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The Waldspurger Family in Photographs

Florian and Elizabeth Waldspurger's Family

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photograph of an old woman from about 1920 or so

Florian Waldspurger married Elizabeth Marie Hans

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Photograph from 1904 of a family dressed in period clothing.  Three women, two young boys and a teenage girl sit in chairs while two men and a woman

Their surviving children are pictured in this photograph from 1904
From left to right, top row: Edward, Mary Anna, Ernest A.
Seated: Elizabeth, Julia (wife of Edward) with son Florian, Elizabeth Marie Hans Waldspurger with grandson William, Clara

a young family from 1904.  They are seated.  It is a husband, wife and their two young boys

Edward Charles Waldspurger married Julia Ann Vautier
They are shown in the above photograph from 1904 with their eldest sons, Florian and William
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Anna Mary Waldspurger married Charles Guretse
They are shown above in this picture from 1934 with their children and Elizabeth Hans Waldspurger.
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Ernest Aloysius Waldspurger married Katherine B. Barron
Shown here in this 1930s picture with mother Elizabeth Hans Waldspurger and older brother Edward and his wife Julia.
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Elizabeth Regina Waldspurger married William Francis Hughes
This photo was taken in 1952.

Clara Agnes Waldspurger married John Francis Best
This is their wedding photograph from 1916.


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