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by: Kay (Goswick) Kennemore
copyright 1986 All rights reserved.

Will of Elizabeth Gostwicke of Willington,Eng.
Dated:Jan. 14, 1546  Proved: Nov. 19, 1548


Will of Elizabeth Gostwicke of Willington,Eng.
Dated:Jan. 14, 1546  Proved: Nov. 19, 1548

I, Elizabeth gostwicke, of Willington, Maiden.  My body to be buried in the Churche Porche of Our Lady in Willington.

To Agnes Gostwick my BROTHER EDWARD'S daughter to her marriage five pounds &c.

To Jane Gostwicke her sister to her marriage fyve pounds &c.

To Alice Gostwicke the youngest sister to her marriage fyve pounds &c.

To John Gostwicke my BROTHER EDMUND'S son f4.

To Alice Gostwick dau'r the the said Edmund f4

To Thomas Bloyes 3s.4d.

To Cleyton my brother Edward's man 8d.

Ten pounds that ys in Mr. William Gostwick's hand to a priest that ys Sr. Bartholomew grene to pray for my soul, my FATHER AND MOTHER, Sir William, Sr. Robert Gostwicke's soules.

To John Gostwick my BROTHER  my house in WEDON next to the Vicarage with all the lands and appurtenances thereto belonging.

To Robert Gostwicke my BROTHER  (see Roberts Will) three messunges in  WEDON the one called Brodfield Another that WILLIAM EGE  dwelleth in, another that WILLIAM CORBITTS,  w'th th'appurtenances belonging to them to hym and his heires of his body lawfully begotten.  And for lack of issue yt shalle from one brother to another. And the residue of my goodes to JOHN  GOSTWICK my Executor.

My Supervisor I ordayne and make MY BROTHER EDWARDE GOSTWICKE and he to have for his paynes xxxiijs. iijd.

In witness where of this my last Will, Sr. Barthelomew Green, John Jones, Alice Hege with others.
Proved 19, Novr. 1548 (P.C.C. 17 Populwell)

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                       Nieces & Nephews of Elizabeth that were born before 1546

According to the will of Elizabeth Gostwicke of Willington Eng. Bedford Co. 1546.
A brother: Edward Gostwick who had children: Agnes, Alice, and Jane Gostwick
A brother: Edmund Gostwick who had children: Alice and John Gostwick.(John
A brother: John Gostwick (appears to be single in 1546)
A brother: Robert Gostwick (appears to be single in 1546)

A William Gostwick (living in 1546) (may be a cousin or Uncle)

She prays for her parents souls: (no names mentioned)
She prays for Sir William Gostwicks soul
She prays for Sir Robert Gostwicks soul.(is this "Robert Gostwyke the Priest) go to his will.

She does not mention Sir John Gostwick whos  will was proved in 1545 leaving a son William who is said to have died in 1546

Sir William Gostwick's will was dated Jul. 28, 1547, and proved in 1550.

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