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Photographs from the Extended Davis, Kolek, Waldspurger and Wood Families

Please note that I am trying to rebuild my photograph databases, as some of my photos were deleted when my hard drive crashed

Most of the photographs on these pages have been sent to me by other relatives. A few were already in my possession, but a majority were sent by others, to whom I am greatly indebted. In honoring the right of privacy of all living persons, I have chosen NOT to include any information or photographs of any living persons, except on certain pages of these websites in which I have not labeled, and will not do so intentionally UNLESS I have the permission of that person. If I have inadvertently posted information or any photograph on any of my genealogical websites that is yours or of another living relative of yours, and you would like it removed, contact me and I will remove it immediately!


The Bupp Family - Photographs of the William Henry Bupp family from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

The Kolek Family - Photographs of the Josef Kolek family from Zassow, Podkarpackie, Poland, and Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

The Guretse Family - Photographs of the Casper Guretse Family of Germany, and Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

The Vautier Family - Photographs of the William Joseph Vautier family from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the surround area

The Waldspurger Family - Photographs of the Florian Waldspurger Family from Erstein, Alsace, and Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

The Wood Family - Photographs of the descendants of Abinah Belford Wood and Susannah Humphreys from Hopewell Township, New Jersey and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

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Last updated 22 January 2012 by Kelley Wood-Davis.