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by:Kay (Goswick) Kennemore
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Extracted from David R. Gosticks book 1953

5/28/05  Edward Gostick born Clerkenwell, Eng.

Edward Gostick born 1843 Clerkenwell, England  died:Nov.17,1911 Foots Bay, Ont.Canada
Sarah Wilkinson b.n/r d: Nov.20,1927 Foots Bay, Ont.
   had issue: (7 son's 2 daughters)
1. Arthur Edmund Gostick born 1866 London,England died age 22 from falling trees(d:May 23,1889 Foots Bay,Ont.)
2. Helen Julia Gostick born London,Eng. 1868 d:1932 Ontario (m)Feb.28,1889 Edward John Woodroffe (go to family picture)
3. Samuel Gostick b. 1870 Canada d:Apr.29,1954(m) Sep.27,1899 Mary Ann Norris b.n/r  d:n/r
4. Thomas Gostick b. Dec.19,1871 Ont. d:Jun.12,1954 Ont. (m)11/27/1895 Mary Jane Thomas b.n/r d: Nov.12,1954 Toronto
5. Harriett (Hattie) Annie Gostick b. Nov.18,1873 Ont. (m)Dec.15,1891 Henry Wright
6. Robert James Gostick b.Jan.08,1877 Ont. (m) Apr.30,1907 Ida May McLeod
7. Alfred Edward Gostick b. Mr.26,1879 Ont. d:Aug.07,1899 Gravenhurst,Ont.
8. Benjamin Gostick b Jan.20,1881 Foots Bay,Ont,. d:Jan.30,1955 (m) Helen Nell Galbruith
9. Wm. Henry Gostick b. Mar.27,1884 Foots Bay,Ont, d:Dec.1940 (m)June 14,1905 Edith Maude Tracy (view pic of William and Wife Edith Maude (Tracy) Gostick.


Edward and Sarah Gostick emigrated to Canada in 1870.  Prior to leaving London he was employed at the Bank of England but the urge to emigrate assailed him and armed with a letter of introduction to the Dominion Bank of Canada, he set sail with his wife and two children, Arthur and Helen.  He never made use of his letter of introduction, prefering to commence farming when he got out there.  Those were days of mass emigrations and among the party with whom he sailed was a young Henry Pellett, later to become Sir Henry Pellett, the great engineer.  During the voyge, colera broke out aboard the ship and the ship's doctor and Edward Gostick were almost the only two who excaped it.  Those two worked hand in hand fighting the epidemic, and there were very few deaths.  He eventually settled at a place called Muskoka, where he became in turn a farmer, surveyor, school teacher, and postmaster.  In fact he was the first schoolmaster in that region.  He died on the 17th of November 1911, greatly missed by many friends.

Edward Gostick was a nephew to Thomas Gostick, Sr. also of Canada.  Edward Gostick had two brothers named Thomas and Samuel.  Samuel Gostick had two son's named Herbert and Samuel, who both emigrated to Canada in 1910.  Herbert remained in Canada, but Samuel returned to England.







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