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Our Familyís - Unknown Individuals - Photo Gallery

This is a gallery of the photographs that we have that have unidentified individuals in them.
Can you identify who they are ?  If so, drop us a note and let us know. Tell us which picture
you are referring to as well as who you believe the unknown individual to be
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Can you identify any of the other people in this picture of Frank Myers and 3 of his children?

This is a picture of Eula Myers.


Can anyone identify the man she is with?





John Myers is on the right hand side wearing a tie.

Who is the man on the left?

There is a possibility that it is one of Johnís brothers.

This picture was obviously taken the same day as the one on the left. On the right wearing a tie is John Myers with his wife Cordelia.

The man on the far left is the same man from the other photograph. I think it may be Johnís brother Henry Myers and wife.

The couple in the middle are unidentified.I believe it to be one of Johnís sisters and husband.


Any one seen this photo elsewhere?





John Myers and a brother.


Which one?

Frances (Pfisterer) Kemner is pictured on the right. The man in the middle is Mattie Scheetz.


Who is the man on the left?

Two possibilities:

Francesí brother Bob Pfisterer or maybe her father John Pfisterer ?





Gertie (Bergsma) Kuypers is on the right side.


Who is the woman on the left?

Huygens sisters

Nicollette (Huygens) Postma is standing

Lina (Huygens) Westerveld is seated on the left.

Who is the third woman?





Can you identify anyone else in the picture?








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