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Joseph Eidson (Peter Claywell Eidson's father) was born about 1771 in
Campbell County, Virginia. Colonial Papers, Vol. Cp. 604) have him as
Joseph Edison #50, a Private in a list sent to the Governor by Thomas
Newton, Jr. for the Militia payroll. He had served as a guard over the
Public Arsenal at New London, a post town in Campbell County, Virginia, 133
miles west and south of Richmond. His name was also found on the Bedford
County, Virginia, tax rolls in 1800. He appears to have gone to Iredell
County, North Carolina, soon after that. He married in 1804/5, most likely
in Iredell County, Milly J. Claywell, the daughter of Peter (Will of Peter
Claywell, Iredell County, South Carolina, Will Bookk. II, page 245, names
this daughter Milly Eidson) and Jemima Arthur Claywell. Peter Claywell,
Sr., who was said to have moved into the Snow Creek community from Virginia
in 1800 at the time of the Great Revival of the 1800's which helped hasten
the establishment of Methodism in Snow Creek. Before a church was built,
Methodist groups were meeting in the Claywell, Cowan, Lawrence and Sharpe
homes. In 1801 Phillip Bruce had organized a Methodist Society of about 50
members at the home of Squire Sharpe. This became the congregation of
King's Methodist Episcopal Church which was built on land adjoining the
cemetery (which was already established.) Under the leadership of Richard
Hugg King and Peter Claywell, the church grew into a strong congregation
with the largest membership in North Iredell. Camp meetings were held
annually on the third Sunday in August. At one time there were
approximately three hundred tents and more than a thousand in attendance.
This became the Snow Creek Church and was the atmosphere into which Joseph
and Milly Claywell Eidson were married. (The History of Iredell County,
North Carolina, page 135.)

By 1810 Joseph and Milly had two daughters and a son. Joseph enlisted in
the 7th Regiment, Pearson's North Carolina Militia, for the War of 1812.
(Microfilm: U.S. National Archives & Record Center, Index to Compiled
Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers from NC. F.6.5P.) He enlisted in
October 1813 for six months and honorably discharged 7 September 1814. The
23 March 1955, at age 83, he applied for the first time for bounty land
under the Act passed 28 September 1850. In 1837 Joseph was taxed $1.28 on
400 acres of land valued at $800.00 (Iredell County, North Carolina, list of
taxables 1837-1842) taxes were up in 1838 and on the same property he was
taxed $1.93. In 1842 he was taxed $2.28 on the same 300 acres now valued at
$500 and for one black. In 1850 Joseph was a farmer in the Liberty Hill
community and had acquired a 700 acre farm. There were 604 families in
Iredell County in 1850 who owned slaves. Joseph Eidson, who owned Powder
Springs, had only one. When Milly's father died, she received, from him a
black named Peter. Two of Joseph's brothers, Barnabus Arthur and Edward,
moved to Iredell about the same time that Joseph did. Edward remained in
Iredell, but Barnabus moved west into Ohio about 1843, leaving behind some
of his grown children. Milly was the granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Francis who
died in 1816. (Iredell County, North Carolina, Wills 1787 to 1891, unbound.)
Mrs. Francis left real property to her son, Thomas, and to her
granddaughter, Milly Eidson, she left a bed and furniture, a cotton wheel,
reel and cords, a chest, a side saddle, a sitting chair and pot, a small
stand table and half a dozen Delph plates. Other grandchildren mentioned
were Nickolas and Shadrack Giles.

Milly died before 1856, the year that Joseph made his will. Joseph was 80
years old in 1850, so he died at about age 87.


Last Will and Testament of Joseph Eidson
Iredell County, North Carolina, Will Book 3, page 117
Proved August 1857

In the name of God, Amen, I Joseph Eidson of the County of Iredell and
State of North Carolina, being of sound mind & memory (Thanks be to God for
it.) but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence, do make and
declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following. That
is to say, First, my Executors herein after names) shall provide for my body
a decent burial, suitable to the wishes of my relations and friends & pay
all my just debts, however, and to whomsoever owing, out of the moneys that
may first come into their hands as a part or parcel of my estate.

Item first: I give & devise in trust to Shadrack Claywell, my coloured
man, Peter with
the entire control of said man Peter for the benefit of my two daughters,
Margaret Caroline Eidson & Sarah Claywell Barker & their children, the hire
or services of said man Peter to be applied to the benefit of said Margaret
Caroline Eidson & Sarah Claywell Barker. The said Claywell is also to have
a reasonable compensation for his services.

Item second: I give and devise to my daughter Margaret Caroline Eidson a
bed and furniture, with all the bedclothes claimed by her, with a trunk &

Item third: I give to my daughter Jemima Arthur Gooch & my son Peter
Claywell Eidson
four dollars a piece.

Item fourth: I give & devise to my daughter Jane Arthur Eidson, William
Henry Eidson and Joseph Rolden Eidson all the balances of my property both
real & personal to be equally divided, after Joseph Rolden Eidson pay one
hundred dollars, it being part of one hundred & fifty dollars paid by Thomas
Barker for Joseph R. Eidson.

Lastly I do hereby institute & Appoint my son William Henry Eidson & my
son in law Thos. Ethel Barker my lawful Executors to all intents & purposes
to execute this my last will & testament according to the true intent &
meaning of the same & every part thereof.

In witness whereof I the said Joseph Eidson, do hereunto set my hand &
seal this twenty fifth day of January A.D. 1856.

Test Franklin McHoran, Gent.
Shadrack Claywell, Gent

His Joseph X Eidson SEAL


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