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Letter from Helen Danforth Saxton with research on the Slusser/Schlosser Family 

1st Generation

This family was researched by Helen Danforth Saxton (George, George, George, James, John, Joseph), see Saxton line, written before 1935, the date of Helen's death.  I have excepts of her paper (in green type) with each section of the family

 Peter Schlosser I  Peter Schlosser I and wife Elizabeth Qualified 30 Sept 1732 -Philadelphia PA. Died 1752.
Will probated 21 November 1752, File no. 73. Register of Wills Office, Easton PA names Peter Jr. as son of Peter I.

Page 1 of Helen Saxton Danforth's letter.
First Ancestor-Philip Schlosser Sr. V;  (Reference: Rupps List of 30,000 names, Edition of 1898, Page 82)

Peter Schlosser, Palatine and Leonard Schlosser, Palatine sailed from Rotterdam Holland via Plymouth England ship DRAGON, Chas. Hargrave, master of the vessel.  Qualified at Philadelphia, Sept 30, 1732.  The term Palatine following the family name would indicate that these brothers enjoyed Royal Gifts and priviledges while in Germany. Family tradition says that it was due to the brothers falling out of favor with the Reigning Soverign that they left the Fatherland at that time forfeiting considerable land and money.

This may have been the case as they came from the Upper Rhine Country which was the seat of the Ruling Princes and Dukes of German in that time. Also, the Reigning Soverign assigned and re-assigned the lands in this section so that no trace of even the name of the Duchies of the Upper and Lower Palatinate remain. Their coming from the Upper Rhine Country may have been responsible for their being designates as Palatines.

We discovered that the son of another Pennsylvania line of Slussers was born in Baden Germany which lies in this same section as our ancestor is supposed to have left. This first ancestor of ours to come to America conducted a Cooper Shop, and also owned some land. His wife's name was Elizabeth. Peter Schlosser I died in 1752. .

Page 2 of Helen Saxton Danforth's letter.
 His will was probated 21 Nov 1752.  His wife Elizabeth was named as Administratrix, but she renamed her right to administer the estate in favor of her eldest son, Peter Schlosser Jr.  The Will may be seen in the Register of Wills Office, File No 73 Easton Pa (Courthouse). No mention is made of any other child except Peter Jr. (Research in Northampton Co and Lehigh Co PA
by Wm Chas. Roberts - Alentown PA)

2nd Generation

Peter Schlosser II Jr. (Peter ) and Wife Elizabeth Catherine.  Peter born 1731 Records of Zionsville German Reformed Church, Northampton Co. Pa. now in present of Lehigh Co. names of wife of Peter II Also give baptism & birth of Children

5th generation Slusser line.

In order to administer his father's estate, Peter Slusser Jr. must have been 21 years of age in 1752. We then approximate his year of birth at 1731.

Peter Schlosser Jr.II and Elizabeth Catherine.
Their children were
1)  Phillip Schlosser, born 20 Sept 1760
2)  Mary Schlosser Date of birth unknown
3)  John Adam Schlosser, baptised 18 June 1769
4)  John Nicholas Schlosser, born 4 Dec 1773
5)  John Schlosser born 25 Dec 1775
6)  Jacob Schlosser 6 April 1778

Dates for the last four children were found in the Records of the old Zionsville German Reformed Church (Northampton Co.) in the early days comprised what is not Lehigh Co. as well as the present Northampton Co. Territory.  This old church I understand is in present Lehigh Co.  These records are in the possession of the pastor of this church (in German script)  Philip Slusser's dates secured from Family Bible.  Records of this old Church do not begin till 1762.  The tax lists of Upper Wilfort Twp name Peter Schlosser Jr. in 1772.  He then disappers from the Tax & Census lists in the County.

Page 3 of Helen Saxton Danforth's letter.

His name apprears in the 1790 census of Cumberland Co. Pa. We believe that he migrated to that county when his son Philip Schlosser went there in 1789.  No death record was found for him or for his wife.

Revolutionary Record:  Peter Schlosser I Jr. (Father of Philip S) 3rd corproal 4th Co. 1st Battalion, Northamption Co. Militia.  1781-1782.  Pennsylvania Archives Vol. 8, page 54. 

3rd Generation

Philip Slusser (Peter, Peter) & wife Sarah Anna married 1784, Philip born 20 Sept 1760, died 26 Sept 1829.  Sarah born 5 April 1766, died 8 Dec 1848

4th Generation

Philip Schlosser               and wife          Sarah Anna

Born 20 Sept 1760                                    Born 5 Apr 1776

Died 26 Sept 1829                                    Died 8 Dec 1848

                             Married 1784

From the records of Zionsville German Reformed Church Northamption Co. Pa.  Peter Schlosser, son of Philip Schlosser and wife Sarah Anna, Born 7 July 1785, baptised Aug 21 1788.  Sponsers at baptism were Philip Wescoe and Mary Schlosser. both unmarried.  This was their oldest child.  The will records of Philip Schlosser is found inin Stark Co Ohio Courthouse at Canton Ohio, Probate Office Vol B. page 43.  Will was probated Oct 1829.  The above Philip Schlosser was my (Helen Saxton Danforth's) great grandfather.  The following are the children of Philip & Sarah Anna Schlosser.  They are all named in the will. 1) Peter 2) Philip Jr. 3) John 4) Elizabeth Slusser Augustine 5) Michael  6) Catherine Slusser Ritter  7) Mary Slusser Miller  8) Sarah Slusser Beggs  9) AnnSlusser Danner (my Grandmother)  10)a daughter who married Christian Crist.  Research in Cumberland Co. Pa. proof Albert H. Gerberach Dickenson College Carlisle Pa

.Page 4 of Helen Saxton Danforth's letter.
Philip Slusser (Schlosser) is named in the tax lists of upper Milford Township, Northampton County PA in 1785 or 1787. He then migrated to Cumberland County Pa. He re-appears in the tax lists of Cumberland County in 1789. The first propriedaries grant in Cumberland CO was made to Philip Schlosser at Philadelphia PA 1789, and is recorded at Carlisle PA County seat of Cumberland Co. Other deeds of land to Philip Schlosser and wife Sarah, also records of transter of land by them to others by selling the same are recorded at Carlisle PA as follows:
Book I-G.G page 319
Book L-K page 418
Book I-L page 137
Book I-P page 125
Book I-P page 126
BookI-P page 114
Book I-P page 304
Book I-P page 351
It is noticeable that these land transactions give several spellings of the name Schlosser. His Will contained this spelling. However, many Deeds in Pennsylvania and his early Patent Grants in Ohio bear the following forms of spelling, "Slusher", "Schlosser". Philip's children however adopted the form "Slusser", and all his descendents have used this form of spelling the name since.
In 1804, Philip Schlosser disposed of his land holdings in Cumberland County PA. He disappears from the tax lists there to re-appear in Stark County Ohio Vol 3. Page 290. Among those who selected and located land in Canton Township in the year 1805 were Jacob Altman, David Bachtel, the Baer family and Philip Schlosser, (afterwards spelled Slusser) also Wm. Ewing. page 291 same Vol as above. Philip Slusser came from Cumberland County PA in 1804, to Beaver County PA leaving his wife and 10.

Page 5 of Helen Saxton Danforth's letter.
children there, he journeyed to Ohio in the spring of 1805. He chose a quarter section east of the present city of Canton, and had this entered in the Stenbenville Land Office. He returned to Beaver PA in the Autumn of 1805 and secured ten laborers to bring back to Ohio with him. He also brought his 3 eldest sons, Peter, Philip Jr. and John, back with him and his daughter Elizabeth came along to look and keep house for them. The mother and 6 younger children remained in Beaver until the following spring 1806. By that time, Philip Slusser had built the first mill for grinding flour and other grain in this section of the country. People came as far as 50 miles on horseback to have a little flour made. Many of these early pioneers had not had anything of this kind for many months. Philip Slusser also built a saw mill soon after the Grist Mill was finished-running both with a large over shot water wheel. The dam was located North of the present E. Tuscarawas Street Bridge, this long race running from the dam to the mill which was on the east band of Nineishillen Creek near where the 4th Street S.E. bridge crosses the creek.
Page 204 Perrines history "April session of the Board of Commissioners of Stark CountyI-1809. "James Campbell was appointed County treasurer where upon he gave bond for $30,000 with Philip Slusser and Geo. Baer Bondsmen."
John H. Lehman, History of Stark County Vol I page 296. The first bank of the County was organized in 1815. At a meeting at DeWalts Tavern, The Eagle. The name "The Farmers Bank was chosen and the following Directors appointed, James Hartford, John Shorb (President).

Page 6 of Helen Saxton Danforth's letter.
John Myers, Wm. Fogle, Winans Clark, Philip Slusser, James Hazlett, Jacob Myers, George Stinger.

Revolutionary Record of Philip Schlosser,
Private, 7th Co. 1st Battalion, Northampton Co. Militia 1781.
1st Corporal, 7th Co. 1st Battalion, Northampton Co. Militia 1781-1782.

Pennsylvania Archives Vol. 8 pg. 34 and 59.

Philip and Sarah Anna had the following children:

(Information from The Canton Repository, "Canton as it was in Grandfather's Time" The Slusser Family)

1)  Peter Slusser b 7 July 1785

2)  Philip Slusser b. 1787

3)  John Slusser b. 9 Set 1790

married Nancy Dewalt 17 Apr 1814 and had the following children

a)  Samuel Slusser  b. 6 May 1818    Picture of Samuel Slusser

b)  Charles Slusser b. abt 1820     Picture of Charles Slusser Family

c)  Alfred Slusser b. abt 1822

d)  Lewis Slusser b. 21 Jan 1820    Picture of Dr. Lewis Slusser

4)  Elizabeth Slusser b. Aug 1792

5)  Michael Slusser b 8 Dec 1795

6)  Catherine Slusser b. 7 Aug 1797

7)  Mary Slusser b. abt 1799

8)  Sussanna Slusser b.13 Jan 1799

9)  Sarah Slusser b. about 1800

10)  Anna Slusser  b 1 Apr 1803

4th Generation

Anna Slusser (Peter, Peter, Phillip) and Jacob Danner married May 2, 1822.    Jacob Danner (b. 11 Nov 1793 d. 26 Sept 1844)

Jacob Danner Residence 

Danner Family Bible

Anna and Jacob had two children:

1)  Harriet Anna Danner b 15 Jul 1830

Harriet Anna Danner Picture

2)  John Danner   b 10 Mar 1823

Danner Family Bible
Danner Biographical Record
John Danner Picture

5th Generation

Harriet Anna Danner (Peter, Peter, Philip, Anna) married Joseph Simmons Saxton on October 7, 1851 and they lived in Canton Ohio where both sets of parents resided. Joseph's father was the President of the bank and Harriet's father owned a gun shop. Harriet  b .July 15, 1830. d. March 17, 1901.

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