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The Waldspurger Family in Photographs

Edward and Julia Waldspurger's Family

These photographs come from various family members' collections
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Edward Waldspurger married Julia Ann Vautier

This photo was taken about 1914. Standing: Florian and William Seated: Lawrence, Cornelius, Francis and Edward

C. 1909 William, Edward and Florian Waldspurger

C.1919  Standing: William, Florian, Edward, Seated on chairs: Cornelius, Joseph, Ernest, Francis, Sitting on ground: Lawrence

1929 - William, Francis, Edward

C. 1929 - Julia with her four youngest children

The Edward Waldspurger Family in 1937

c. late 1950s - Edward Waldspurger with wife Julia and only daughter, Julia

1976 - The 10 children of Edward and Julia  - This was the last photograph taken of all 10 of them

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