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I am excited to exchange this family information with you.  Please contact me for more information about the persons, family, or sources on any individual. I would also like to hear from you if you know of some  information I don't have.

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Documents File drawer of documents collected over the years, including letters, census, and birth/death certificates.

New information on George Saxton's murder trial (listed under documents "Saxton":  Crimes Go By.)

Forms- Use these forms to record your genealogy.

100+ Year Old Mystery: Can anyone help solve the mystery of who this family is?  The mystery starts when Joseph Saxton received this inquiry in 1900:  Page 1, Page 2.  This is Joseph's reply.  James Saxton Nichols replies here.  James states his father lived in Canton in the 1850's but I have been unable to find the link to this family.  I did find a John Saxton who leaves a pension to Amelia Smith but I cannot connect the family.  I would be happy to post any solutions here.

Photos- Many photos of family members
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Pioneers of Old Hopewell  (Thanks to Google Books) shows the history of the Stout family.  Look under documents "S" for Stout Family

Pedigree Chart

History of the Stout Family book.  A good resource for the Stouts.

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