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The Waldspurger Family in Photographs

These photographs come from various family members' collections
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Please note that these pages are very graphic intensive. I have posted the best copy of each photograph that I have in order to have the best quality.

Four generations of Waldspurgers are in this photograph. Elizabeth Hans Waldspurger holds her great-grandson William while her son Edward and grandson William stand behind her.

Photo was taken in 1934 and shows a great deal of the extended Waldspurger family.


Florian and Elizabeth Waldspurger's family
Ernest and Katherine Waldspurger's family

The Edward and Julia Waldspurger Family Pages:

Edward and Julia Waldspurger's Family
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William and Margaret Waldspurger's Family
Florian and Edna Waldspurger's Family
Edward and Elsie Waldspurger's Family
Lawrence and Emma Waldspurger's Family
Cornelius Waldspurger's family
Francis and Anne Waldspurger's Family
Ernest and Jean Waldspurger's Family
Joseph and Myrtle Waldspurger's Family
Julia Waldspurger

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