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Preachers and the Pirate 

Warkentin and Draper Family History

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125th Anniversary


Jacob - 1906

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Abraham (1880-1949)

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Jacob and Helena (Doerksen) Warkentin

4. Jacob WARKENTIN was born on Jun 3 1857 in Bergthal Colony, Russia. Due to the differences in the Russian dating system at the time, his Russian birth date was listed as: May 22, 1857. He died on Dec 11 1885 in Altona Manitoba.

Jacob arrived in Canada on S.S. Moravian July 1, 1875. He was listed on the ship register as a foster child to Peter and Katharina (Braun) Wiens. Katharina was his mother, Susanna's, sister. The Wiens family settled in Reinfeld, Manitoba (East Reserve).

He married Helena Doerksen (b. Nov 24, 1858) in 1878. Jacob and Helena were listed in 1881 Canadian Federal Census as residing in Altona, Manitoba (West Reserve) with two children, Abram 2 and Cotrina (Katharina) 4. Jacob died very young at age 28. Helena also died young (age 33) in childbirth, after re-marriage to Jacob P. Braun.

I believe Peter Isaac encountered him in the early years in Manitoba working as a miller in Reinfeld, Manitoba (East Reserve) the same occupation as his father Abraham.  Isaac refers to him in the Peter Isaac Family book.

5. Helena DOERKSEN was born on Nov 24 1858. She arrived in Quebec City from Russia on the S.S. Nova Scotian with her parents and siblings, July 27, 1874. They settled in Altona, Manitoba (East Reserve)  She married Jacob P. Braun after the death of Jacob Warkentin in 1885. She died on Feb 25 1891.

Jacob  and Helena (Doerksen) Warkentin were the parents of the following children:

 i. Katharina WARKENTIN was born on Nov 8 1878. She married Peter Goerts in about 1899. She then married Jacob Dyck about 1907. She died in Oct 1917 in Minnesota?.

2 ii. Abraham WARKENTIN.

 iii. Jacob WARKENTIN was born on Jun 20 1881. He married Helena Winter. He died on Aug 11 1927. Winkler Manitoba

 iv. Susanna WARKENTIN was born on Oct 30 1883. She married Reverend Peter P. Kehler. She died on Sep 7 1933. Altona Manitoba.



Helena (1858-1891)

Bishop Abraham

Bishop David

Abraham (1827-1916)

Reverend Heinrich


Reverend Abraham

Abraham (1839-1909)

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Heinrich (1791-1851)

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