oct.02,1749 Carlton, Bedford Co. Esther Hill

Note: The marriage records of George and Thomas are found as Gostick and Gostwick.  This depends on the descendants of that person and how those descendants spell their surname.  Some may use the spelling of Gostick and others as Gostwick.  {kgk}

England IGI findings:

George Gostwick/Gostick born Jan.17,1702 Eng.
(m) Sep.28,1731 Sharnbrook, Bedford Co.Eng.
Elizabeth Bailey
        IGI findings of children:
1. Mary Gostwick christened June.06,1732 Harrold, Bedford Co.Eng.
2. William Gostwick christened Jul.21,1734 Harrold, Bedford Co.Eng.
3. Keziah Gostwick christened Nov.06,1735 Harrold, Bedford Co.Eng. (May be Keziah in London Co.Eng.)
4. William (x2) Gostick christened Dec.07,1740 Sharnbrook, Bedford Co.
5. Thomas Gostick christened Mar.24,1748 Sharnbrook, Bedford Co.
6. John Gostick   b.n/r  buried Apr.01,1747 Sharnbrook (son of George Gostick)
Item Refs Item Description Date/s
BorBF4/54/3 Easter Sessions. Recognizance - Thomas Gaustick, of Sharnbrook, shoemaker, to answer indictment of Joseph Negus of Bedford, shoemaker, for assault and violently beating bruising. 20th April 1789
  Qty/Format Language
  Parchment, printed with manuscript additions English.
Item Refs Item Description Date/s
BorBF4/54/4 Easter Sessions. Indictment - Thomas Gaustick late of the parish of Sharnbrook, cordwainer. 20th April 1789
  Qty/Format Language

Isaac Gostick born Mar. 14,1713 Podington, Bedfordshire Co.Eng.
(m) Dec.06,1749 Brigstock, Northamptonshire,Eng.
Lydia Right
          children listed:
1. Jonathan Gostick 1750 (m) Oct.14,1776 Stanton, Northampton, Mary Vann
2. William Gostick b.n/r d: Jun.21,1811 (m) Stanton, Northamptonshire, Francis (?)
3. Joseph Gostick b.n/r  died: 1811

Jonathan Gostick 1750
(m) Oct.14,1776 Stanton, Northamptonshire, Eng.
Mary Vann christened Dec.08,1754
              children listed:+ IGI listings
1. Sarah Gostick c. Nov.20,1777 Mkt Harbrough,Independent  Leicestershire,Eng.
2. Joseph Gostick c. Mar.13,1779 Stanton, Eng. d:Jun.12,1847 Oundle, Northamptonshire,Eng. (m) Sarah (?)
3. Isaac Gostick c. Jul.03,1786 Mkt Harbrough, Northamptonshire
4. Lydia Gostick c.Mar.20,1793 Bridgstock, Independent, (dau of Jonathan and Mary Gostick)
5. Mary Gostick c. Mar.20, 1793 Bridgstock, Independent (dau of Jonathan and Mary Gostick)
6. Rebecca Gostick c. Mar.06,1797 Bridgstock, Independent (dau of Jonathan & Mary Gostick)

Joseph Gostick c. Mar.13,1779 Stanton, Northampton Co.Eng. d: Jun.12,1847 Oundle, Northamptonshire, Eng.
Sarah (?)
    IGI listings found: contributed by Carol (Hall) Venner

1. Mary Gostick c. Mar. 21,1813 Weslyan, Leigh on Sea, Essex Co.Eng.
2. Joseph Gostick  ca. 1814 Bedford , Northamptonshire
3. Jesse c. Jan.19, 1816 Ashford, Wesleyan, Kent Co.
4. David Gostick c. Dec. 13,1818 Whitney, Oxfordshire, Eng. (m) Sarah Smith
5. James Gostick c. Apr.16, 1820 Dover, Kent Co.
6. John Gostick (twin to James) c. Apr.16,1820 Dover, Kent Co.
7. Lois Gostick c. Jan.25,1824 Rye Wesleyan, Sussex Co.Eng.
8. Joel Gostick b. Sep.26,1826 Partington, Yorkshire Co.
9. Titus Gostick 1828 Lancashire d: young

Joseph Gostick was a preacher and preached in many different England Counties, You will find most of these children's birth's recorded on the IGI in these different Co.'s of England.

Isaac Gostick Jul. 03,1786 Bridestock,Northampton Co.
Mary (?)
      issue found on IGI
1. Abraham Gostick c. Aug.04,1818 Highm Ferrers, Weelesyan,Methodist, Northampton Co.Eng.
2. Joseph Gostick  c.Aug.04, 1818 Highm Ferrers, Weslover, Methodist(m)Susanna Rose

both listed as son's of Isaac and Mary Gostick/Gostic

Joseph Gostick c. 1818
(m) Dec.26,1837
Susanna Rose
    children listed:
1. Abraham Gostick c. 1839 Stanton, Northamptonshire, Eng. (m) Zilla Evans
2. Isaac Gostick c. Dec.1844 (m) Martha Adams
3. Joseph Gostick c. May 16,1846 (m)
4. Jesse Gostick b.n/r

Taken from Alan R. Gosticks book. July 25,2001

Joseph Gostick c. May 16,1846(See 1881 census England)
(m) n/r
Rebecca Wass born 1843
1. George William Gostick  (born 1869)
2. Abraham Gostick b. 1870 (born 1872)
3. Wilsford Gostick b.n/r died 1912 London
4. Walter Gostick (born 1879)
5. Albert Edward Gostick b. 1877 Seaford (born 1878)
6. Elsie Gostick b.n/r (m) Mr. Rudkin
7. Susannah born 1874

Isaac Gostick c. Dec. 1844 Eng. d:n/r (Go to 1881 census of England)
Martha Adams
        ch listed in Alan R. Gostick's book.
1. Albert Isaac Gostick b. ca. 1873 died Apr.1943 (had two son's: Fred & Jack)
2. Horace Henry Gostick 1885 died 1953 (settled in Canada 1910)
3. Jesse Gostick b.n/r (had son Reginald and one dau)
Note: Jesse Gostick who had son named "Reginald" must have been a brother to Isaac. (kgk)


Thomas Gostwick/Gostick b. Oct.17,1717 Podington,Eng,
(m) Ict.02,1749 Carlton, Bedford Co.Eng.
Esther Hill b.n/r
        IGI listings:
1. Hannah c. Aug.24,1751 Carlton, Bedford Co.Eng.
2. William c. Nov.08,1753 Carlton, Bedford co.Eng.
3. Thomas c. May.13,1757 Carlton, Bedford Co.Eng.(m) Nov.?. 1780 Rose Moore


Thomas Gostwick b. May 13,1757 Carlton, Bedord Co.Eng.
(m) Nov. ?, 1780 Odell, Eng.
Rose Moore b.n/r
    IGI listings:
1. John Gostwick c. Nov.18,1781 Carlton, Bedford Co. (m)Dec.25,1815 Chellington, Eng. Elizabeth Cherry.



David Gostick c. Dec. 13,1818 Witney, Osfordshire, Eng. died: Mar. 10,1882 Sth Melbrun Hosp.Melbourne, Australia             (Go to census findings of David and Sarah)
(m) Jul.06, 1841 Parish Church, Keighley, Yorkshire, Eng.
Sarah Smith 1822
       children listed (and several can be found on Bedford Co. IGI)
1. Joseph "Joe" Gostick born Dec. ?? 1842 Keighley, Yorkshire, Eng.
2. Emily Chittenden Gostick born Jan. 01,1844 Keighley, Yorkshire, Eng. (m) Dawson Metcalf
3. Samuel Gostick 1846 Keighley, Yorkshire, Eng. (m) Mary (?)
4. David "Taft" Gostick born Jan.07,1849 Bedford Co.Eng. d: May 16, 1853 Bedford, St. Peters, Harpur St.
5. Mary "Polly"Gostick b. Jan. 05,1851 Bedford, Bedfordshire, Eng. (m) a Mr. Pollard
6. Frederick Willington "Fred" Gostick b. Jan.02,1852 Bedford, Bedfordshire, Eng. died: 1925
  (view 1891 Census of Fredrick W. GASTICK)

  Hello Kay

 I have some information on the decendants of David Gostick b1818 who went to Australia. My 2 sons are descended from him on their fathers side through Mary Sarah “Polly” who I have as bap 9 Oct 1850 Bedford and your website shows as b Jan 5 1851.

 Mary Sarah married Tom Pollard in Bradford in 1874


Ada born 1875 Bradford marr Harold Frederick Hilton Bradford 1895

Dora born 1874 Bradford marr Henry Davy (b 1874 Bfd) in 1906 in Bradford and had children

1)       Geoffrey Davy married but no issue

2)       Marjorie Davy Born 12 May 1907 Bradford married Herbert Henry Ockley Featherstone (B 1884 Southwark London)

Their son David Malcolm Featherstone 1945-1979 was my husband and our children are

1)       Peter James Featherstone 1969 (and about to emigrate to Australia like his ancestor!)

2)       Mark David Feathersone 1972

I was in touch with Carol Venner some time ago and she kindly updated me with the rest of David G’ s Family.

 I hope this update is of interest to you – please feel free to do with it what you will.


Jean Greenwood
E-mail Address(es):

 (Thank you Jean..kgk)



Samuel Gostick b. 1848 Keighley, Yorkshire, Eng.
Mary (?)
         had issue:
1. David Vann Gostick 1874 Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng. d: 1952 Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng.
2. Amy Gostick b. ca. 1877
3. Lucy Gostick b. ca. 1878
4. Roland Gostick b. Mar. 05,1881

Samuel Gostick's son "David Vann" Gostick was the father of 4 children, one of whom was ALAN RAWSON GOSTICK, Author of "The Gostick's of England" in 1953.


Emily Chittenden Gostick b. Jan.01,1844 Keighley, Yorkshire, Eng. died: 1930 Lambeth, London Co.Eng.
(m) ca. 1865
Dawson Metcalf c. Jul.19,1837 St. Leonars, New Melton, Yorkshire, Eng.
                                  issue: listed
1. Edith Metcalf born May 15, 1867 (m) Hames Hall
2. Henry E. Metcalf born Dec. 30,1868 Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng. (m) Edith Crosland
3. Gertrude "Gertie" Metcalf born ca. 1871 (m) John William Hall
4. Emily Metcalf b. ca. 1872 (m) Tom Bass
5. Kathleen "Kate" Metcalf  born n/r (m) Frank Farrell
6. Jessie Metcalf born n/r (m) Fred Potter
7. Hilda Metcalf born n/r (m) Hugh Boyd
8. Bertha Metcalf b. n/r (m) Jack Salt
9. Walter Metcalf b. n/r (m) Julia Henfry


William Gostick
William Gostick was a Weaver+Grocer of Stanton.  He died June 21,1811 (leaving will)
(m) n/r
Frances (?) (note states she died May 15,1789
    issue on chart.
1. Isaac Gostick b.n/r (Inherits from Fathers Will) (may be Isaac in 1861 census Northampton)
2. Francis Gostick c. Jul 01,1785 (inherits from Will)
3. Leddy Gostick  c. Mar.03, 1793 Stanton
4. Susannah Gostick (inherits from will) (may be Susanna in 1861 Northampton)
5. William Gostick c. Jan.01,1786 or 1788 Stanton, (inherits from Will)
6. Elizabeth Gostick (executor of Fathers Will) (may be Elizabeth born 1793)



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