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Preachers and the Pirate 

Warkentin and Draper Family History

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125th Anniversary


Jacob - 1906

Johann Patriarch

Johann (1760-1825)

Johann's Journey



Abraham (1880-1949)

Abraham (1832)



Bishop Jacob (1791)


Jacob Warkentin


1. Jacob WARKENTIN was born on Dec 23, 1906 in St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba, Canada. He died on Feb 1, 1996 in Penticton, BC Canada. Niverville, and Altona, Manitoba were towns that played a part in Jacob's early days. Altona is where his Grandfather Jacob lived in 1881. His family also lived in Rosenfeld Mb until 1925 when they moved to Morden Mb.

Jacob lived briefly in Saskatchewan, where he met and married his wife before moving to British Columbia in 1942. They lived in the New Westminster - Surrey area before moving briefly to Enderby in 1946, and then to Summerland BC. They rented an orchard for two years and then the crops froze in 1950, and they were forced to move seeking other employment.  He found it in Red Deer Alberta. Jacob lived there until 1962. After a brief stay in Guelph Ontario from 1962-1966 he moved to New Westminster BC. He moved to Penticton BC in 1976 and lived there until his death in 1996.

He was a sports fan and was in his youth a tremendous baseball player. He played the game very well until shortly before he died. He was also a great boxing fan.

Jacob saw joy in the cycle of life and held much enthusiasm for the observation of the simplest things in nature. He was a man devoted to his faith, who lived an exemplary life. He kept his faith in God until the very end.




Helena (1858-1891)

Bishop Abraham

Bishop David

Abraham (1827-1916)

Reverend Heinrich


Reverend Abraham

Abraham (1839-1909)

Sarah (1881-1943)


Heinrich (1791-1851)

Maria (1844-1934)


Margaretha (1767)

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