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Notes for Berneda COLVIN

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for MI, Gratiot Co., North Star.  E.D.: 75Enumerated:
30 May 1910. Dwelling/Family:  235/336.  Marvin E. Colvin,head, 63, m2, m2, m
at 22 yrs, NY/NY/NY, invalid.  Isabell, wife, 45,m1, m at 22 yrs, 7 children,
4 living, MI/NY/OH.  Bernard, son, 18,MI/NY/MI, farmer, general farm.  Victor,
son, 13, MI/NY/MI.  Burneda,dau., 7, MI/NY/MI.  Florence Rathburn, niece, 7,
MI/OH/MI.  RoscoeRathburn, nephew, 3, MI/OH/MI.
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Notes for Bernice COLVIN

BURIAL:  Chippenhook Cemetery, West Clarendon, VT.  "Clarendon &Shrewsbury
Cemetery Inscriptions Rutland County Vermont" as preparedby Margaret R. Jenks.  
[age 54, as Burnes Colvin Wood]  (off of base)
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Notes for Bernice E COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for WA, Whitman Co., Colfax.  E.D. 95.Enumerated:  25
Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  470/471.  Sherman Colvin,head, Aug 1867, 32, m10
yrs, KS/NY/England farm laborer.  Emma, wife,Apr 1873, 27, m10 yrs, 5
children, 5 living, MO/PA/IA.  Archie, son,Aug 1892, 7, WA/KS/MO.  Mildred,
dau., Sept 1894, 5, WA/KS/MO.Chester, son, Oct 1895, 4, WA/KS/MO.  Bernice,
dau., Sept 1897, 2,WA/KS/MO.  Clara, dau., Sept 1899, 7/12, WA/KS/MO.

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for WA, Whitman, Colfax Ward 3 E.D. 268.Enumerated: 
22 Apr 1910.  Dwelling/Family: 145/148.  Sherman Colvin,head, 44, m1, m20 yrs,
KS/NY/England carpenter - house.  Emma, wife,37, m1, m20 yrs, 10 children, 9
living, MO/at sea/Iowa.  Charles A.,son, 17, WA/KS/MO, laborer, odd jobs. 
Mildred R., dau., 15, WA/KS/MO.Chester, W., son, 14, WA/KS/MO.  Bernice E.,
dau., 12, WA/KS/MO.Clara E., dau., 10, WA/KS/MO.  Raymond D., son, 8,
WA/KS/MO.  Alice,dau., 5, WA/KS/MO.  Ernest, son, 2, WA/KS/MO.  Ida Murrel,
dau., 5/12,WA/KS/MO.
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Notes for Bernice E COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for IL, Pike Co., Kinderhook, E.D. #118, Sheet12A,
Dwelling #249, Family #251, enumerated 16 Jun 1900:  Colvin,Joseph A, Head, b.
May 1869, 31, m. 7 yrs, IL/CT/CT, Farmer, RentsFarm. Maggie H, Wife, b. Oct
1872, 27, m. 7 yrs, mother of 3 children,3 living, IL/IL/IL.  Lucy I,
Daughter, b. Aug 1893, 6, IL/IL/IL.Bernice E, Daughter, b. Dec 1895, 4,
IL/IL/IL.  Joseph C, Son, b. Sep1897, 2, IL/IL/IL

BURIAL:  Kinderhook Old Cemetery in Kinderhook Township, Pike Co., IL.Bernice
Colvin,  Birth Date: 1895.  Death Date: 1901.  TombstoneInscription: d/o
Joseph A. & Margaret H. Colvin,  Siblings Joseph C. &Carrie G.
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Notes for Bernice Janette COLVIN

OBITUARY:  "The Post-Star"  [Glens Falls, Warren Co., NY]  Thursday,July16,
Ft. Edward Obituary
Mrs. Bernice J. Adams, 30, of 12 Union St; died suddenly at 11:45
a.m.Wednesday in Cortland St. as she was on her way to a store. Dr.Charles
Hauser was called to the scene and pronounced the woman dead.Police Chief
Randall Wilkins, who followed the Fort Edward RescueSquad to Cortland St
assisted in resuscitation efforts and then wentto the Edward Rouse farm where
Mrs. Adam's husband, Oscar, was workingto notify him.
Besides her husband, she is survived by her father, Bernard ColvinSr.; two
daughters, Norma and Annie, and a brother, Bernard ColvinJr., all of Fort
Edward; six sisters, Mrs. Charles Hill, Mrs. KennethLa-Barge and Miss Robin
Colvin of Fort Edward, Mrs. Joseph Terry ofGlens Falls, Mrs. Douglas Henna of
Hudson Falls and Mrs. George Laddof the Philippines.
The funeral will be conducted at the Carleton Funeral Home, 68 MainSt., Hudson
Falls, at 10:30 a.m. Saturday by the Rev. Arthur Clum,rector of St. James'
Episcopal Church.  Interment will be in UnionCemetery.
Friends may call at the funeral home Friday From 2 to 4 and 7 to 9p.m.

Bernice Adams
Birth:  1940
Death:  1970
Buried:  Union Cemetery, Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY
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Notes for Bert COLVIN

Pages from the Bible of the Daniel C. Colvin Family.  (Daniel C.Colvin is my
great grandfather and moved from the Town of Persia,Cattaraugus Co., NY to
Borden, Town of Woodhull in the 1870's where hedied in 1907. Contributed by:
Paul Giometti) (posted by P. Giometti onRootsweb 9/8/03 with permission)  
"Bert Colvin born at Persia Dec the10 1870."
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Notes for Bert COLVIN

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for PA, Erie Co., Washington. Jonathan Colvinis 48
years of age, born in VT as were both parents and listed as a farmer.  His
wife, Mary, is 45 years of age, born in PA.  Childrenlisted are:  Miranda, age
24; Birt, age 14; Dana, age 6.  All wereborn in PA.  Also in the household is
Comfort Hays, father, age 71 andborn in VT.

BURIAL:  Erie Cemetery, Erie Co., PA.  Bert Colvin, Row 54.  4/02/1866-
11/04/1910.  Erie Cemetery Association.  Mar
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Notes for Bert B COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for NY, Cattaraugus Co., Otto.  E.D. 63.Enumerated: 21
Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  216/216.    Bert B.Colvin, head, Jun 1873, 27, m5
yrs, NY/NY/NY, farmer.  Lutie E., wife,Jun 1875, 24, m5 yrs, 2 children, 2
living, NY/NY/NY.  Edna J., dau.,Aug 1895, 4, NY/NY/NY.  Lillian M., dau., Oct
1897, 2, NY/NY/NY.Mark, father, Nov 1841, 58, m34 yrs, NY/VT/VT, farmer.

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for NY, Erie Co., Concord.   E.D. 264Enumerated: 25
Apr 1910.  Dwelling/Family:  106/113.  Bert B. Colvin,head, 37, m1, m15 yrs,
NY/NY/NY, farmer, dairy farm.  Lutie C., wife,34, m1, m15 yrs, 2 children, 2
living, NY/NY/NY.  Edna J., dau, 14,NY/NY/NY.  Lillian M., dau, 12, NY/NY/NY.
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Notes for Bert L COLVIN

CENSUS:  1920 US Census for NY, Oswego Co., Orwell.  E.D. 161.Enumerated:  Jan
1920.  Dwelling/Family:  195/199.  Henry W. Colvinmhead, 49, NY/NY/NY, dairy
farmer.  Mary E., wife, 44, NY/NY/NY.Raymond, son, 21, NY/NY/NY, laborer on
home farm.  Frank, son, 12,NY/NY/NY.  Bert, son, 10, NYU/NY/NY.  Dorothy, dau,
7, NY/NY/NY.Dayton Woodruff, boarder, 63, NY/NY/NY.

OBITUARY:  “Pulaski Democrat” [Pulaski, New York]  22 Nov 1951
Bert L. Colvin Killed In Collision
Bert L. Colvin, 44, East Syracuse, well known railroad man and nativeof
Orwell, was killed in a two-car collision one mile north ofBrewerton on Rt. 11
Monday morning at 6:20 a. m. The car in which hewas riding with his brother,
Raymond B. Colvin, also of East Syracuse,was in collision with a car driven by
Mrs. Mabel Ellison of CentralSquare. The Colvin brothers were headed north on
a hunting trip whenthe accident occurred.
Icy roads in heavy traffic was largely responsible for the collisionaccording
to the report of Trooper Frank P. Lurcock of the Pulaskisubstation who
investigated the accident.
Colvin was attempting to avoid heavy traffic when his car slipped offthe
shoulder and came back into the lane of traffic, striking theEllison car which
was going south. Both men were thrown to thepavement, it was reported, and
Bert Colvin was pronounced dead by Dr.Marvin Brown of Cleveland who was
summoned. Assistant DistrictAttorney Richard Donovan said death was
Mrs. Ellison, who was driving to Syracuse where she is employedsuffered a
fracture of the knee and. possible fracture of the skull.She was attended . by
Dr. E. G. Murphy of Central Square and removedto St. Joseph's hospital in
Syracuse where her condition was reportedfavorable yesterday.
Raymond Colvin escaped with only minor bruises and cuts.
Bert L. Colvin was born in the Hogsback district in the Town ofOrwell, Aug.
25, 1907, son of Mrs. Mary Colvin Olin and the lateWarren Colvin. He was
educated at Altmar and has been employed astrainman and conductor by the N. Y.
C. for many years. He was a memberof the Order of Railway Trainmen, and also
of Pulaski I.O.O.F. andRising Sun Rebekah Lodge, Pulaski.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Ruth O'Brien Colvin; his mother; a son,Donald
Colvin of Adams; a daughter, Mrs. George Cole, of Parish; threebrothers, Frank
E., Lee F. and Raymond B. Colvin, all of EastSyracuse; a sister, Mrs. Kenneth
Cronk, Altmar; three grandchildrenand several nieces and nephews.
Funeral services will be held today (Wednesday) at the home at 1 p.
m.Interment will be made in Evergreen cemetery, Orwell.
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Notes for Bertha COLVIN

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Providence Co., Cranston,  Enumerated:8 Jun
1870.  Dwelling/Family:  131/152.  Harley R. Colvin, 43, housepainter, RI. 
Harriet, 27, keeping house, RI.  Lillis, 77, at home,RI.  Bertha, 1, RI.

Bertha Colvin
Birth:  1868
Death:  17 May 1878
Buried:  Josiah Colvin Cemetery, Scituate, Providence Co., RI
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Notes for Bertha COLVIN

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for MI, Kent Co., Caledonia.  District 132. pg9. 
Enumerated 9 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  95/95.  Samuel L.Colvin, 35, farmer,
OH/NY/OH.  Eliza L. Colvin, wife, 25, keepinghouse, NY/NY/NY.  Elnora A.
Colvin, dau, 13, at school, MI/OH/NY.George W. Colvin, son, 10, at school,
MI/OH/NY.  Bertha M. Colvin,dau., 4, MI/OH/NY.
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Notes for Bertha COLVIN

SOURCE:  Genealogy of the Potter Family Originating in Rhode IslandRev.
Jeremiah Potter, Phenix, R.I., John H. Campbell, Book and JobPJob Printer881.
p. 53
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Notes for Bertha Amanda COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Coventry.  E.D. 192.Enumerated:  16
Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family: 399/458.  Lewis B. Colvin,head,  Oct 1857, 42, m6
yrs, RI/RI/RI, farmer.  Lillie L., wife, May1876, 24, m6 yrs,  1 child, 1
living, RI/RI/RI.  Henry B., son, Feb1899, 1, RI/RI/RI.  Bertha A., dau, Oct
1883, 16, RI/RI/RI, Winder,woolen mill.  Lena M., dau, Oct 1884, 15, RI/RI/RI. 
Charles B., son,May, 1889, 11, RI/RI/RI.

DEATH:  LDS FamilySearch extraction - No microfilm image
Rhode Island Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
Name: Bertha Amanda Cole
Death Date: 13 Nov 1932
Death Place: West Warwick, Rhode Island
Age: 48; Est. Birth Date: 1884
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Albert Ernest Cole
Father's Name: Louis B. Colvin
Mother's Name: Lillian Andrews
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B03107-2
System Origin: Rhode Island-EASy
Source Film Number: 1941476
Reference Number: 32-144

BURIAL:  The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription ProjectIndex:
COLE, ALBERT E: 1886 - 1938
BERTHA A  (COLVIN): 1884 - 1932 igenweb/cemetery/cemetery084.html
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Notes for Bertha E COLVIN

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for MO, Caldwell Co., Kingston.  Enumerated:16 Jul
1870.  Dwelling/Family:  146/146
Welcome Collins[sic] 44, farmer, RI
Angeline, 42, keeping house, OH
Emily, 18, without, RI
Ellen, 13, at home, IA
Ida, 11, IA
William 8, at home, IA
Bertha, 2, MO

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for MO, Caldwell Co., Kingston Twp.  E.D.
185.Enumerated:  3 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  39/41
Welcome Colvin, 51, farming, RI/RI/RI.
Angeline, 50, wife, keeping house, OH/RI/RI.
W.H., son, 17, farming, IA/RI/OH.
B.E., 11, dau, MO/RI/OH.
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Notes for Bertha E COLVIN

BIRTH:  FamilySearch Extracted IGI Transcription - Microfilm Image
Vermont, Vital Records, 1760-1954
name:	Bertha Colvin
event:	Birth
event date:	18 Apr 1875
event place:	Vermont, United States
gender:	Female
father:	Henri J. Colvin
mother:	Hattie M. Maxham
film number:	540076
digital folder number:	4357179
image number:	537

BIRTH:  Wallingford Index, letter "C", 1872-1877, Part 6 [posted , 19 Feb 2003]:Bertha
Colvin born 4-18-1875

CENSUS:  1930 for VT, Rutland Co., Danby.  FH:  1255347; NA# T9-1347;Page
110A.  Job Colvin is 40 years of age, born in VT as were both parents.  He is
a laborer.  His wife, Hattie, is 35 years of age and was born in VT as well. 
Children listed are Elnora, age 7; and Bertha, age 5 - both were born in VT.

DEATH:  "The Malone Farmer" [Malone, Franklin Co., NY], Wednesday, 20Sep 1933
Brushton personals:A message was received here last Monday by relatives of
the death of Mrs. Bertha Colvin Tinkham, aged 58, wife ofArthur Tinkham, who
passed away Sunday evening, Sept. 10th, at her home in Manchester, N. H.,
after a short illness of pneumonia. She leaves surviving her husband and one
son, Robert of Manchester, three sisters, Mrs. Fred Larkin, Mrs. Sidney D.
Whitney and Miss Ella Colvin of Brushton. Funeral services were held in
Manchester and burialThursday P. M. in Wallingford, Vt., in the Colvin family
plot. Mrs.Larkin, Mrs. Whitney and Mrs. Colvin motored to Wallingford for the
burial services and remained over night with friends. The profusion of flowers
from friends in Manchester was a silent tribute of the love and respect in
which she was held in her city home. The sympathy of their many friends in
town are extended to the bereaved sisters,husband and son.

BURIAL:  Scottsville Cemetery, Danby Twp, Rutland Twp, Rutland Co.,VT. These
records were abstracted by Dawn D. Hance from cemetery books as compiled by
Margaret R. Jenks.  Bertha Colvin Tinkham, w/o Arthur E., 1875 - 1933

Bertha Colvin Tinkham
Birth:  1875
Death:  Sep 10, 1933
Buried:  Scottsville Cemetery, Danby, Rutland Co., VT
Tombstone photo on memorial.
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Notes for Bertha Eliza COLVIN

Main Source:  Carol Page Tilson who researched and provided theinformation.
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Notes for Bertha L COLVIN

Married 9/19/1894 to Alfred Lister

BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave.comBertha L. Colvin ListerBIRTH:   1871DEATH:1949
BURIED:  Hickory Grove Cemetery, Waverly, Lackawanna Co., PA
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Notes for Bessie COLVIN

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for NE, Webster Co., Guide Rock Village, E.D.#198,
Sheet 8A [stamped 152A], Dwelling & Family #32, enumerated 2 May1910:  Colvin,
Isiac B, Head, 52, m1 33 yrs, b. Illinois, f/b RhodeIsland, m/b Rhode Island,
Real Estate, Own Office, Owns MortgagedHouse.  Jennie, Wife, 46, m1 33 yrs,
mother of 8 children, 5 living,b. Illinois, f/b Can-Irish, m/b Ohio.  Boxter,
Son, 21, b. Nebraska,f/b Illinois, m/b Illinois, Laborer, Farm Hand.  Henry,
Son, 17, b.Nebraska, f/b Illinois, m/b Illinois. Bessie, Daughter, 7,
b.Nebraska, f/b Illinois, m/b Illinois, Attended School
CENSUS:  1920 US Census for MO, Jackson Co., Washington Township, E.D.#283,
Sheet 6B, Dwelling & Family #138, 2016 E. 80th Street,enumerated 10-12 Jan
1920: Colvin, Isaac C, Head, Owns [Free], 62, b.Illinois, f/b Rhode Island,
m/b Rhode Island, Fireman [sic],Greenhouse.   Jennie, Wife, 56, b. Illinois,
f/b Canada, m/b Ohio.Bessie, Daughter, 16, b. Attended School, Nebraska, f/b
Illinois, m/bIllinois.

CENSUS:  1930 US Census for MO, Jackson Co., Marlborough[unincorporated],
Washington Township, E.D. #281, Sheet 28A [stamped168A], Dwelling, enumerated
2 May 1930: Colvin, John [sic], Head, 72,1st m. at 20, b. Illinois, f/b Rhode
Island, m/b Rhode Island. Jennie,Wife, 66, 1st m. at 14, b. Illinois, f/b
Canada-English, m/b Ohio.Henry, Son, 37, b. Nebraska, f/b Illinois, m/b
Illinois, Florist,Greenhouse, Not a WWI Vet. Ogara, Bessie, Daughter, 27, Div,
b.Nebraska, f/b Illinois, m/b Illinois. Henry, Grandson, 2 1/12, b.Missouri,
f/b United States, m/b Nebraska

Bessie E. Colvin Dohrer
Birth:  7 Mar 1903, Guide Rock, Webster Co., NE
Death:  9 Nov 1959, Arbela, Scotland Co., MO
Burial: Bee Ridge Cemetery, Edina, Knox Co., MO
Tombstone photo on page
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Notes for Bessie COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for New York, Essex Co., Chesterfield.District 34.
Enumerated 6 Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  55/56.Frances J. Colvin, head, Aug
1850, 49, m25 years, NY/VT/VT, farmer.Ella O. Colvin, wife, Mar 1857, 49, m25
years, 5 children, 5surviving, NY/NY/NY.  Stella M. Peterson, dau., Aug 1878,
21, m3, 1child, 1 surviving, NY/NY/NY.  Albert E. Colvin, son, Nov 1883,
16,NY/NY/NY.  Bessie Colvin, dau., Aug 1889, 10, NY/NY/NY.  Orribella
(?)Peterson, grand-dau., May 1898, 2, NY/at Sea/NY.

OBITUARY:  "Evening Recorder"  [Amsterdam, New York]  Tuesday,December 1, 1961
Mrs. Hollis R. Bragg
Mrs. Bessie (Colvin) Bragg, widow of Hollis R. Bragg, died at theMasonic Home,
Utica, Sunday evening.
Mrs. Bragg was born in Keesville and was the daughter of Francis andElla
Colvin. She was a member of Cranesville Reformed Church, pastmatron of Art-Wei
chapter , 208, Order of the Eastern Star, and pastroyal matron of Amaranth,
St. Monica Court. 61, and a past districtdeputy of Amaranth.
Her husband died Feb. 27, 1961. Survivors include one sister, Mrs.Bertha E.
Raine, Scotia, a brother, Albert E. Colvin. Schenectady, oneniece, two
nephews, several grandnieces and grandnephews. The remainswill be brought to
the Wilson funeral home, where the funeral will beheld Thursday at 2 p.m.
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Notes for Bessie B COLVIN

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for PA, Washington Co., Fallowfield.  E.D.248.
Enumerated:  10 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  94/98.  Rossell J.Colvin, 28,
farmer, PA/PA/PA.  Blanche, 24, wife, keeping house,PA/PA/PA.  Mary M., 3,
dau., PA/PA/PA.  Bessie, 9/12, (Feb)., dau.,PA/PA/PA.  Mary Colvin, 45,
step-mother, at home, PA/PA/PA.  John B.,14, dau [sic], at home, PA/PA/PA. 
Dora R., 13, dau., at home,PA/PA/PA.  Josephine, 11, dau., at home, PA/PA/PA. 
Vincent, 8, son,PA/PA/PA.  James Boyd, 28, servant, farm laborer, PA/PA/PA.

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for PA, Washington Co., 1-WD Monongahela.Series: T623
Roll: 1494 Page: 2.  Enumerated:  1 Jun 1900.Dwelling/Family:  31/44.  Russell
Jay Colvin, head, Nov 1852, 47, m24yrs, PA/PA/PA, carpenter.  Blanch C., wife,
Jun 1856, 43, m24 yrs, 2children, 2 living, PA/PA/PA.  Mossella, dau., Sept
1876, 23, S.,PA/PA/PA, school teacher.  Bessie B., dau., Feb 1880, 20
yrs,PA/PA/PA, bookkeeper.
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Notes for Bessie D COLVIN

MAIN SOURCE:  Marilyn Solari, via email February 2009

SOURCE:  Portrait and biographical album of Lenawee county, Mich.,containing
full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominentand representative
citizens of the county, together with portraits andbiographies of all the
governors of Michigan and of the presidents ofthe United States.  Chapman
Brothers.  Chicago:  Chapman brothers,1888.   Copy on file.
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Notes for Bessie Laura COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for NY, Washington Co., Hartford.  District:132. 
Enumerated: 26 Jun.  Dwelling/Family: 185/186.  Amby Colvin,head, Mar 1866,
34, m11 yrs, NY/NY/NY, farmer.  Jennie, wife, Nov1869, 30, m11 yrs, 3
children, 2 living, IL/NY/NY.  Bessie, dau., Sept1891, 8, NY/NY/IL, at school. 
Genvieve, dau., Jun 1894, 6, NY/NY/IL,at school.  Loomis, Enos, servant, Jul
1875, 24, S, NY/NY/NY, farmhand.

CENSUS:  1920 US Census for NY, Washington Co., Granville.  E.D.:
212.Enumerated:  10 Jan 1920.  Dwelling/Family:  183/198.  Bessie C.Guthrie,
boarder, 28, m, NY/NY/IL, glove maker.

NEWS ARTICLE:  "The Post-Star", Glens Falls, NY]  Wednesday, July 1,1942
Estate of Jennie Colvin, Granville will admitted to probate;
letterstestamentary issued to Bessie Colvin Guthrie.

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index:  Bessie Guthrie.  Born: 15 Sep1891. 
Died: Jan 1963.  Last Residence: New York.  Card issued NewYork [1951]

The Troy Record" [Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY], 25 Apr 1963:Estate ofBessie
Colvin Guthrie, Granville; last will admitted to probate;letters testamentary
issued to Madeline Colvin.
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Notes for Bessie M COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for PA, Tioga Co., Westfield.  District: 159Enumerated:
9 Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  251/262.  George W. Colvin,head, Jun 1860, 39,
m 17 yrs, NY/NY/NY, bartender.  Nettie E., wife,Feb 1863, 37, m17 yrs, 3
children, 3 surviving, PA/PA/PA.  Jennie M.,dau., Feb 1885, 15, PA/NY/PA. 
Roxie, dau., Jun 1897[sic], 12PA/NY/PA.  Bessie M., dau., May 1889, PA/NY/PA. 
Giles W. Hurlbert,boarder, Jun 1849, 50, S, PA/NY/PA, bartender.

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for NY, Erie Co., Buffalo Ward 11, District99.
Enumerated: 19 Apr.  Dwelling/Family: 54/90.  George W. Colvin,head, 49, m1,
m26 yrs, NY/NY/NY, laborer, automobile.  Nettie, wife,47, m1, m26 yrs, 3
children, 3 surviving, PA/UN/NY,  retail merchant,confection.  Bessie, dau.,
20, PA/NY/PA, Clerk, confection.
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Notes for Bessie R COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for NY, Oswego Co., Sandy Creek.  E.D. 144.Enumerated:
9 Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family: 203/264.  Charles Colvin,head, Jun 1867, 32, m11
yrs, NY/NY/NY, farmer.  Emma, wife, Feb 1872,28, m11 yrs, 6 children, 6
living, NY/NY/Canada.  Pansy A., dau., Sept1889, 10, NY/NY/NY.  Ismay E.,
dau., May 1892, 8, NY/NY/NY.  Laura M.,dau, March 1894, 6, NY/NY/NY.  Bessie,
dau., March 1896, 4, NY/NY/NY.Eva, dau., Apr, 1898, 2, NY/NY/NY.  Fayette A.,
son, May 1899, 1,NY/NY/NY.  James D., partner, Jun 1872, 27, m6 yrs, NY/NY/NY. 
Eva M.,Sis-in-law, March 1875, 25, m6 yrs, no children, NY/NY/NY.  SarahEddy,
M-in-law, Sept 1835, 64, Wd., 9 children, 4 living,Canada/Canada/Canada. 
Milton Stewart, helper, Oct 1876, 23, NY/NY/NY.

CENSUS: 1910 US Census for NY, Oneida Co., Marshall. E.D. 66.Enumerated: 29-30
Apr 1910. Dwelling/Family: 150/163. Charles F.Colvin, head, 44, m1, m19 yrs,
NY/NY/NY, farmer, stock farm. Emma M.,wife, 38, m1, m19 yrs, 10 children, 10
living, NY/NY/NY. Pansey A.,dau., 18, NY/NY/NY, school of commerce? Emma E.,
dau., 16, NY/NY/NY.Laura, dau., 15, NY/NY/NY. Bessey R., dau., 13, NY/NY/NY.
Eave B.,dau., 11, NY/NY/NY. Fayette D., son, 9, NY/NY/NY. Effie M., dau.,
7,NY/NY/NY. Julian E., dau., 5, NY/NY/NY. Richard H., son, 3, NY/NY/NY.Emma
W., dau., 10/12, NY/NY/NY.

Bessie Colvin Block
Birth:  1896
Death:  1981
Burial:  Glenwood Cemetery, Oneida, Madison Co., NY
Tombstone photo on page.
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Notes for Betsey COLVIN

BURIAL:  Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project.BENNETT
BETSEY 1817c - 2 SEP 1857 WK016-Joseph Bennett Lot, Warwich,RI.
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Notes for Betsey COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for NY, Cattaraugus Co., Otto.  Enumerated:  7Aug 1850. 
Dwelling/Family:  145/146
Rosoloo M. Colvin, 29, $210 real estate value, b. VT
Almira, 26, NY
Betsey, 5, NY

CENSUS:  1855 State Census for NY, Cattaraugus Co., Perrysburg.  E.D.Southern. 
Enumerated:  16 Jun 1855.
Dwelling/Family:  200/67
Rosolvo Colvin, 32, b. VT.  Occupation:  Farmer.
Elmina Colvin, 30, Wife, b. Erie.
Betsy Colvin, 9, child, b. Cattaraugus
Barton Colvin, 3, child, Cattaraugus.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for Cattaraugus Co., East Otto, NY.Enumerated: 9 Jul
1860.  Dwelling/Family:  313/317.
R M Colvin, 40, Farmer, $1740 real estate, $380 pers estate   EminaF, 36,
Domestic, New York   Betsy L, 14, New York, Attended SchoolBarton S, 8, New

Betsy L. Bates
Birth:  1846
Death:  1925
Buried:  Pine Grove Cemetery, Comstock Park, Kent Co., MI
Tombstone photo on memorial.
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Notes for Betsey Ann COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Saint Lawrence Co., Norfolk.  p. 24.Enumerated: 
6 Jul 1860.  Dwelling/Family:  185/--.  Hyrum Colvin, 52,farmer, $2000 real
estate value, $400 pers value, NY.  Jane A., 50,NY.  Johnathan, 25, farmer,
NY.  Betsy A., 18, NY.  Mary, 16, NY.Martha, 13, NY.  Etheldee, 5, NY.

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for NY, Saint Lawrence Co., Norwood Village,Potsdam
Town, E.D. 134, Sheet 15A, Dwelling/Family: 345/355,enumerated 16 Jun 1900: 
Lyttle, Betcy, Head, b. Dec 1842, 59, Wd,mother of 3 children, 1 living,
NY/NY/VT, Owns House Free.  Carrie M,Daughter, b. Aug 1881, 18, NY/NY/NY,
Sales Lady
CENSUS:  1910 US Census for NY, Saint Lawrence Co., Norwood Village,Potsdam
Town,  E.D. 171, Sheet 7B, Dwelling/Family: 97/99, enumerated11 Apr 1910: 
Lytle, Mrs Betsey, Head, 68, Wd, mother of 1 child, 1living, NY/NY/VT, Own
Income, Owns House Free.  Bowhall, Carrie,Daughter, 28, m1 8 yrs, mother of 0
children, NY/NY/NY.  William E,Son in law, 31, m1 8 yrs, NY/NY/NY, Brakeman,

OBITUARY:  "The Courier and Freeman" [Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co.,
NY],Wednesday, 31 Jan 1917, p. 6:
Mrs. Hiram Lytle.
Mrs. Hiram Lytle died at her home on Morgan street Thursday morningJan. 25 of
heart failure. she leaves one daughter Mrs. Carrie Bowhall,besides many
friends to mourn her loss. Her funeral took placeSaturday afternoon at 2, Rev.
A. F. Pennock officiating. Her body wasplaced in the vault at Riverside
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Notes for Betsey Jane COLVIN

CENSUS: 1840 US Census for NY, Monroe Co., Town of Brighton, p. 47:Hiram D.
Colvin [6 in household].  1 male 10-15 [b. 1825-1830] =Henry.  1 male 20-30
[b. 1810-1820] = ?  1 male 40-50 [b. 1790-1800] =Hiram.  1 female 5-10 [b.
1830-1835] = Betsy.  1 female 20-30 [b.1810-1820] = Editha.  1 female 30-40
[b. 1800-1810] = Zorada.  Note:Hiram's brother, Merrill Colvin, listed next

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for NY, Monroe Co., 4th Ward, City ofRochester, p.
139A, Dwelling #51, Family #58, enumerated 22 July 1850:H. D. Colvin, 55, no
occupation, $1400 real estate value, Vt.  ZoradaJ, 43, NY.  Betsy J, 15, NY,
Attended School.  William N, 5, NY,Attended School
"The Monthly Journal of the American Unitarian Association" [AmericanUnitarian
Association at Walker, Wise, & Co.'s, Boston, 1861], Vol.II, p.p. 174-176:
Died in Hingham, Feb. 9, Mrs. J. C., wife of Rev. Daniel Bowen
Only a little more than thirteen months have elapsed since our belovedfriend
Mrs. Bowen was introduced as the bride of our new pastor. Itwas on the evening
of his ordination-day. All the parish assembled towelcome them both. Mrs.
Bowen was a stranger; but such was thesweetness of her manners, and fitness of
her deportment, towards all,that all went from her presence sure they had
found in her a friend.The old man of fourscore and the little child of four
years rejoicedthat they had seen her. It was the power of self-forgetfulness,
thelegitimate result of a heart tenderly awake to the welfare of all towhom
her influence might extend, that made her the blessing she was tothe whole
parish. The sick and neglected knew they had in her asympathizing friend. The
children of the parish cherish her memorywith affection; for, in this "little
year,' she had fixed her thronein their hearts. To her Sunday-school class she
went with the samedevotedness which she carried into every duty; and those
little oneswho gathered around her will not soon forget the accents of
lovingwisdom which fell from her lips. On how many world-worn spirits herwords
of affectionate interest fell as dew up on the parched ground,softening their
hearts! "How strange it is," said one of these, "thatMrs. Bowen cares so much
for me! She always says some pleasant thingthat makes me feel happy whenever I
see her; and she seems to do itbecause she cares for me, and cannot help doing
it." This was thesecret of that power which her every word possessed. She gave
herself;never forgetting, "the gift without the giver is bare." It was
thisatmosphere of love diffused over her whole life that caused herdeparture
from earth to put, not the parish only, but the wholecommunity in mourning. We
feel that a sacred presence is withdrawn,that we are poorer, now that she is
gone. With her undimmed spiritualvision was combined a deeper intellectual
culture than is often found.Her discrimination of character, her discernment
of ethicaldistinctions, was delicate. Her love of nature was a
pervadinginfluence. There was nothing in her manners that we wished to
alter.Other persons have excellences at the expense of defects; but
hercharacter was symmetrical. Now that she is gone, our tender love hasbecome
a kind of worship. It will be long before the memory of that"tenement of
clay," still beautiful with the impress of the departedspirit, will fade from
our hearts. We have spoken of her only inrelation to the parish and the
community at large. If our sorrow is soprofound, what must be the anguish in
that sanctuary which was herhome? May our stricken friend realize, in his sad
loneliness, that thepurity which loved him on earth still continues to love
him in thathigher sphere to which she has gone!

BURIAL:  BOWEN Jeannie C., wife of Daniel and dau. of H. D. & Z. J.COLVIN; d
Feb 9, 1861 æ 26y.  Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, MonroeCo., NY.  
Tombstone Inscriptions from Section S of Mt. Hope Cemetery,Rochester, New
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Notes for Betsey Malvina COLVIN

SOURCE:  Descendants report graciously sent by Jack Schoendinger viaemail April

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for OH, Geauga Co., Newbury.  Page #:
21;Dwelling/Family:  186/172.  Alfred Colvin, 58, farm laboer, personalvalue
260, VT.  Betsey Colvin, 52, VT.  Betsy M. Colvin, 21, personalvalue 30, b.
PA.  Philema Colvin, 18, b. PA, attended school.  SallyW. Colvin, 15, b. PA,
attended school.

CENSUS:  1920 US Census for OH, Geauga Co., Chardon.  E.D. #63, Sheet2B,
Melvina Chapman, 81, Wd, b. PA, f/b VT, m/b VT, enumerated withthe family of
Ray Chapman, 46. She's listed as his mother although hereported that Ohio was
his mother's birth location.
DEATH:  Ohio Historical Society, Ohio Death Certificate
Index.   Chapman Elvyina County Name:Geauga
Date of Death: 7/13/1923 Volume Number: 4216 CertificateNumber: 43749 (Is this
OUR Betsy Chapman??  Date is correct, county iscorrect, but Elvyina??)

BURIAL:  Chapman, Melvina, His Wife, Maple Hill, I-3-0, 1838-(13 Jul)1923, 85y
11d, nee Colvin, hw Wm W, W. W. Chapman [lot owner],
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Notes for Betsey Sheldon COLVIN

SOURCE:  "History Of Washington & Kent Counties" By J. R. Cole C. 1889page 1285
William COLVIN, a farmer on Warwick Plains, was born in 1821 inCranston, where
his father, George COLVIN, was a farmer. Untilthirty-seven years of age
William COLVIN worked as a farm hand, whenhe bought the farm where he now
resides. His first wife NancyTILLINGHAST, died, leaving two sons, Thomas W.
and Loren D. COLVIN.His present wife was Maragret S. HUGHES. They have one
daughter, BetsyS., now Mrs. Thomas LEONARD, who has one son, Irving LEONARD.

DEATH:  LDS FamilySearch Extracted Records.
Name: Betsey Sheldon Leonard
Gender: Female
Death Date: 22 Jan 1926
Death Place: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Age: 70
Birth Date: 1856
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Thomas H. Leonard
Father's Name: William Colvin
Mother's Name: Margaret Hughs
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B03097-5
System Origin: Rhode Island-EASy
Source Film Number: 1940530
Reference Number: 261
Collection: Rhode Island Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
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Notes for Betsey Sheldon COLVIN

SOURCE:  "Colvins in America" by Porter Matteson.  Columbus, Ohio.Copy on file.

BIRTH:   Film or fiche number:  17046; Film/fiche search results:Endowments
for the dead, 1888-1970; name indexes, 1888-1906; heirindexes, 1906-1959,
1970-1972; baptisms for the dead, 1943-1970Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. Manti Temple.Information located at 
August 2002.
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Notes for Bettie COLVIN

BURIAL:   Plank Cemetery, Sylvester, Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co, PA.
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Notes for Betty COLVIN

BIRTH/DEATH:  CT State Library.  Hartford, CT.  Vol 25.  929.1 C76B.Bible of
William Colvin, pub Oct 1, 1957.  pages 164 - 166.  Last inthe possession of:
Mrs. Franklin J. Beach, 39 East Main Street,Williamson, NY  Betty Colvin. 
Born Jan 22, 1793.  Died Jun 25, 1794
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Notes for Betty Ann COLVIN

BURIAL:  East Benton Cemetery, Dalton, Lackawanna Co., PA.   Betsy A.Jordan
Franklin, 54 years of age, d.
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Notes for Betty J COLVIN

DEATH:  Ohio Death Index, 1958-2002, Ohio Department of Health, StateVital
Statistics Unit, Columbus, OH [ transcription],Certificate
DEATH:  Social Security Death Index [ transcription].Betty J.
Foos.  Born: 20 Dec 1921 Died: 22 Jan 2000 State (Year) SSNissued: Ohio
(Before 1951)

OBITUARY:  Ohio Obituary Index, Rutherford B. Hayes PresidentialCenter online
Name: FOOS First Name: BETTY Middle Name: J Spouse Last Name: FOOSSpouse First
Name: HAROLD E Age at Time of Death: 78 City of Death:GREEN SPRINGS State of
Death: OH Month of Marriage: 6 Day of Marriage:22 Year of Marriage: 1956
Parent's First Name(s): CLARENCE E & ILAHMonth of Death: 1 Day of Death: 22
Year of Death: 2000.  Other names:Betty Colvin.  Source: Sandusky Register,
Jan 23 2000, p. 6, Sec. A.
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Notes for Betty J COLVIN

CENSUS:  1930 US Census for OH, Sandusky Co., 2nd Ward, Bellevue City,Bellevue
Township, E.D. #31, Sheets 14B-15A, Dwelling #392, Family#404, 120 Hamilton
St, enumerated 11 Apr 1930:  Colvin, Ralph A, Head,Rents [#20/mo], 31, 1st m.
at 20, OH/OH/MI, Clerk Caller, Steam RailRoad, Not a WWI Vet.  Thelma M, Wife,
29, 1st m. at 19, IN/OH/IN.Betty J, Daughter, 10, Attended School, OH/OH/IN.
Robert L, Son, 8,Attended School, OH/OH/IN.
Somewhere along the line, Bellevue ended up in Huron County [which iswhat the
RootsWeb city/county locater now says].

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index
Name:	Betty Bushman
Last Residence:	60090  Wheeling, Cook, Illinois
Born:	24 Mar 1920
Died:	19 Jan 2010
State (Year) SSN issued:	Ohio (Before 1951)

BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave.comBetty J. Colvin BushmanBIRTH:   1920DEATH:2010
BURIED:  Milan Cemetery, Milan, Erie Co., OHTombstone photo onmemorial.
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Notes for Beverly June COLVIN

MAIN SOURCE:  Paul Giometti, thru Colvin Board Sept 2008.

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index:  Beverly Witter  Birth:  27 Jun1930. 
Death: 30 Nov 1999.  Residence of record:   Osceola, Tioga Co.,PA  Card
issued:  PA
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Notes for Bion Julius COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for MI, Eaton Co., Oneida.  Enumerated 27 Jul1860, Pg
142.  Dwelling/Family:  1165/1164.  Pardy F. Calvin, 37, PMDBritanica, 1200
real estate value, 200 personal value, MI.  Mary E.Calvin, 34, MI.  Cannencata
Calvin (f), 19, OH.  Lucetta Calvin, 15,OH.  Nelson Calvin, 3, MI.  Byron
Calvin, 2/12, MI.  William Parker,13, OH.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for MI, Eaton Co., Oneida.  Pg. 13, Enumerated6 Jul
1870.  Dwelling/Family:  108/107.  Mary E. Colvin, 43, keepinghouse, 1200/400
real estate/personal value, NY.  Nelson Colvin, 13, atschool, MI.  Byron
Colvin, 9, MI.  Ada Colvin, 7, MI.

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for MI, Kent Co., 11th Ward, Grand Rapids,Grand Rapids
Township, E.D. #85, Sheet 13B, stamped 297B,Dwelling/Family: 313/340, 812
Garden Street, enumerated 15 Jun 1900:Colvin, B J, Head, b. Mar 1860, 40, m.
16 yrs, MI/NY/NY, Clerk, RentsHouse.  Harriette, Wife, b. Feb 1865, 35, m. 16
yrs, mother of 4 children, 2 living,  Canada Eng/England/England.  Aura,
Daughter, b.Jun 1895, 4, MI/MI/Canada Eng.   Mary, Boarder, b. Jul 1826, 73,
Wd,mother of 7 children, 4 living, NY/NY/ME.  Andrey, Son, b. Jan 1886,14,
MI/MI/Canada Eng, At School.

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for AZ, Maricopa Co., Phoenix, Precinct No. 1,E.D.
#56, Sheet 1A, Dwelling & Family #49, enumerated abt 13 May 1910:Colvin, Bion
J, Head, 50, m1 26 yrs, MI/NY/NY, Rancher, Homestead,Owns Farm Free.  Ida W,
Wife, 45, m1 26 yrs, mother of 1 child, 4living [sic], Canada English/
England/Canada English, Nurse, U.S.Indian School.  Aura F, Daughter, 15,
MI/MI/Canada Eng.
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Notes for Blaine Grant COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for IA, Black Hawk, Waterloo.  District 22.Enumerated 7
Jul 1900. Dwelling/Family:  185/211.  Hiram Colvin, head,Aug 1852, 47, M, 18
years, PA/VT/NY, Stone mason.  Lillie Colvin,wife, Jul 1859, 40 years, m 18
years, had 7 children, 6 surviving,IA/England/England.  James B. Colvin, son,
Sept 1884, 15, IA/PA/IA.Charles T. Colvin, son, Mar 1886, 14, IA/PA/IA.  Hiram
Colvin, son,Nov 1888, 11, IA/PA/IA.  Lucy L. Colvin, dau., Aug 1891, 4,
IA/PA/IA.Blaine K. Colvin, son, Jul 1895, 4, IA/PA/IA.

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for Ia, Black Hawk, Waterloo Ward 2, District18. 
Enumerated:  15 April 1910.  Dwelling/Family:  30/33.  Hiram B.Colvin, head,
55, m1, m28 years, PA/NY/NY, farmer truck farm.  Milly,wife, 50, m2, m28, 7
children, 6 survived, IA/Eng/Eng.  Luciale, dau.,18, IA/PA/IA.  Blaine, son,
14, IA/PA/IA.

MILITARY:  WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918.  Blain GrantColvin
registered in IA, Waterloo City.  He gave his birth date as 29Jul 1895 and
indicated he was born in Waterloo, IA.  He is a silobuilder for C.H. Colvin in
Waterloo, IA.  He is married, tall with amedium build and has gray eyes and
light hair.  He is deaf in one ear.Signed Blain G. Colvin.

DEATH:  CA Death Index at Vitalsearch.  Colvin Blaine Grant; DOB: 189507 29;
Mother's maiden name: Towner; Male; Born in: IA; Died in: LosAngeles Co. on
1983 09 22 at age. 88
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Notes for Blanchard E COLVIN

CENSUS:  1920 US Census for WI, Saulk Co., Woodland.  E.D.: 112.Enumerated: 28
Jan 1920.  Dwelling/Family:  190/201.  Oscar Colvin,head, 33, WI/OH/WI,
farmer.  Eva E., wife, 28, WI/OH/NY.  Maynard L.,son, 2 5/12, WI/WI/WI. 
Blanchard E., son 6/12, WI/WI/WI.  Mary,mother, 762, Wd, OH/NYNY.

CENSUS:  1930 US Census for WI, Sauk Co., Winfield.  E.D. 40.Enumerated: Apr
1930. Dwelling/Family: 24/24.  Ocar Colvin, head, 44,m at 30, WI/OH/NY,
farmer, general farm.  Iva, wife, 39, m at 25,WI/OH/NY.  Maynard, son, 12,
WI/WI/WI.  Blanchard, son, 10, WI/WI/WI.Wayne, son, 8, WI/WI/WI.  Bud, son, 6,
WI/WI/WI.  Coral, dau., 210/12, WI/WI/WI.  Mary, mother, 83, Wd., NY/NY/NY. 
John, brother, 40,WI/WI/WI.

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index.  Blanchard Colvin.  B. 29 Jun1919.  D.
Nov 1979.  Residence of record:  Wonewod, Juneau, WI.  Cardissued in WI.
Wisconsin Death Indedx (Ancestry)  Blanchard E. Colvin.  Died:  9 Nov1979 in
Juneau Co.  Residence:  Juneau Co.  Cert #:  026965.

BURIAL:  Valton Cemetery, Valton City, Sauk Co., WI.
Colvin, Blanchard E., b. Jun 29, 1919, d. Nov 9, 1979, Tec5, US Army,WWII, s/w
Oscar Colvin, Section 3, Row 5
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Notes for Blanche COLVIN

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for IA, Grundy Co., Palermo Township, E.D.#235, p.
469B, Dwelling/Family:  281, enumerated 21 Jun 1880:  Colvin,J A, 49, Farmer,
NY/NY/NY. M A, 45, Wife, Housekeeping, PA/PA/PA.  A.Preston, 22, Son, Farmer,
IL/NY/PA.  M. Bell, 18, Daughter, At Home,KS/NY/PA.   A Wm, 16, Son, At Home,
KS/NY/PA.  Dora M, 13, Daughter,Attended School, IA/NY/PA.  Blanche, 6,
Daughter, Attended School,IA/NY/PA.  Ada, 6/12, b. Dec, Daughter, IA/NY/PA.
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Notes for Blanche D COLVIN

BIRTH:  FamilySearch Extracted IGI's - Collection: Ohio Birth &Christenings,
Name: Blanch Colvin
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 15 Feb 1886
Birthplace: Sandusky, Ohio, United States
Father's Name: William Colvin
Mother's Name: Alice Saurman
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I00413-0
System Origin: Ohio-ODM
Source Film Number: 511730
Collection: Ohio Births and Christenings, 1821-1962

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for OH, Erie Co., Margaretta.  District: 
34.Enumerated: 25 June. Dwelling/Family:  281/287.  William S. Colvin,head,
Aug 1863, 36, m17 yrs, OH/OH/OH, farm laborer.  Mary Alice,wife, Nov 1863,
36m, m17 yrs, 6 children, 5 surviving, OH/OH/OH.George W., son, Oct 1884, 15,
OH/OH/OH.  Blanch D., dau., Feb 1886,14, OH/OH/OH.  Abby B., dau., Jun 1891,
8, OH/OH/OH.  Harold B., son,Nov 1894, 5, OH/OH/OH.  Newell H., son, Jun 1898,
1, OH/OH/OH.
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Notes for Blanche M COLVIN

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for PA, Erie Co., Washington, District
136.Dwelling/Family:  100/103.  Alfred L. Colvin, head, 36, PA/VT/PA,English,
farmer on general farm.  Kit R. Colvin, wife, 41,PA/PA/England English.  First
marriage for both, married 11 years, had3 children, all surviving.  Blanche M.
Colvin, daughter, 9, PA/PA/PA.Bernard A. Colvin, son, 3, PA/PA/PA.

CENSUS:  1920 US Census for PA, Erie Co., Washington.  District
144.Enumerated: 15 Mar 1920.  Dwelling/family:  49/49.  Alfred Colvin,head,
46, PA/VT/PA, farmer on general farm.  Kitt, wife, 53,PA/PA/England.  Blanche,
dau., 19, PA/PA/PA.  Bernard, son, 13,PA/PA/PA.
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Notes for Blanche P COLVIN

BIRTH:  FamilySearch Extracted IGI Transcription - Microfilm Image
Vermont, Vital Records, 1760-1954
name:	Blanche Colvin
event:	Birth
event date:	26 Jun 1870
event place:	Vermont, United States
gender:	Female
father:	Eddie Colvin
mother:	Ellen
film number:	540076
digital folder number:	4357179
image number:	540

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for VT, Bennington Co., Bennington.  District:24.
Enumerated:  11 Jun. Dwelling/Family:  254/263.  Sidney Colvin,76, farmer,
VT/RI/RI.  Edwin L., 32, son, painter, VT/VT/VT.  EllenM., 32, dau in law,
VT/-/-.  Blanch P., 10, g-dau., at school,VT/VT/VT.  Clara S., 7, g-dau., at
school, VT/VT/VT.  Harry C., 5,g-son, VT/VT/VT.  Sidney J., 3, g-son,
VT/VT/VT.  Charles W., 1,g-son, VT/VT/VT.

Blanche P. Colvin Lillie
Birth:  Jun 1870
Death:  1947
Buried:  Grandview Cemetery, No. Bennington, Bennington Co., VT
Tombstone photo on memorial.
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Notes for Blanche P COLVIN

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for RI, Providence Co., Providence.  District21, Page
2.  Enumerated 2 Jun 1880. Dwelling/Family: 5/10.  Elisha H.Colvin, 32, Iron
Moulder, b. CT, f.CT/m.RI.  Eleanora Colvin, 34,wife, keeping house, b.
ME/ME/ME.  Blanche F. Colvin, dau., 7, atschool, b. RI. CT/ME
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Notes for Bonnie Lyle COLVIN

BIRTH/DEATH:  Arizona Death Certificate.  Bonnie Lyle Colvin, son ofJohn
Colvin, b. 12 Mar 1914 in Eden, Graham Co., AZ.  He died 24 Jun1941 in
Safford, Graham Co., AZ.

BURIAL:  Death Certificate:  Safford, Graham Co., AZ
BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave.comBonnie Lyle ColvinBIRTH:   Mar 12,1914DEATH:  Jun
24, 1941BURIED:  Eden Cemetery, Eden, Graham Co.,AZTombstone photo on
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Notes for Buren COLVIN

DEATH:  La Porte City Review" [La Porte City, Black Hawk Co., IA],Thursday, 30
Apr 1885, p. 2:
Buren, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Colvin, died Wednesday ofspinal
disease, aged 16 months. The funeral took place Friday at teno'clock.
Died 22 Apr 1885 [buried 24 Apr 1885] so born b. abt Dec 1883?
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Notes for Burrell COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Town of Coventry, p. 263A,Dwelling
#270, Family #286, enumerated 17 Aug 1850: John Colvin, 58,Farmer, $3800 real
estate, RI.  Zerviah, 56, RI.  Amy, 36, RI. Nanna,35, RI. Burril, 25, Farmer,
RI. John, 24, Farmer, RI. Daniel, 23,Sailor Cal, RI. Lyman, 21, Farmer, RI.
Zerviah, 16, RI
CENSUS:  1860 US Census for IL, Bureau Co., Township of Indiantown,Tiskilwa
P.O., p. 212, Dwelling #1493, Family #1522, enumerated 6 Jul1860:  Burill
Colvin, 33, Farmer, $2000 real estate, $985 pers estate,Rhode Island.  Ruth H,
30, Rhode Island. Isaac B, 2, Illinois.Stephen J, 6/12, Illinois.  John, 60,
Farmer, $200 pers estate, RhodeIsland.  Sarah Keth/Kett?, 18, Domestic, New
York.  Edwin S, 35,Farmer, $300 pers estate, Vermont

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for IL, Bureau Co., Arispie, Tiskilwa P.O., p.170B,
Dwelling #172, Family #171, enumerated 24 Jun 1870:  Colvin,Beil [sic], 45, R
Island.  Ruth, 42, Keeps House, R Island.  Isaac,12, At Home, Ills, Attended
School.  Stephen, 10, At Home, Ills,Attended School.  Emma, 2, At Home, Ills
abt 1868

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for IL, Bureau Co., Indiantown, E.D. #12, p.140B,
Dwelling #140, Family #145, enumerated 8-9 Jun 1880:  Colvin,Burril, 56,
Farmer, b. Rhode Island, f/b RI, m/b RI.  Ruth A, 52,Wife, Keeping House, b.
Rhode Island, f/b RI, m/b RI. Stephen J, 20,Son, Farming, b. Illinois, f/b RI,
m/b RI.   Emma R, 12, Daughter,Epilepsy, b. Illinois

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for IL, cook Co.,13th Ward, West Town,Chicago, IL,
E.D. #401, Sheet 3A [stamped 20A], Dwelling #25, Family#39, 1545 Carroll Ave.,
enumerated 4 Jun 1900 in the household of John& Ruby Corey: Colvin, Burrill,
Boarder, b. May 1824, 76, Wd, b. RhodeIsland, f/b Rhode Island, m/b Rhode
Island, Retired  [Note:  John L.Corey, b. Mar 1853, Illinois, but both of his
parents born RhodeIsland.]

DEATH:  I could not find him in the Illinois Statewide Death Index.Apr 2007

BURIAL:  Early Burials, Mt. Bloom Cemetery, Indiantown Twp., BureauCo., IL [&
Bureau Co., IL Death Records]: Burrell Colvin [Old Section,Lot #64 Interment
#1402] d. 13 May 1908, age 84y

BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave.comBurrill ColvinBIRTH:   May 16 1824DEATH:May 13,
1908BURIED:  Mt. Bloom Cemetery, Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL
Tombstone photo on Findagrave Memorial
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Notes for Burrill P COLVIN

SOURCE:  Genealogy of the Potter Family Originating in Rhode IslandRev.
Jeremiah Potter, Phenix, R.I., John H. Campbell, Book and JobPJob Printer881.
p. 52.

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Coventry enumerated 22 Aug1850. 
Dwelling/Family:  671/740.  Burrill P. Colvin, 26, mul skinner,RI.  Susan, 26,
RI.  William H., 5, RI.  George, 2, RI.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Coventry, Quidnic P.O., p.24,
Dwelling/Family:  363/441, enumerated 14 Jul 1860:  Bunch [sic] PColvin, 37,
Mill Op'r, $1500 real estate, RI.   Susan, 36, RI.William H, 15, Mill Op'r,
RI.  George, 12, RI.  Amanda J, 9, RI,Attended School.  Hope E, 7, RI,
Attended School.  John Johnson, 34,Machinist, $500 pers estate, RI
CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Town of Warwick, River PointP.O., p.
242B, Dwelling/Family: 501/474, enumerated 14 Jun 1870:Colvin, Burrel P, 48,
Works in Cotton Mill, Rhode Island; Susan, 47,Keeping House, Rhode Island. 
George, 22, Works in Cotton Mill, RhodeIsland.  Amanda, 19, Dressmaker, Rhode
Island.  Emma, 17, Works inCotton Mill, Rhode Island
CENSUS:  1880 US Census for Warwick, Kent Co., RI.  FH # 1255209; NA#:
T9-1209; Page 255C.  Burrill P. Colvin is 54 years of age, born inRI and a
farmer.  His wife, Susan A., is 54 years of age and also bornin RI.  Living
with them is one daughter, Amanda J., age 28 and listedas a dressmaker.  A
roomer, James Congdon, age 24 is living with themas well.  He works in a
cotton mill.

DEATH:  RI Archives Index
1890-1900.  Burrill P. Colvin,
sonof Joab and Rebecca Colvin, died on 21 Jul 1890 at age 67.  Bk. 90;Pg 604;
CT:  38

BURIAL: The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription ProjectIndex. 
Colvin Burrill P. 1822 - 21 Jul 1890 CY109  ManchesterCemetery, Coventry,
Washington St.
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Notes for Burton COLVIN

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for PA, Erie Co., Washington Township,Edinboro P.O., p.
465B, Dwelling & Family #189, enumerated 24 Jun1870: Calvin, Amasy, 50,
Farmer, $1600 real estate, NY.  Sintha, 32,Keeps House, NY. Ira, 11, PA,
Attended School.   Matilda, 8, PA,Attended School; George, 6, PA.  Burton, 4,
PA.  Minnie, 2, PA.Maud, 1/12, PA.
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Notes for Burton Houston COLVIN

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index.  Birth:  12 Jul 1916.  Death:  24Aug 2001. 
Residence of record:  Gaithersburg, Montgomery, MD.  Cardissued:  Washington

OBITUARY:   "Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics"[Philadelphia, PA]
October 13, 2001
Obituaries:  Burton H. Colvin
Burton Houston Colvin, 85, former head of mathematics organizations atBoeing
and the National Bureau of Standards, and a past president ofSIAM, died of
prostate cancer on August 24, 2001 at his home inGaithersburg, Maryland. He
had struggled with the disease for fifteenyears. Colvin was born in West
Warwick, Rhode Island, on July 16,1916. He received AB and AM degrees from
Brown University in 1938 and1939, respectively, and a PhD in mathematics from
the University ofWisconsin at Madison in 1943, with a thesis titled The
ExpansionProblem Associated with a Third Order Ordinary Differential
Equation.During the next two years he served as a technical aide to
theNational Defense Research Committee, later to become the Office
ofScientific Research and Development. After the war he returned toacademia as
an instructor and then assistant professor of mathematicsat the University of
In 1951 he joined the Boeing Aircraft Company in Seattle, becominghead of the
Mathematics Laboratory of the newly created BoeingScientific Research
Laboratory (BSRL) in 1959. There he assembled anoutstanding group of applied
mathematicians and statisticians whofocused on problems of interest to the
aircraft industry. Among theconsultants who frequented BSRL at the time were
Victor Klee andGeorge Dantzig. The first program in information sciences at
BSRL wasdeveloped under Colvin's leadership, and he became director of theBSRL
Information Sciences Laboratory in 1967.
Among the highlights of Colvin's tenure at BSRL are the disproof ofthe d-step
conjecture for polyhedra by David Walkup and Victor Klee,path-breaking
analyses of random number generators by GeorgeMarsaglia, the balanced tree
concept of Rudolf Bayer and EdwardMcCreight, and the pioneering use of
symbolic algebra in orbitcalculations by André Deprit.
Colvin moved to the Washington, DC, area in 1972 to head the
AppliedMathematics Division of the National Bureau of Standards (now
theNational Institute of Standards and Technology). His profound insightsmade
him a vocal advocate for the complementarity of appliedmathematics and
computation in the physical sciences. He worked hardto modernize the local
computational capabilities. In 1978 he becamethe director of the newly
organized NBS Center for AppliedMathematics, a position he held until 1986. He
organized a new unit,the Scientific Computing Division, in 1978.
Also to his credit is the installation a few years later of the
firstsupercomputer at NBS. At NBS he continued the practice of attractingtop
experts as visitors and permanent staff members. He also forgednumerous
connections to other government agencies, such as theDepartment of
Transportation, the Post Office, the TreasuryDepartment, the Federal Emergency
Management Agency, and theDepartment of Energy, to which NBS provided
technical assistance.
He was the recipient of the U.S. Commerce Department's two highestawards:
Silver (1978) and Gold (1981) medals, for "consistentlyoutstanding management
of the applied mathematics program," and hereceived a Presidential Meritorious
Rank Award in 1980. He was afellow of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science(AAAS). Colvin was an active contributor to SIAM,
serving severalterms as a trustee (1962-65, 1967-78, and 1978-80). He was
SIAMpresident in 1971-72. During the early 70s, SIAM was exploring newways to
carry out its mission, recalls SIAM managing director emeritusI.E. Block;
prospective new programs included SIMS (the SIAM Institutefor Mathematics and
Society, founded in 1973) and a visiting lectureprogram that would acquaint
students with applications of mathematicsto real-world problems (still in
existence today as the SIAM VisitingLecturer Program). "Burt was unfailingly
wise, honest, andstraightforward during the extensive discussions of these
projects bythe board of trustees," Block says; "he brought to the board
hisunderstanding of the way government works, and of how governmentfunding
might be obtained for SIAM projects, always working to ensurethat they would
be launched with the best possible foundations."
Colvin served in other positions of national importance, includingadvisory
board chairman of the School Mathematics Study Group(1965-66), member of the
AAAS Council (1965-66), chairman of theConference Board of Mathematical
Sciences (1975-76), member of theCouncil of Scientific Society Presidents
(1975-78), and vice presidentof the National Physical Sciences Consortium
Colvin also maintained an interest in higher education, and spokewidely about
the education and job experiences of nonacademicmathematicians. He served as
chair of the Task Force on TechnicalEducation (1968-69) and vice chair of the
Council on Science Education(1968-72). He was a consultant to the mathematics
department of KnoxCollege in Illinois, served on advisory committees of the
MarylandState Board of Higher Education, and was a past chairman of
theComputer Science Advisory Committee at Stanford University. From 1986until
his retirement in 1991, he held the position of director of theOffice of
Academic Affairs at the National Institute of Standards andTechnology.
At the center of Burt Colvin's being, his son Daniel writes, were abasic
goodness and a decency. "I see more clearly every day thiswonderful legacy,
and the way it has impacted our family and everyonewho knew him.
He had a piercing intellect, combined with a goodly dose of commonsense,
humor, and a willingness to say what needed to be said. Thesequalities served
him well in his professional life. Yet he seemedhappiest with pursuits that
reflected his humble New Englandbeginnings---painting the house, gardening,
maintaining an automobile,hiking in the Olympic Mountains. The important thing
was to do the jobright, be it an intellectual activity or a more physical one.
Hislegacy is a wonderful combination of attributes that live on in allwho knew
him."  His wife, Ann, died in 1983. In addition to his sonDaniel, he is
survived by two other sons, Thomas A., of Seattle, andDavid W., of Dothan,
Alabama, and a granddaughter.
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Notes for Byron COLVIN

BURIAL:  Maple Grove Cemetery, Clyde, Wayne Co.,
NY   Colvin.Byron
son Delos & Martha 7 Oct. 1848 11m7d
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Notes for Byron COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for OH, Summit Co., Springfield Township,Mogadore P.O.,
p.p. 212-213, Dwelling/Family: 1280/1264, enumerated 31Jul 1860:  Almer
Colvin, 35, Potter, $700 real estate, $100 pers prop,NY.  Julia, 26, PA. 
William, 9, PA, Attended School. Ellen, 8, PA,Attended School.  Almer, 6, PA,
Attended School. Byron, 4, OH.  Arche,2, OH

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for OH, Summit Co., Springfield Township,Middlebury
P.O., p. 384B, Dwelling/ Family:   13, enumerated 18 Jul1870:  Colvin, A H,
46, Potter, $600 real estate, NY.   Catharine, 38,Keeping House, PA.  
William, 19, Farm Laborer, PA.   Ellen, 18, AtHome, PA .   Almer, 16, Farm
Laborer, PA, Attended School.   Byron,14, At Home, OH, Attended School.  
Archie, 12, At Home, OH, Attended School.  Charles, 8, OH.   Jennie, 3, OH

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for OH, Summit Co., Springfield Township, E.D.179, p.
389A, Dwelling/ Family 4, enumerated 10 Jun 1880:  Colvin,Almar?*, 56, Potter,
b. NY, f/b VT, m/b NY.  Catharine, 48, Wife, b.PA, f/b PA, m/b PA.   Almer,
25, Son, Laborer, b. PA, f/b NY, m/b PA.Byron, 24, Son, Laborer, b. OH, f/b
NY, m/b PA.   Archie, 22, Son,Potter, b. OH, f/b NY, m/b PA.  Charles, 16,
Son, Laborer, b. OH, f/bNY, m/b PA.   Jennie, 13, Daughter, At School, b. OH,
f/b NY, m/b PA.Lulie?, 6, Daughter, b. OH, f/b NY, m/b PA.
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Notes for Byron Amasa COLVIN

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for NY, Jefferson Co., Ellisburg, BellevilleP.O., p.
323A, Dwelling #558, Family #579, enumerated 12 Jul 1870:Colvin, Jonas, 32,
Farm Laborer, New York; Jenette, 28, Keeping House,New York; Truman, 4, New
York; Byron, 9/12, New York

DEATH:  Washington Death Certificates, 1907-1960.  FamilySearch IGIExtraction
[Microfilm image]
Name: Byron Amasa Colvin
Death date/place: 25 Sep 1951, Woodland, Cowlitz Co, WA
Age at death: 82 years
Estimated birth year: 1869
Father: Jonah Colvin
Mother: Lucy Nutting
Film number: 2033043
Digital GS number: 4224198
Image number: 938
Reference number: 15615
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Notes for Byron Augustus COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for CT, Windham Co., Sterling.  Enumerated: 3Aug 1860. 
Dwelling/Family:  945/1156.  Rufus Colvin, 45, farmer, $725real estate value,
$200 pers value, RI.  Tabitha, 35, RI.  Pheby, 19,CT.  Byron, 9, CT.  Mary
Colvin, 77, RI.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for CT, Windham Co., Sterling. p. 7.Enumerated:  12
Jul 1870.  Dwelling/Fam:  59/64.  Rufus Colvin, 55,farmer, $1,000 real estate
value, $100 pers value, RI.  Byron, 18,works on farm, CT.  Adeline, 5, at
home, CT.  Lydia Kinney, 49, housekeeper, CT.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for CT, Windham Co., Hampton.  District
144.Enumerated: 4 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  61/67.  Byron H. Colvin,28,
farmer, CT/RI/RI.  Emily, 28, wife, keeping house, CT/RI/RI.Rufus, 65, father,
farmer, RI/RI/RI.  Addie M., 15, sister, at school,CT/RI/RI.  Mary A., 70,
auntinlaw, boarder, RI/RI/RI.
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Notes for Byron C COLVIN

BIRTH:  "Wisconsin, Births and Christenings, 1826-1926," index,FamilySearch
Name:	Calvin
Gender:	 Male
Birth Date:	 19 Mar 1893
Birthplace:	 Racine, Racine, Wisconsin
Race:	 White
Father's Name:	 Chas. Calvin
Mother's Name:	Ella Lane
Indexing Project (Batch) Number:	C00325-3
System Origin:	 Wisconsin-EASy
GS Film number:	1305148
Reference ID:	 p360 02239

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for WI, Juneau Co., Wonewoc.  E.D. 89.Enumerated:  19
Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  164/164.
Charles H. Calvin, head, Jan 1866, 44, m10 yrs, WI/VT/VT, day laborer
Ellen C., wife, Apr 1859, 40, m 10 yrs, 5 children, 5 living,WI/MI/MI.
Laisa, dau, Apr 1884, 16, WI/WI/WI, at school.
Theodore, son, May 1892, 8, WI/WI/WI, at school.
Byron, son, May 1893, 7, WI/WI/WI, at school.
Leafy A., dau, May 1896, 4, WI/WI/WI.

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index
Name:	Byron Colvin
Last Residence:	53929  Elroy, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Born:	19 Mar 1893
Died:	Jun 1969
State (Year) SSN issued:	Wisconsin (Before 1951)

OBITUARY:  "Tribune-Keystone"  [Elroy, Juneau Co., WI]   Thursday, 3Jul 1969
Byron Colvin
Rites Wednesday
Byron C. Colvin, 77, long time Elroy resident, died Monday, June 30,1969 in a
New Lisbon home.  He had been ill for 2 years.
Mr. Colvin, who was born in Wonewoc and attended school there, wasemployed by
the railroad, and was also a farmer and a constructionworker.  In 1915 he
married the former Marie Bruha of Hillsboro.
Surviving are a son, Russell and a sister, Mrs. Leafy Green, both ofElroy. 
His wife died in February, 1969.
Funeral services were held Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Zenner FuneralHome,
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Notes for Byron Clark COLVIN

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for IA, Black Hawk, LaPorte City.  District43. Pg. 31. 
Enumerated 17 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  329/348.Clark Colvin, 30, Laborer,
MI/MA/VT.  Margaret E. Colvin, 26, wife,keeping house, IA/IN/IN.  Byron
Colvin, son, 2, IA/MI/IA.  GeniaColvin, daugh. Aug 1879, IA/MI/IA.

CENSUS: 1900 US Census for OK, Kay Co., Ponca City, District 97.Enumerated 14
Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  282/329.  Colvin, Clark,head May 1850, 50,
Married 25 years, PA/PA/PA.  Carpenter.  MargaretColvin, wife, Aug 1854, 45,
married 25 years, had 10 children, 8surviving, IN/IN/TN.  Daisy Colvin, dau.,
April 1886, 14, IA/PA/IN.Byron Colvin, son, Jul 1877, S, IA/PA/IN, bar tender. 
Hazel Colvin,dau., May 1889, 11, IA/PA/IN, at school.  Dexter Colvin, son,
May1891, IA/PA/IN, John Colvin, son, Jun 1896, IA/PA/IN, infant not named(f),
May 1900, IA/PA/IN

MILITARY:  WW I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918.  Byron Clark Colvin
registered in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS.  He gave his birthdate as 21 Jul
1877.  He is the owner of a furniture store inSedgwick, is living in Sedgwick,
and has listed Mrs. Maggie Colvin wholives in Ponca City, OK as his nearest
relative.  Byron has a mediumbuild and height and has brown eyes and dark

Could not find him in either 1910 or 1920 census.
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Notes for Byron Lincoln COLVIN

SOURCE:  Genealogy of the Potter Family Originating in Rhode IslandRev.
Jeremiah Potter, Phenix, R.I., John H. Campbell, Book and JobPJob Printer881.
p.  69

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Providence Co., Scituate.  Enumerated:29 Jul
1870. Dwelling/Family:  728/826.  George W. Colvin, 48, farmer,$300 pers
value, RI.  Phebe J., 38, keeping house, RI.  George B., 15,at home RI.  Bryon
L., 9, at home, RI.

CENSUS:  1875 State Census for RI, Kent Co., Coventry.   Enumerated:June 1,
1875.  Family:   49.
Geo W. Colvin, 53, head, b. Coventry, farmer.
Phebe J. Colvin, 43, wife, Scituate, housekeeper.
Geo B. Colvin, 20, son, Scituate, machinist.
Byron L. Colvin, 14, son, Scituate, School Boy.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Coventry.  E.D. 72.Enumerated:  19
Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  299/395.  George W.Colvin, 58, farmer, RI/RI/RI. 
Phebe J., 48, wife, keeping house,RI/RI/RI.  George B., 25, son, machinist,
RI/RI/RI.  Byron L., 19,son, machinist, RI/RI/RI.  Celinda Matteson, 76,
mother in law,RI/RI/RI.  Brank Brihgs, 16, boarder, works on farm, RI/RI/RI.
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Notes for Byron N COLVIN

SOURCE:  "The St. John genealogy : descendants of Matthias St. John
ofDorchester, Massachusetts, 1634; of Windsor, Connecticut, 1640;
ofWethersfield, Connecticut, 1643-1645; and Norwalk, Connecticut, 1650"By
Orline St. John Alexander.  The Grafton Press, GenealogicalPublishers, New
York MCMVII.  BYU.  Family History Archives. 
copy of pages 511-512 on file.

SOURCE:  Researched  and provided by C.P. Tilson.  Copy on file.  Oct2007

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for PA, Crawford Co., Cussewago.  Pg. 68.Enumerated 
23 Sept 1850.  Dwelling/Family:  49/49.  Jeremiah Colvin,50, M, Farmer, R.E.
2000, b. VT. Mary Colvin, 50, F, b. NY.  AlmonColvin, 25, M b. PA.  Amos
Colvin,  20, M, PA.  Byron Colvin, 14, M,PA. Catharine Colvin,  18, F PA.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for OH, Trumbull Co., Liberty Twp.Enumerated:  14 Jul
1860.  Dwelling/Family:  1474/1491.  Bryon Colvin(indexed at Ancestry as Bryon
Colven), 20, potter, $600 real estatevalue/200 Personal value, PA.  Juliett,
23, Ohio.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for OH, Summit Co., Talmadge Twp., MiddlebergP.O., pg.
435B, 13 June, 181/187, Line 4: B. N. Colvin 33 potter PA.Juliette Colvin 33
keeping house OH.  Mary E. Colvin 9 at home OH.Oscar B. Colvin 7 OH.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for NE, Cass Co., Louisville City.  ED 260Sheet 25
Line 31:  Byron N. Colvin, head, 43 PA.  Juliette R. Colvin,wife, 43 OH.  Mary
E. Colvin, dau., 19, OH.  Oscar B. Colvin, son, 17,OH.  Martha R. Colvin,
dau., 11, OH.  Marvin E. Colvin, 7, OH

BURIAL:  IAGenWeb,  WPA Graves Registration Survey.Byron N.
Colvin.  Born: 18 May 1837 Died: 5 Dec 1902 Cemetery: InlandLocation: Inland
County: Cedar Co. - Iowa Record Notes: LOT 58
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Notes for Byron S COLVIN

BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave, Diamond Lake Cemetery, Lake Co., IL.     ByronL. Colvin,
b. unk.  d 25 Mar 1864.
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Notes for C. Walter COLVIN

C. Walter Colvin
Birth:  Unk
Death:  Apr 12 1864
Inscription:  Son of C.M. Colvin and H.A.
Burial:  Grandview Cemetery, North Bennington, Bennington Co., VT
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Notes for Caleb COLVIN

SOURCE:  Porter Matteson, "Colvins in America"  Columbus, OH.  Copy on file.

Date of birth may be May 19, 1774
Date of death may be June 2, 1831

Daughter of the American Revolution DAR ID # 158421
Born in Elgin, Ill.
Descendant of William Hollembeak, Capt. James Noble, Barnabus Ames andJoseph
Colvin, as follows:
1. Ralph D. Hollembeak (b. 1853) m. 1884 Lillie Brown (b. 1856).
2. Aramont Noble Hollembeak (1816-1908) m. 1838 Pamela Decker(1816-1906);
James Colvin Brown (1832-1905) m. 1855 Theresa P. Brown (1835-1906).
3. Ruluff White Hollembeak m. Electa Ames;
Henry W. Brown (1798-1865) m. 1824 Lois Colvin (1800-44) (parents ofJames).
4. Abram Clark Hollembeak m. Lovina Lord; Barnabus Ames m. ElectaNoble (b.
Caleb Colvin (1774-1831) m. Lois Richmond (1761-1830).
5. William Hollembeak m. Amy Clarke;
James Noble m. 1st Anna Cadwell; Joseph Colvin m. Ruth Colvin(1748-1832).

BURIAL:  Knoxville Quaker Cemetery, Knoxville, Tioga Co., PA.Tombstone
inscription:  Caleb Colvin, ag:51 and 13 day.  Departed thislife Jun 1 1831. 
Hear lies a poor pilgrim who has gone to worldsabove to sing  ??? grace and
dying love.  My friends do not morne forI am going my Jesus for to
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Notes for Caleb COLVIN

BIRTH:  LDS FamilySearch Extracted IGI's - No image available
Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
name:	Caleb Colvin
gender:	Male
birth date:	07 Aug 1800
father's name:	Henry Colvin
mother's name:	Mary
indexing project (batch) number:	C50088-1
system origin:	Massachusetts-ODM
source film number:	0496944 IT 6

BIRTH:  Massachusetts Town Records (Ancestry transcription)  Name:Caleb Colvin
Birth Date: 7 Aug 1800 Birth Place: Scituate Father'sFirst Name: Henry
Mother's First Name: Mary Gender: Male Source: VitalRecords of Holden.  Also,
FamilySearch, extracted from local townrecords.  (Has to be incorrect as there
is not a Scituate in Holden,MA AND the family was living in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI at thetime he was born.  Most likely he was living in
Holden when herecorded his birth and now, you know the rest of the story.)

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for MA, Norfolk Co., Town of Franklin, p.305A,
Dwelling/Family: 185/230, enumerated 27 Aug 1850: Caleb Colvin,49,
Manufacturer of Cotton, RI.  Mary, 43, Mass.  Alfred P, 17,Operative in Mill,
Mass, Attended School.  Mary, 13, Mass, Attended School.  Sarah F, 9, Mass,
Attended School.  Georgeana, 6, Mass,Attended School.  Zachery T, 9/12, Mass. 
Ann F Gay, 11, Mass,Attended School

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for MA, Worcester Co., Town of Holden, PaxtonP.O., Pg.
610, Dwelling/Family:  246/289, enumerated 23 Jun 1860:Calab Calvin, 59,
Manufacturer, $300 pers estate, NJ [sic].  Mary, 54,Mass.  Alva D/P, 29,
Manufacturer, Mass.  S J [female], 19, Teacher,Mass.  J N [female], 17,
Teacher, Mass, Attended School.  L F?[female], 10, Mass, Attended School. 
Henry Adamas/Adamns?, 20,Weaver, $100 pers estate, Mass.  Lucealia/Lucretia,
22, Mass.  A LPickering, 22, Farmer, Mass.  S B [female], 15, Mass.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for MA, Norfolk Co., Bellingham.  E.D. 494.Enumerated: 
7-8 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  74/86.  Cleb Colvin, 80,? grocer, MA/MA/MA.
Orvilla, 40, wife, keeping house, VT/VT/VT.
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Notes for Caleb COLVIN

MAIN SOURCE:  W.C. McCaw through many emails in 2003/2004.

Note:  Danby was still in Bennington Co., VT since Rutland wasn'tformed un
1781 from Bennington Co.

SOURCE:  Descendants report received from Jack Schoedinger via emailin April

Some mention of Caleb Colvin and his family is in the book byBicknell, Thomas
Williams, "The history of the state of Rhode IslandProvidence Plantations" New
York: American Historical Society, 1920,3211 pgs.  Page 4-114

History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations:Biographical
NY: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1920
(III) Caleb Colvin, son of Rev. James Colvin, inherited land under thewill of
his father. He was a life-long resident of Coventry, R. I.,and a prosperous
farmer there. He married, August 3, 1739, AnneBurlingame, daughter of Rev.
Thomas Burlingame, of Providence. He diedafter 1773.

WILL:  Caleb Colvin, 30 Nov 1779 [Transcription and explanatory notesby
Marilyn Solari]
Rutland, VT, Probate District, Vol. 2, pp. 220-222:
In the Name of God Amen, I Caleb Colvin of Danby in the County ofBennington*
and State of Vermont being in health of body and perfectmemory blessed by God
therefore, Do this 30th day of Novr. In thefourth year of America’s
Independence in the Year of our Lord 1779,Make and publish this my last Will &
Testament in manner and formfollowing [that is to say] Imprimis.
I commend my Soul into the Hands of all mighty God who gave it me andmy Body
to the earth from whence it came in hopes of a JoyfulResurrection through the
merits of my Savior Jesus Christ. And as forthat worldly estate wherewith it
hath pleased God to bless me -- IDispose thereof as follows.  First after my
just Debts and funeralcharges are paid by the Executor of this my last Will &
Testament, Igive and bequeath unto my eldest daughter Lydia Colvin Twenty
Spanishmilld [sic, milled**] Dollars to be paid to her by my Executorhereafter
named.  Item: I give to my son James Colvin Twenty Spanishmilld. Dollars to be
paid to him by my said Executor.  Item: I giveand bequeath to my son George
Colvin Twenty Spanish milld. Dollars tobe paid to him by my said Executor. 
Item: I give & bequeath to mydaughter Esther Collins Twenty Spanish milld.
Dollars to be paid toher by my Executor. Item: I give and bequeath to my
Daughter Elanor[sic] Colvin the sum of Twenty Spanish milld. Dollars to be
paid toher by my Executor.  Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter
HuldaMatteson the sum of Twenty Spanish milld. Dollars to be paid to her
bysaid Executor.  Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Nicholsmy Bed
and Beding [sic].  Item: I give and bequeath to my son AmosColvin Fifty acres
of Land, it being the Lot that I bought of EdwardVail joining the lot said
Amos Colvin now lives on.  Item: I give andbequeath to my son Isaac Colvin the
sum of fifty Spanish milld.Dollars to be paid to him by said Executor.  Item:
I give and bequeathto my daughter Rebecca one of my Iron Kettles of which she
is to haveher choice.  Item: I give and bequeath to my son Joshua the sum of
Twohundred Spanish milld. Dollars to be paid to him by said Executor when[he]
arrives to the age of Twenty-one years or sooner if he shouldmarry and stand
in need of a settlement.  Item: I give and bequeath tomy grandson Caleb
Edmonds the sum of Ten Spanish milld. Dollars whenhe shall arrive to the age
of twenty-one years.  Item: I give andbequeath to my Grand Daughter Anne
Colvin Daughter by my DaughterLydia Colvin Ten Spanish milld. Dollars when she
arrives to the age ofeighteen years.  Item: I give and bequeath to my Grand
DaughterCharlotte Colvin Daughter of my son Titus Colvin the sum of TenSpanish
milld. Dollars to be paid to her when she shall arrive at theage of Eighteen
years by my said Executor.  Item: I give and bequeathto my Grand Daughter
Elizabeth Colvin Daughter of my son Amos Colvinthe sum of Ten Spanish milld.
Dollars to be paid to her by my saidExecutor when she shall arrive to the age
of Eighteen years.  Item: Igive and bequeath to my son Titus Colvin all the
remaind [sic] part ofmy Estate Real & Personal Houses, Land, Goods, chattels
and movablesof what kind so ever -- and I do hereby ordain and appoint my said
sonTitus Colvin to be sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament. 
Inwitness whereof I the said Caleb Colvin have herewith set my Hand andSeal
the Day and Year above written.

[signed]  Caleb Colvin.

The witnesses to the will were William Brumbly, Edward Vail and JohnVail. At a
court of Probate at Danby, VT on 1 May 1789, the will waspresented to the
court by Titus Colvin, executor, and the threewitnesses appeared and swore
they saw Caleb Colvin sign the will andpronounce it to be his last will and
testament, also testifying thatCaleb was of sound disposing mind and memory. 
The will was approved,ratified and confirmed by Elisha Clark, Judge.

Notes from Carol Page Tilson:
* When Caleb's will was written in 1779, the Town of Danby still wasin
Bennington County. Rutland County would be formed from Benningtontwo years
later in 1781.  Also, note that Caleb wrote his will on thesame day that his
wife, Anne, died.

** Since England had forbidden its American colonies from mintingcoins and
English coins were scarce, early settlers would use foreigncoins, most often
Spanish milled dollars minted in Mexico and otherSpanish colonies to the
south. These one ounce silver coins, alsoknown as "pieces of eight," had
milled or patterned edges to preventthe dishonest from "shaving" edges and
reducing silver content.TheSpanish Milled Dollar was so highly respected. it
became aninternational trade coin
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Notes for Caleb COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Warwick.   Enumerated:  27Jun 1860 
Dwelling/Family:  1023/1134.  Caleb Colvin, 42, farmlaborer, RI.  Catherine,
35, RI.  Daniel Dawley, 18, operative, RI.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Warwick. Enumerated: 1 Aug1870. 
Dwelling/Family:  1850/1786.  Caleb Colvin, 58, invalid, RI.Catherine, 62,
keeping house, RI.  David Dawley, 40, works in cottonmill, RI.  Caleb Briggs,
50, machinist at mille, RI.

CENSUS:  1865 State Census for RI, Kent Co., Warwick.  Enumerated:June 1,
1865.    Family:   555
Caleb Colvin, About 58, b. Cranston, farmer.
Catherine Colvin, 58, b. Warwick.
Jamie Dawley, 23, Warwick, farmer.

BURIAL:  The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription ProjectIndex. 
George Colvin Lot, Cranston, Phenix Ave.  Caleb Colvin, 1812c- 6 April 1882.
BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave.comCaleb ColvinBIRTH:   11 Mar 1812DEATH:  6Apr 1882
BURIED:  George Colvin Lot, Cranston, Providence Co.,RITombstone photo on
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Notes for Caleb COLVIN

BURIAL:  Cemetery Records of Brant Cemetery, Brant, Erie Co., NY.Caleb Colvin,
no dates given.  Find a Grave.
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Notes for Caleb COLVIN

SOURCE:  Genealogy of the Potter Family Originating in Rhode IslandRev.
Jeremiah Potter [John H. Campbell, Book and Job Printer, Phenix,RI].  1881. p. 

Not married

DEATH:  LDS FamilySearch Extracted IGI's - No image available
Rhode Island Deaths and Burials, 1802 - 1950
name:	Caleb Colvin
gender:	Male
death date:	03 Nov 1878
death place:	Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island
age:	95
birth date:	1783
father's name:	Aaron Moses Colvin
mother's name:	Catherine
indexing project (batch) number:	I09421-8
system origin:	Rhode Island-EASy
source film number:	941154
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Notes for Caleb COLVIN

SOURCE:  Porter Matteson, "Colvins in America"  Columbus, OH.  Copy on file.
According to Matteson, Caleb was probably born in Rhode Island shortlybefore
his parents removed to Vermont.  In the 1790 census he may befound living in
the household of his father at Danby, Vt. but itappears that he returned to
Rhode Island to find a bride and may haveremained there for a short period
following marriage.  He was marriedat Coventry, R.I. on Dec. 31, 1795 to Anna
Abbott of Pardon, R.I.They had returned to Danby by 1800 where Caleb and his
wife plus afemale child appear in the U.S. census and where, in the same year,
heis included in a list of 'freemen' of the town.  An additional son
anddaughter were born before his untimely death, when, per the 'Historyof
Danby, Vt.' "he was found died in the woods, whither he had beenhunting".  It
is Unknown whether his wife Anna remarried and remainedin Danby or if she
returned to Rhode Island.  His children appear tohave remained at Danby since
his son Caleb, who was both deaf anddumb, received a bequest as "Item #1" in
his grandfather Luther's willin 1828.

In Rutland Co., VT Probate Records [abstract sent by Dawn Hance],under date of
1804: Caleb Colvin, son of Luther. Minor children: Ann,Caleb, Phileretta.
Richard Cook and Amy Colvin, administrators.(Source:  Marilyn Solari)

DEATH:  "Their father, Caleb [Sr.], had died in June of 1804.Archelaus
Walling’s record book includes an entry dated 11 Aug 1826stating that Caleb
was found dead on June 14, 1804. VT history says hewas found dead in the woods
whither he had been hunting, supposed thathe died in a fit. Anna [Abbott]
Colvin married Archelaus Walling 18Feb 1806. According to his record, Anna
died 17 Aug 1845 and is buriedin Old Hartford Cemetery, Hartford, NY.
Naturally, Archelaus did notrecord the date of his own death." [Marilyn Solari]
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