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KELLEY/KELLY Families in Georgia, 1790-1809

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"The Family of John Kelley and Hannah Moon"

* John Kelley, Born C. 1765 Married circa 1786, Guilford County, North Carolina * Hannah Moon, Born C. 1765 Daughter of Richard Moon and Susannah Brown

CHILDREN: Jesse Kelley: Born March 22,1788, Georgia: Died 1834, Clarke County, Alabama Robert Kelley: Born 1789, Georgia John W. Kelly: Born 1790, Georgia: Died January 24, 1848, Wilcox County, Alabama Austin Kelly: Born 1790-1800, Georgia Allen Kelly: Enoch S. Kelly: Born 1799, Georgia: Died October 10, 1850, Wetumpka, Coosa Co., Alabama D. Boston Kelly:Born 1800, Georgia Margaret Kelly: Born 1805, Georgia

There is a William and a Jesse Kelly in the Long Creek District(GMD154) of Wilkes County in 1790. There is a David Kelley in this district in 1792. There are no Kellys listed in the district in 1793. The Long Creek District(GMD154) was included in Warren County in December 1793. Richard Moon, the father of Hannah Moon resided in the Long Creek District in 1790 although he owned property in Greene County.

August 7, 1792: John Kelley of Wilkes Co. bought 287 acres on Shoulderbone Creek (Greene Co.) from John Parker. This John Kelly is listed in the 1792 Tax list of Capt. Benjamin Simmons District along with James Kelly, Robert Kelly, and Daniel Kelly. Capt. Simmons District included land on Lick Creek, Hardens Creek and Rocky Creek of Ogeeche. The land on Shoulderbone Creek was transferred from Greene Co. to Hancock Co. in December 1793( Capt. Shorter's District). John Kelly and Robert Kelly are in Capt. Shorter's District in Hancock Co. in 1794 and 1795. Susannah Moon the widow of Richard Moon is also listed in the Shoulderbone District in 1795. John Kelley sold the 287 acres on Shoulderbone Creek to Peter Dent September 14, 1799.
There is a John Kelly listed in the Shoulderbone District in 1802 owning 10 slaves. This John Kelly is also in the Shoulderbone District in 1804, 1812, and 1813.

In 1793 David, Jesse, John, Thomas, and William Kelley are listed in Capt. McDowell's Company of the Washington County Militia. It is highly likely that they are in the Island Creek area of Washington County which was included in Hancock County in December 1793.

There were four Kelley families living in the Island Creek area(GMD104) of Hancock County, Georgia in 1794. The head of households were David, William, John, and Jesse. John Pearce the father of Sarah Lucy Pierce who married Jesse Kelly in 1806 also lived in the same district. The Jesse that is listed as head of household here in Hancock County is probably an uncle of the young Jesse, son of John and Hannah Kelly.
Jesse Kelley sold 60 acres on Big Island Creek to John Kelly on July 5, 1799. John Kelly sold this property to Thomas Lewis on August 5, 1799. Since neither John nor Jesse is listed in GMD104 in 1802 I believe they must have removed to the Jackson County area in 1799.

There were five Kelley families who appear to be related, listed in Jackson Co. in 1801 in the district on the Apalachee(GMD 239). The head of households were David, William, John, Jesse, and Tyre Kelley. This district was included in Clarke Co. in 1802. John and William were in the district through 1805. The family name is also spelled Calley and Kelly during this time, depending on the preference of the Tax Collector.

John and Hannah Kelley were in Clarke County, Georgia living on the Apalachee River in 1806. Their son Jesse married Sarah Lucy Pierce in Jackson County, Georgia September 22, 1806.
Another son Robert Kelly was married to Martha Magee, September 1, 1806 in Jackson County. Georgia law required the marriage certificate to be issued in the home county of the bride.

In 1809 John and Hannah Kelley and family moved down the Old Federal Road, across the Creek Country, to Washington Co., Mississippi Territory. They settled on the East side of the Tombigbee River near McGrews Fort. This area was incorporated in Clarke Co., Mississippi Territory in 1812 and in the state of Alabama, in 1819.

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