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by: Henry H. & Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
                      Copyright 1986
George Goswick
& his Goswick/Gosset/Gossett descendants.
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George Goswick born ca. 1767 Bute Co. N.C.(now Franklin) d:1812 Franklin Co.N.C.
(m) lst. n/r
(m) 2nd. Rebecca Boone b.n//r died after 1840 Union Co.S.C.
       children by first wife (name unk)
1. Elizabeth "Betsy" b. 8/20/1789 Va./N.C. (m) Matthias Goswick (found as Gaswick & Goswick)
2. William   born          1792 N.C. (m) Lucinda "Lucy" Goswick(found as Gossett)
3. Sally        born    ca.       1793 N.C. n/r (may go by surname of Goset or Gossett)
4. Thomas   born           1795 N.C. (m) 2nd, Elizabeth Arrena Pruitt (found as Gossett & Goswick)
5. a son       born & died bef 1812
6. George  W.    b. 1802 N.C. (m) Nancy Elizabeth Powers (found as Goswick)
      children by Rebecca "Becky" Boon
7. Nathan                   born           1807 N.C. (m) Arena Bishop (found as Gossett & Goset)
8. Johnson                  born          1812 N.C. (m) Sarah (?) (found as Gossett)

George Goswick was the son of Joseph and Sarah (?) Goswick of Franklin Co. North Carolina.  George Goswicks will in 1812 leaves his father Joseph Goswick as his executor. Note George Goswick's will.  George also mentions all his children, except for the son Johnson who was born 1812 after George made out his will. He does mention "the child that my wife is now pregnant with, shall it live".  Nathan and Johnson Goswick are mentioned in 1822 in the Grandmother Rebecca Boon Court documents.  Of these children of George Goswick, Elizabeth and her husband are always found as Goswick, William and Lucy are found as Gossett and Goswick, Thomas is found as Goswick, George W. as Goswick, Nathan and Johnson as Goset and Gossett.

View 1810 Franklin Co. NC. Census.   There are no 1820 Franklin Co. NC census, only the Tax list.

George Goswicks will in 1812 mentions that if his wife Becky was to re-marry, then his father Joseph Goswick was to sell all lands and divide the moneys between his children.

On Jan. 19, 1816 Rebecca Goswick married James Goswick in Franklin Co. N.C. and Joseph Goswick,Sr. was bondsman.

In 1816 Joseph Gostwick, Sr. began to sell lands that appear to have been the lands belonging to George.  From the looks of the land records of the Goswicks beginning in 1767, and the amounts that each son had purchased from the father Joseph, and how this amount of land was back in the hands of the Father Joseph Goswick after 1812, seems there may have been some disagreement between Father and Sons, as each son had returned their land back to the father.  The only land that was not returned to Joseph Goswick, Sr. was the lands that had been purchased from another person other than Joseph Goswick,SR.

James and Rebecca Goswick leave Franklin Co. N.C. prior to 1830, and show up in Union Co.S.C. in 1840 as James Gossett, Sr. 70/80 and female same age.  The neighbors are: Johnson Gossett, Nathan Gossett, Nicholas Gossett, James Gossett,Jr., Thomas Gossett, and William Gossett.  In 1830 Union Co.S.C. Thomas, William, Jefferson, James, Nicholas, are listed as Goswick.  (more to follow on these families){kgk}

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