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May 10,2000...Coat of Arm's of Sir William Gostwick received from Steve Stephan.thank you Steve.
Picture of Coat of Arms
Picture of Scroll
Will of Sir John Gostwick
Will of Sir William Gostwicke 1547
Pictures taken in England by Jayne Goswick (a "must" to view) They are pictures of Sir William Gostwicke in a glass coffin on display in England.  A great way to be preserved..................
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  These pictures may take awhile to come up since there are 5 of them close together. {kgk}



This picture of the Goswick Family Crest
does not have a copyright on it.

Several of our Goswick family members have
this family crest picture.

Altho this crest has the surname of Goswick on it,
It is the crest of Sir John Gostwick
of Bedfordshire, England and dates back to

To date, 1998 I have not found that the Goswicks of
America descend from Sir John Gostwick of England.


View copyright owner of scroll background.




I John Gostwycke of Willington the elder in the County of Bedford, Knight and Treasourer to the Kings Maistie of his first fruits and tenthes of the spualtie.

My body to be buried in the chancel of Willington Church by the High Altar End where my wife lieth.

Unto William my son all my implements of household plate juels and catell of what nature of kind soever.

To  my brother William a silver salte with a cover parcell gilt &c.

To James Goldsmithe of London, Fishmonger and to Elyn his wife a bason and an ewer of silver &c, also my cheyne of Gold which I bought of Master Byrchett and it cost me iij/.:vjs.viijd.

To Thomas Leventhorpe my Uncle and brother to my mother my farme of Saltegh in Yorkshire with all the yeares wh. I have in the lease of Kings Ma'je owte of his Court of Augmentacons.

Proved 4 May, 1545 by William Gostwick arm, the natural and lawful son of the Testator. (P.C.C. 29 Pynning)


Will of William Gostwick of Willington, Bedford Co.Eng.
Dated: Jul.28,1547
(Found by F.A.B.) listed in Bedfordshire Notes & Queries

I, William gostwike of Willington, Beds, Esqu'ro My bodye to be buryed in the ille of the Chappell latlye buylded within the p'she Churche in Willington.

To Sir William Biddenham, meate and drinke to be taken at my wyffs cost &c.

To Nicholas Cooper my house keeper one Cowe.

To Agnes Callander my Aunt (????unlegable)

To John Gostwicke my sonne all stuf and moveable goodes in the Chapell and in the Chambers nere unto the said Chapell where my Kinge Henry the V111 of famous memorye of late laye therein called the King's Chambers & c. (said John unmarried and under 21).

One Turkey Carpette which I bequeath to Robert my sonne to have after the death of Anne my wife.

To the said Robert Gostwick my sonne all my feather beds, ymplements & c. in my Chamers where "My brother Sir John Gostwick, Knight dyed".

The residue to said Anne my wife.

My manor of Donton otherwise called Chamberleynes Burye and Copeis and all my other lands, meadows, pastures &c. and other hereditaments in Donton, Midleton, Newton, Milnehoo, C'morthe, Asshewell, Schelton, Wrozhill, Marston, Bardfforde, and Willdean in the Said Co' of Beds and in the Par of Asshwell in the co of Herts to be disposed of in form following.

First all my lands and tenements in Bardfodde of the yearly value of 20/-unto my friend (?) Edmu'de Talmache.

Lands in Willdean yearly value above 16/-unto my friend John Oxoker.

Unto Anne my wife and to Edmund Pike my brother in law and also to the said Edmund Talmache all my said Manors in Donton otherwise called Chamberlein's burye and Goyces.

And all my other Manors &c. unto the said Anne, Edmu'de and Edmu'de for the term of 16 years after my death.

Anne my wife Edmund Pike and Edmund Talmage to be my Executors.

Sir William Petre, Knight, Supervisor
Witness by John Colbecke, William Clerke and others.

William Gostwicke

Proved June 16,1550 by Edmund Pyke and Ann the relict Edmund Talmage having resigned (P.C.C. 16 Coode).







                                 jn3. jn3

According to the information gathered by Lyla Jayne Goswick of Birmingham, Ala. These are supposed to be pictures of Sir William Gostwicke.



Note below is from Steve

I found my Gostwick lineage by accident the other day, since then I'd also
found your page, made a trip to my public library, found a description of the
arms for Sir William Gostwick and drawn them.  I hope that you like, please
find attached.

Steve Stephan.

Thank you very much Steve for this Coat of Arms of William Gostwick..In comparing the two coat's of arms. the one with Goswick on it has 3 stars, where the one you sent has 3 horses...


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