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The Genealogical History of The Wood, Waldspurger, Kolek, Davis and Extended Families

The following is a listing of blogs and articles I have written that pertain to my family tree research.

I love to write and I love genealogy, so naturally at times the two go hand in hand. I will update this page with new links from my blogs and article writings as I can.

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Blog posts I have done on family members:

A love that lasted - The story of my father's parents

Father's Day Tribute - Family photographs throughout the years that show different fathers with their children

Blog posts I have done on genealogy:

How to get started researching your family tree - a good reference point to help you get started if you are at a lost where to begin researching your genealogical history

Sourcing Genealogical Information -  helpful hints and tips on sourcing information that is used in family tree research

Old family photographs can be a treasure trove of wealth - Tips on how to use old photographs in your research

Brick walls are an inevitable part of any research - tips on how to overcome some of the brick walls in genealogy

Finding the Family Skeletons - a discussion on the black sheep in the family tree and Family Tree Maker 2012 - a semi-review on these two products

The Big Project: The Abinah Wood Descendant Project - my big genealogy project that I am working on.

Take Time to Ask Questions - Tips on carrying on a discussion with older family members

Sometimes a little variety is needed -  How using one site alone for genealogical research can hinder your research

Pets are family too! - A discussion about how researching pets can open up a flood of other memories

RAOGK - Good for the mind, body and soul  - A blog encouraging all to find a way to become volunteers and help others in genealogical purposes.

Articles I have written pertaining to my family tree research:

The "French 500" who came over to America in 1790 - Article on HubPages I wrote pertaining to the migration of French during the French Revolution

The Hatfield Train Wreck of 1900 - Article on HubPages pertaining to the Hatfield train wreck in Hatfield, Pennsylvania of September 1900

The Aftermath of the Hatfield Train Wreck of 1900 - Another article on HubPages that pertains to the trials of those accused for negligence in the Hatfield train wreck of 1900.

The Hays Guards: The Story of Company K of the Sixty Third Pennsylvania Volunteers - Six-part article on HubPages that tells the story of the Civil War regiment PA 63rd, Company K

Boiled Alive: The 1937 Explosion Aboard the USS Cassin - Article on HubPages I wrote pertaining to the explosion aboard the USS Cassin in Philadelphia in August of 1937

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