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by:Kay (Goswick) Kennemore

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Rev. Thomas Gostick (view pic of Rev. & Mrs Thomas Gostick)born Mar. 14,1789 Sharnbrook, England Bedford Co. died 3/27/1859 Canada
(m) 1817 Limehouse St. Anne England (Thos GASTICK & Sarah Burton)
Sarah Spearing Burton born ca. 1795 England died after 1881 Canada (view message from Greg)
         children listed:
1. Thomas Fleming Gostick England (m) Elizabeth Scarr March 5,2001
2. John Gostick 1826 England (m) Priscilla Haley (go to 1901 census)
3. Sarah Gostick b.n/r Canada (m) William Tracy(go to Clara J. Hafen's website)  10/16/04 Pic and update on William and Sarah (Gostick) Tracy's children.
4. Eliza Gostick b. n/r Canada (m) Alfred Treacy
5. Mary Ann Gostick b.n/r Canada (m) John Baillie

Note:  These births may not be found on IGI Records of England as they are listed in Alan R. Gostick's book.  Also you will find many different ways in spelling this surname, so check out the different spellings of the surname when searching for this family in England. {kgk}

Hello Kay,

I came across your web site during a surname search for Burton and Spearing, and was fascinated to find the name of Sarah Spearing Burton (married to Thomas Gostick).

 The Spearing name entered my Burton family on the marriage of William Ingol Burton to Sarah Spearing in 1745 in Barking, Essex.  Spearing was then used on and off as a middle name for several Burton children over several generations.  Also coincidentally, my Burton family emigrated from east-end London to Canada in 1832, settling in the Township of Scarborough, right next to the Township of Pickering (where Thomas and Sarah Gostick settled).  Indeed, some Burton descendants eventually moved into Pickering.  I found Sarah Gostick in the 1881 Census for Canada still living in the Township of Pickering, aged 86, born in England, and a widow.  Her age in 1881 places her birth year in 1795.

 Do you know any more about Sarah Gostick, particularly her exact date and place of birth/baptism, who her parents were, or if she had any known siblings?  Any information about her at all may break my entire research effort wide open.

 Best regards,

 Greg Burton

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Check the two Gosticks in New York 1840 census index.

2/23/02..In checking the online census of 1840 on John and William Gostick living in New York, I did not find a John Gostick, but did find a William Gostick living in Ontario Co.N.Y, Seneca Twp., listed as 30/40 years of age and one female 30/40.  Also, checking the 1840 Herkima Co. N.Y. Frankfort Twp for William Gostick there is another William Gostick listed as 40/50 and one female 40/50.  There is a possibility that both these William Gostick's are one and the same person.(censustakers errors).


In 1832 the Rev. Thomas Gostick (as he became known in Canada), settled with his wife Sarah Spearing Burton and two sons and three daughters in Pickering, Ontario Canada. (note:by:kgk-The daughter Sarah (Gostick) Tracy, must have been born in England also as she married ca.1840 Canada, William Tracy-check Clara J. Hafen's website).Clara has another new beautiful webpage at:

The two sons were: Thomas and John, both born in England, the former born in 1820, died in 1894, and John born in 1826, died in 1907.  All these, with their wives and loved ones are buried in the Gostick Cemetery on the original Gostick farm, near Claremont, Ontario Canada.

Thomas Gostick, Jr. was a farmer, and he had two son, Thomas Calvert and Frederick Gostick, who likewise both became farmers.  Thomas Calvert Gostick died at Stoufferville, Ont. Canada in 1941 leaving two son's, Cahrles Calvert born Nov. 1887 and still living at Stoufferville, and Francis Scarr Gostick born in Seo, 1896 and still farming the original Gostick Farm at Claremont.  The latter has a son, Mr. Gordon Stanley Gostick, who is a clerk in Toronto.

Fredrick Gostick, born Oct. 1864 is still living on the original Gostick Farm at Claremont.  He had two sons, Maurice John Gostick, a farmer, born in 1915 and died in 1942 as the result of a car crash whilst the other son Mr. Russell Frederick Gostick, born in 1922 is a farmer, carpenter and mechanic.


John, the other son of the Thomas Gostick, Sr. was born in 1826 England and died in 1907.  He married Priscilla Haley and had three sons and five daughters.  I regret I have not been able to get any information about this family so far, all I know is that one of his daughters, Emma, married a Mr. Baker and they have a son Mr. John Whitfield Baker, who is an official in the department of Education, in Ontario.


Alan R. Gostick has much more listed in his book, and I find it was very interesting reading. {kgk}

From the information in this writings:
Elizabeth Scarr from:Roy Scarr
Thomas Fleming Gostick, Jr. b. 1820 England died:1894 Canada
Elizabeth Scarr b. 1839 King,Yk Co.d:6/28/1914(dau of William & Hannah (Calvert) Scarr)
Thomas Fleming Gostick b.n/r died 1941(sons:Charles Calvert and Francis Scarr Gostick)
Frederick Gostick b.Oct. 1864 Canada (sons" Maurice John and Russell Frederick Gostick).
(note by:kgk) Page 108 of Alan R. Gosticks book: quote: The 25th of June 1932 was a great day for the Gosticks of Canada.  Families from Canada, and as far away as New York and Chicago, attended this family gathering) Note the surname spellings of Gostick & Gostic in New York.

Thomas Calvert Gostick b.n/r died 1941 Stoufferville,Ontario
(m) n/r
   had son's
1. Charles Calvert Gostick b. Nov. 1887 Canada
2. Francis Scarr Gostick b. Sep.1896 (has a son Mr. Gordon Stanley Gostick)

Frederick Gostick b. Oct. 1864 Canada
(m) n/r
  had son's
1. Maurice John Gostick b. 1915 Canada d: 1942
2. Russell Frederick Gostick b.1922 Canada


John Gostick born 1826 in England died 1907 Canada
Priscilla Haley
          had three sons and five daughters
One of the daughters "Emma" Gostick (married) a Mr. Baker, and they had a son Mr. John Whitfield Baker.

John Gostick, born 1826 England, son of Thomas and Sarah Spearing (Burton) Gostick

Elgin East District, Ontario Census, 1901: Bayham and Aylmer Town
 Viewing records 1-4 of 4 Matches
 Census Year Location Film # Division # Page # Entry # Family # Surname Given
Name Relationship to   Head of Household    Birth Date Birth Year    Birthplace Immigration
1901 Aylmer Town T-6464 3 11 16 135 Gostick John head Oct 29 1827 England 1832
1901 Aylmer Town T-6464 3 11 17 135 Gostick Pricella V. wife Nov 7 1833 New Brunswick
 1901 Aylmer Town T-6464 3 11 18 135 Gostick Alice daughter Oct 16 1870 Ontario
 1901 Aylmer Town T-6464 3 11 19 135 Gostick James W. son July 20 1872 Ontario




Name:         Franklin John Tracy
Spouse:       Christine Agnes Tracy
R1:           Related to Goswick: Yes
Site_Arrival: Surfing the net in search of my roots
Date:         19 Feb 2000
Time:         14:04:30


Dear Kay, My 3rd great graandfather, William Tracy (b. Middlesex England Feb3, 1817 d. Minesing, Ontario in Cnada July 12, 1890) was married to Sarah Gostick (b. Middlesex, England b. May 25, 1818 d. Minesing, Ontario in Canada October 22, 1886)
And my great great aunt  Edith Maude Tracy was also married to a Gostick as you point out under Edward Gostick  elsewhere on your site. (view Edward Gostick's page)
Very Interesting, this world of genealogy don't you think?
Best Regards,
Frank Tracy


The Children of William Tracy and Sarah (Gostick) Back Row-Uncle George (Freds Father)-Mary Ann Tracy (Mrs Alex McLeod)-Hanah Amelia Tracy.(Mrs John McLeod)-Sarg.Major William Tracy Front Row-EMandy Hambleton ( Tracy- Miss Sarah Tracy-Benjamin Franklin Tracy(Grandpa Tracy)-Henry Tracy
Kay: You do not know me but I am married to a Tracy who is a decendent of the George Thomas-Benjamin Franklin-William and Sarah Gostick.  I really thought  that you might like to have the attached picture.  It is one I have never seen before and I think you might really enjoy it also.  Any questions feel free to e mail me back at


I believe this picture to have been taken around 1896. Any idea's or thoughts on this appreciated.  The four siblings missing  Samuel, Phebe Esther, Eliza Jane and Agnes all deceased before 1896 and I do believe that this picture may have been taken around Samuel funeral.  Sgt Maj William Tracy had been to the Northwest Rebellion but not to the Boer War yet thus is wearing only two medals and is not more heavily decorated.  His uniform is also not consistent with the uniforms worn during the Boer was (Khaki's mainly) but of an earlier time period.  Can anyone shed any light on this?  I also believe that Sarah and Benjamin are in their 50's, Sgt William in his 30's and Hannah and Mary Anne in their 40's does this seem reasonable?  Aunt Ena came for dinner last night and had found this treasure that she thought I might like...Gosh she was sooooo right!  I just about had a panic attack it is an original print and it is in wonderful shape.  I could not wait to share it with you all so enjoy!

All the best always

Deborah McCallum-Tracy

 More  pic and info from Deborah.

Left to Right
Back Row: Mrs.George Tracy-Mr.George Tracy-Mrs.Wm Gostick(Maude)-Mrs.Tom
Pattenden(Hattie)-Mr.Tom Pattenden-Mrs.Wm Knapp(Katie)-Mr.Wm Gostick-
Mr.Victor Tracy.
Front Row: Miss Sarah Tracy-Mr.Benjamin Tracy-Mrs.Benjamin Tracy(Mary)
This was in a Family Album/Tracy Reunion Scrapbook of Myrtle Tracy's and
is in wonderful condition.  The album was lent to me by Doug Tracy and I
am scanning and recording the documents contained

Pictures supplied by Deborah Tracy.

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