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Warkentin and Draper Family History

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125th Anniversary


Jacob - 1906

Johann Patriarch

Johann (1760-1825)

Johann's Journey



Abraham (1880-1949)

Abraham (1832)



Bishop Jacob (1791)


Abraham and Agatha Warkentin

1. Abraham Johann WARKENTIN was born in 1792 in Prussia. He died in 1851 in Tiege, Molotschna, Russia. Abraham Warkentin married a Widow Kroeker in Tiege. There is information that indicates Eva Neufeld is the "Widow" Kroeker and that she was born in 1773 making her 19 years older than Abraham. I believe that the "Widow Kroeker" had died by 1830 and Abraham had remarried a young woman named Agata who's maiden name at this point is unknown. There is no evidence that Abraham and the "Widow" Kroeker had any children. In 1835 her children from her first marriage to Peter Kroeker were already in their late 20's as indicated by the census below.  The young woman Agatha age 25 in the 1835 census would be the mother of the children listed below.

The family is listed as the owners of Wirtschaft 4 in Tiege in the 1835 census: "Abraham Johann Warkentin, age 44, wife Agata age 25, children from second wife, Johann Warkentin age 4, Abraham 3, Helena 2. Step-sons Peter Peter Kroeker, age 36, 1830 to Margenau and Abraham Peter Kroeker, age 29, wife Elizabeth 28 and daughter Helena 2".

Johann Warkentin and Agatha had the following children:

2 i. Johann Warkentin was born in 1831 in Tiege, Russia. He lived in Orloff, Russia. 
+3 ii. Abraham Warkentin. born in 1832. The father of Jacob, who emigrated to Canada in 1875.
+4 iii. Helena Warkentin.
+5 iv. Jacob Warkentin. born in 1836. He emigrated to Canada in 1879.- this connection to Abraham (1792) could be speculative. Please contact me if you have reasonably solid evidence that Jacob is connected to this family.




Helena (1858-1891)

Bishop Abraham

Bishop David

Abraham (1827-1916)

Reverend Heinrich


Reverend Abraham

Abraham (1839-1909)

Sarah (1881-1943)


Heinrich (1791-1851)

Maria (1844-1934)


Margaretha (1767)

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