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Notes for Samuel COLVIN

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for NY, Erie, Brant.  Pg 18, Dwelling 113;Family 168. 
Enumerated 1 Aug 1870.
Colvin, David, 57, Farmer, 4,500, 1750 real estate, Vermont;  Lydia,43, NY;
Emma, 15, NY;  Alburn, 13, in school, NY; Mary, 11, NY;Ellis, 8, NY;  Samuel,
5, NY
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Notes for Samuel COLVIN

SOURCE:  Ed Carpenter via email 15 Nov 2004.  Ed is a grandson (3x) ofLucinda
and Samuel Colvin.

Ed believes that Lucinda had died by 1850,  "The 1850 census for Otto,NY,
Samuel (age 56, b. VT) is shown with Susan (50, NY), Orrin (15,NY), Leanna
(13, NY), Jesse (11, NY), Marie (8, NY), and George (5,NY).  All are shown
with the Colvin surname.  This suggests that ourmysterious Lucinda had died. 
As I have John C. Colvin as the youngestof Sam and Lucy, b. 11 Apr 1833, and
Orrin as the oldest of Susan's,b. abt 1835, and given that Susan's children
are shown as Colvins, itappears that 1) Lucinda died 1833 or 1834, and 2)
Susan is probablySam's 2nd wife, m. abt 1834 at age abt 34.  An alternate
scenarioexplaining all known data is that Lucinda d. sometime bef 1850,
thatSusan was m. previously and the children are of her 1st marriage,
andeither Sam adopted the children or the census taker just assumed thatthe
children were Colvins.  The local Town Clerk tells me that all theold records
were destroyed in a fire (I hear this so much anymore, Iwonder why the entire
east coast is nothing but ash).  The TownHistorian slot was vacant about the
time I checked, so maybe it's timeto try again."  (Email 31 Dec 2004 with
census attached)

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for Cattaraugus Co., NY, Town of Otto, p.309B,
Dwelling/Family: 144/145, enumerated 7 Aug 1850:  Samuel Colvin,56, Farming,
$1344 real estate, VT.  Susan, 50, NY.  Orrin, 15, NY,Attended School. Laura,
13, NY, Attended School.  Jesse, 11, NY,Attended School. Maria, 8, NY,
Attended School. George, 5, NY.

BURIAL:  East Otto Cemetery, East Otto, Cattaraugus Co., NY.   SamuelColvin d.
23 Sept 1858, age 63?y 7m 13d “Our Father”
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Notes for Samuel COLVIN

Reasoning that Samuel is son of Thomas:  There wasn't any anotherSamuel Colvin,
born in Rhode Island in the late 1700s, deceased beforeTom wrote his will in
1826, who had a son named Eli. [M. Solari Jul2007]

Thomas' will states:  In his will, dated 14 Feb 1826 and proved 2 Sept1826,
Thomas names sons Samuel Colvin, dec'd; Benjamin Colvin andEdwards Colvin "who
has no heirs"; also, daughters Phebe Wight, wifeof Rufus Wight, and Anstis
Oakley, wife of Thomas Oakley; grandson EliColvin, son of Samuel, dec'd, and
granddaughter Lurana Colvin,daughter of Samuel, dec'd.

SOURCE:   "Colvin's in America"  by Porter Matteson.  Columbus, Ohio.copy on
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Notes for Samuel COLVIN

SOURCE:  Mayflower Source Records (
Births, Marriages and Deaths, from the Records of the Ancient Town
ofDartmouth, Mass
Colvin, Samuel, s. of John.... 10 Dec 1688

SOURCE:  Donald S. Richmond
Samuel Colvin married first in about 1709 to an unknown wife, married second
to Phebe Barton who is named in his will, dated Oct. 5, 1754. He lived in
Coventry on Furnace Road, about one mile east of Hope, Rhode Island.

He may have used Calvin as surname.

SOURCE:  Emails from Jack Schoedinger during April 2003.

SOURCE:  Calvin, Claude W.  "The Calvin families : origin and historyof the
American Calvins, with a partial genealogy"  Pasadena, Calif.:unknown, 1945,
417 pgs.

SOURCE:  "Matthew West, His Descendants and Relatives with New JerseyPatents." 
by Mrs. H. Ruth Cooke, as printed in the "Newport Mercury", Newport, Rhode
Island, Saturday, March 10, 1906 & Saturday, March 17,1906 Page 8.

SOURCE:  "The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island; ComprisingThree
Generations of Settlers Who Came Before 1690 (With Many Families Carried to
the Fourth Generation)  John Osborne Austin.  Albany, 1887.
Will proved 1759 Ex. Son Samuel:  To his wife, Phebe, privilege of the best
room, while widow.  He gave to each of the following children,Thomas and
Daniel Colvin, Abigail Franklin, Joseph Colvin, Elizabeth Dailey, Sarah
Burlingame, Mary Wright, Susanna Colvin, Temperance (or Content) Colvin and
Phebe Colvin (5lbs).  To son Richard, 54 lbs.  To son Rufas, 50 lbs.  To son
Samuel all residue of estate real and personal, except the burying place.

SOURCE:   Marilyn Solari:  Although "Temperence" Colvin received a five
shilling bequest in Samuel's will, a Temperance Colvin did not exist.
The will was witnessed by Samuel’s brother, James Colvin, and Benjamin and
John Fisk. After the signature, appears this: "The subscribe m ade, represent
and attest that I made a mistake in name of one of the Legates named in the
above Will and that Temperance ought to have been written Contente. John
Fisk." Dated Jan. 14, 1760. The will was approved by the Town Council held in
Coventry "on ye 14th Jany. 1760."

BIRTH:  LDS FamilySearch Extractions - no image available
Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
name:	Samuel Colvin
gender:	Male
birth date:	10 Dec 1688
father's name:	John Colvin
indexing project (batch) number:	C50003-1
system origin:	Massachusetts-ODM
source film number:	823562
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Notes for Samuel COLVIN

SOURCE:   "Colvin's in America"  by Porter Matteson.  Columbus, Ohio.copy on

BIRTH:  Connecticut Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 (BarbourCollection -
Sterling Vital Records, 1794-1850.    Colvin, Samuel, s.Roger & Lydia, b. Dec
10, 1807, in Plainfield.  VOL. 1, P 35.

Did not marry.

DEATH:  Connecticut Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 (BarbourCollection -
Sterling Vital Records, 1794-1850.    Colvin, Samuel,farmer, b. Plainfield,
res. Sterling, d. Dec, 1853, ae 46.

BURIAL:  Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, Windham Co., CT.   HaleCollection
Headstones at “Riverside Cemetery” in Sterling, Ct., located inCenter.
Colvin, Samuel, died Dec. 15, 1853, age 46yrs
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Notes for Samuel A COLVIN

SOURCE:  "Genealogy of the Potter Family Originating in Rhode Island"Rev.
Jeremiah Potter, Phenix, R.I., John H. Campbell, Book and Job Printer 1881.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Washington Co., Hopkinton.Enumerated: 28 Jun
1870. Dwelling/Family:  423/415.  Samuel Colvin,29, works in cotton mill, $500
real estate value, RI.  Maria C., 32,keeps house, RI.  Edmund E., 9, at home,
RI.  Alvah, L., 6, at home,RI.  Bertes M., 4, at home, RI.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for RI, Providence Co., Scituate. District:139.  P.
20.  Enumerated: 8 & 9 Jun.  Dwelling/Family:   183/225.Samuel A. Colvin, 39,
farmer, RI/- / -.  Maria C., 41, wife, keepinghouse, RI/RI/RI.  Edmund E.,
son, 19, RI/RI/RI. Albertus W., son, 14,RI/RI/RI.
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Notes for Samuel Erwin COLVIN

BIRTH: General index to vital records of Vermont, early to 1870.Extracted
records.  LDS FHL US/CAN Film [ 27514 ]  Batch #:  7450061.Samuel Erwin
Colvin, 29 April 1818, Pawlet Twp.  Rutland Co., VT.Parents:  Samuel Colvin
and Lucinda

BIRTH:  Vermont Vital Records Pre-1870, originally researched by Dawn D.
Hance, Rutland, VT and added to by Marilyn Solari and Carol Page Tilson. 
Samuel Erwin Colvin, b. 29 Apr 1818, s/o Lucinda & SamuelColvin, at Pawlet.

SOURCE:  Ed Carpenter who descends from Vernila Ellen Colvin.  Nov.2004  He
also states he has seen this name as Samuel Erwin in earlierrecords.

SOURCE:  "Early Residents of Monroe County, Wisconsin" Compkled byWilliam H.
Rose, III, 1996.  Biographical Sketches and PlatInformation.   Colvin,
Irwin;Monroe County, died 29 January, 1894, married Eliza Ann Mahana, born13
Oct 1831, died 7 November 1928.  (SPFW, 1977)
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Notes for Samuel F COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 USCensus for OH, Suffield, Portage Co., p. 426B,Dwelling #397,
Family #402, enumerated 28 Sep 1850:  Seymour Colvin,26, Potter, $100 real
estate, Unknown.  Elizabeth, 25, OH.   Saml F,4, OH.   Charlotte C, 3, OH
CENSUS:  1860 US Census for OH, Springfield Twp, Mogadore P.O., SummitCo., OH,
p. 212, Dwelling /Family: #1275/#1259, enumerated 31 Jul1860:  S A Colvin, 38,
Potter, $1200 real estate, $200 pers estate,New York. Elizabeth, 36, Ohio. 
Samuel, 14, Ohio, Attended School.Charlotte, 13, Ohio, Attended School. 
Noble, 10, Ohio, Attended School.  James, 7, Ohio, Attended School. Mary, 5,
Ohio, Attended School. Jessie, 3, Ohio, Attended School [female]

He was in Civil War (Co., I, 115th OH Infantry) and died there.
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Notes for Samuel Gurney COLVIN

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for WA, Whitman Co., 1st Enumeration District.E.D. 55. 
Enumerated:  12 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family: 339/341.  Clark Colvin, 45,
painter, NY/NY/NY.  Emma, 43, wife, keeps house,England/England/England. 
Emma, 19, dau., no occupation,IA/NY/England.  Henry, 17, son, KS/NY/England. 
Sherman, 14, son,KS/NY/England.  Mary, 13, dau., KS/NY/England.  William, 11,
son,KS/NY/England.  Ida, 9, dau., KS/NY/England.  Ezra, 5,
KS/NY/England.Gernie, 1, WA Territory/NY/England.

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for WA, Whitman Co., Colfax.  E.D. 91.Enumerated:  22
Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  166/167.  Ezra Colvin,employee, Jul 1875, 24, S,
KS/NY/Unk., farm laborer.  Samuel G.,Colvin, employee, Sep 1878, 21, S,
WA/NY/Unk, farm laborer.

MILITARY:  WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Samuel Gurney Colvin registered in Whitman Co., WA on 12 Sep 1918
Birth date:  25 Sep 1878
Native born
Occupation:  farm laborer
Nearest relative:  Mrs. Emma Reed (sister)
Signed:  Samual Gurney Colvin
Registrars Report:  5'5" with stout buil, brown eyes with black/baldhair
No physical disqualifications noted.

DEATH:  Washington Death Certificates, 1907-1960.  FamilySearch IGIExtraction
Name: Samuel Gurney Colvin
Death date/place: 18 Aug 1951, Colfax, Whitman Co, WA
Age at death: 72 years
Estimated birth year: 1879
Father: Clark Colvin
Mother: Emma Moys
Film number: 2033043
Digital GS number: 4224198
Image number: 536
Reference number: cn15358

BURIAL:  Colfax Cemetery, Colfax, Whitman, WA.
Colvin, Samuel Gurney, b. Washington, d. 18 Aug 1951 Colfax, WA, age:72yr 10mo
23da, bur. Blk 2, 2nd add, 64, gr#2
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Notes for Samuel Levi COLVIN

Researched & provided by C.P. Tilson.  Jun 2007

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for OH, Wood Co., Freedom.  Enumerated 26 Sept1850. 
Stamped 182.  Dwelling/Family:  1031/1056.  Eli Colvin, 30,farmer, NY.  Betsy
Colvin, 26, OH.  Mary A. Colvin, 7, OH.  Samuel L.Colvin, 5, OH.  Almira L.
Colvin, 3, OH.  George T. Colvin, 1/12, OH.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for MI, Kent Co., Caledonia.  Pg 150.Enumerated 21 Jul
1860.  Dwelling/Family:  1255/1116.  Eli W. Colvin,40, farmer, 1500/300 Real
estate/personal value, NY.  Elizabeth, 36,OH.  Samuel, 16, farm laborer, OH. 
Almira, 13, OH.  George, 10, OH.Edward, 7, MI.  Almy, 5, MI.  Laura, 3, MI. 
Truman, 2, MI.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for MI, Kent Co., Caledonia.  Pg 10.Enumerated 25 Jun
1860.  Dwelling/Family:  77/80.  Samuel Colvin, 25,farm laborer, 300/120 Real
Estate/Personal Value, OH.  MargaretColvin, 21, keeping house, IN.  Ella
Colvin, 3, MI.  George Colvin, 1,MI.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for MI, Kent Co., Caledonia.  District 132. pg9. 
Enumerated 9 Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  95/95.  Samuel L.Colvin, 35, farmer,
OH/NY/OH.  Eliza L. Colvin, wife, 25, keepinghouse, NY/NY/NY.  Elnora A.
Colvin, dau, 13, at school, MI/OH/NY.George W. Colvin, son, 10, at school,
MI/OH/NY.  Bertha M. Colvin,dau., 4, MI/OH/NY.

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for MI, Kent Co., Caledonia.  District.  40.Enumerated
15 Jun 1900. Dwelling/family:  279/281. Samuel Colvin,head, Feb 1845, 55, m, 5
years, OH/NY/OH, farmer.  Mary A. Colvin,wife, Sept 1840, 59, m 5 years, no

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for MI, Kent Co., Caledonia.  District  40.Enumerated
20 May 1910.  Dwelling/Family: 239/241.  Samuel L. Colvin,head, 65, m2, m 15
years, OH/NY/OH, farmer.  Mary Ann Colvin, wife,?age (looks like 99), m2,
married 15 years, had 6 children, 3surviving.  MI/NY/NY.

DEATH:  From Cemetery record:  Samuel L. Colvin, b. 17 Feb 1845; d. 4April
1917 [72y 1m 19d]

BURIAL:  Alaska Cemetery, Caledonia Twp., Kent Co.,
17:  Samuel L. Colvin [empty lot – 4 plats – all below under S. Colvin] 
Samuel L. Colvin b. 1845 d. 1917
Samuel Levi Colvin
Birth:  17 Feb 1845
Death:  Apr 4, 1917
Buried:  Alaska Cemetery, Alaska, Kent Co., MI
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Notes for Samuel Merrick COLVIN

CENSUS:  1910 US Census for MI, Barry Co. Carlton Township.  E.D. #38,Sheet
11A, Dwelling/Family:  264/270.  enumerated 10 May 1910:Colvin, George W,
Head, 40, m1 18 yrs, MI/OH/- Farmer, General Farm,Rents Farm.  Nellie [sic],
Wife, 37, m1 18 yrs, mother of 5 children,5 living, MI/MI/OH.  Zenas C, Son,
17, MI/MI/MI.  Farm Laborer, HomeFarm, Attended School.  Elmer F, Son, 15,
MI/MI/MI.  Attended School.Beatrice M, Daughter, 13, MI/MI/MI. Attended
School.  Georgia G,Daughter, 10, MI/MI/MI. Attended School.  Samuel M, Son, 5,

CENSUS:  1920 US Census for MI, Barry Co., Hastings.  District: 53.Enumerated:
12-13 January.  Dwelling/Family:  53/53.  George Colvin,head, 50, MI/OH/MI,
farmer, general farm.  Millie, wife, 47, MI/MI/OH.Georgia, dau., 20, MI/MI/MI,
polisher in factory.  Samuel, son, 15,MI/MI/MI.

DEATH:  Michigan Death Index (Ancestry transcription).  Samuel MColvin. Birth
Date: 27 Aug 1904. Death Date: 12 Jun 1982. Gender:Male. Residence: Marshall,
Calhoun, Michigan. Place of Death:Marshall, Calhoun, Michigan.

OBITUARY:  “Marshall Evening Chronicle” [Marshall, Calhoun Co., MI],
Monday, 14 Jun 1982, p. 2, col. 3:
Samuel M. Colvin
  Samuel M. Colvin, 77, 1206 Verona Rd., died Saturday, June 12, at Oaklawn
Hospital after a lengthy illness. He had been a patient there since June 2.
  Friends may call at the Craig K. Kempf Funeral Home where funeral services
will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Harold Filbrandt of the United
Methodist Church officiating. Interment will be in Oakridge Cemetery. Friend
who wish may make memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society.
Envelopes are available at the funeral home.
  Mr. Colvin was born Aug. 27, 1904, in Hastings to George and Millie [Reed]
Colvin. He was married Feb. 12, 1927, in Lake Odessa to Estella F. Noble. He
came to Marshall in 1979 from Battle Creek, where he had lived most of his
life. He retired in 1964 from Hughes Aircraft Company in Tucson, Ariz., where
he had worked for eight years, and then returned to Battle Creek. He was also
a former employee of Union Pump Company in Battle Creek, worked for 16 years
at the former Hastings Table Company, and for short periods at a furniture
factory in Grand Rapids and at Kalamazoo’s Checker Cab Company.
  Mr. Colvin was a member of the Loyal Order of the Moose, Lodge No. 676 and
the Western Michigan Legion of the Moose, No. 106. Mrs. Colvin preceded him in
death Jan. 26, 1961.
  Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Richard [Betty] Mingus of Riverside,
Calif.; two sons, Roger E. Colvin of Marshall and Donald M. Colvin of Battle
Creek; 14 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; a brother, Elmer Colvin of
Hastings; two sisters, Mrs. Warren [Georgia] Brogan of Hastings, and Mrs.
Beatrice LaFayette of Lake Orion; and nieces and nephews. A brother, Zenus,
preceded him in death.

Samuel Merrick Colvin
Birth:  Oct 27, 1904
Death:  Jun 12, 1982
Buried:  Oaklridge Cemetery, Marshall, Calhoun Co., MI
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Notes for Samuel Parker COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for RI, Providence Co., Providence Ward 1.Enumerated:
19 Jun 1860  Dwelling/Family:  690/1001.  Samuel P.Colvin, 32, machinist, RI. 
Louisa, 35, RI.  Louisa, 5, RI.  George,3, RI.

BURIAL:  Samuel Parker Colvin.  Birth: 1831.Death:  1908. 
Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, Providence Co., RI.Photo... Briggs-Colvin
1800 - Amy Angell Low Briggs - 1860
1823 - William Angell Briggs - 1893
1825 - Catherine A. Briggs - 1877
1845 - George W. Briggs - 1845
1860 - Charles E. Briggs - 1864
1881 - Samuel Parker Colvin - 1908
1827 - Louisa Angell Colvin - 1900
1855 - Maria Louisa Colvin 1923
1862 - Mary Parker Colvin - 1944
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Notes for Sanford COLVIN

BURIAL:  Town of Theresa, Jefferson County, NY, Cemetery Inscriptions:Colvin,
Sanford, SN. Benj. & Maria L., 23 MAY 1862, 4M,10D, OldTheresa
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Notes for Sanford G COLVIN

BIRTH:  Vermont Vital Records Pre-1870, originally researched by Dawn D. Hance,
Rutland, VT and added to by Marilyn Solari and Carol Page Tilson.  Sanford
Colvin, b. 2 Mar 1770 RI, s/o Levi & Lydia Colvin;rec. at Clarendon
BIRTH:  LDS FamilySearch Microfilm Birth record [Microfilmtranscription]
Birth - Male
Sandford Colvin
Date of Birth:  1770 March 2
Maiden name of mother:  Lydia
Full name of Father:  Levi Colvin
Town:  Rhode Island
Town Clerk:  Stephen Arnold

Note:  Little Rest has been called Kingston since 1826 and is in SouthKingston
Twp, Washington Co. (not Newport Co.) RI.  BIRTH: Register ofthe Society of
Mayflower descendants in the District of Columbia, 1970: in commemoration of
the 350th anniversary of the landing of thePilgrims at Plymouth in 1620. 
Washington, D.C.: The Society, 1970,596 pgs.  Author:  Anonymous.  (copy on

Changed last name to Calvin.  From:  Calvin, Claude W. "The Calvinfamilies :
origin and history of the American Calvins, with a partialgenealogy" 
Pasadena, Calif.: unknown, 1945, 417 pgs.

"Sanford Jenks[sic] Calvin, born in Rhode Island in 1770, was a son ofLevi and
Lydia (Jencks) Calvin, and great great grandson of theimmigrant John Calvin of
Dartmouth, (Sanford 5, Levi, 4, Jeremiah 3,John, Jr, 2. John 1.).  His mother,
Lydia was the grand-daughter of aColonial Governor of Rhode Island.  Sanford
removed with his parentsas a child to Clarendon, Vermont, where is father was
a leadingcitizen and  officer in the Vermont militia during he
Revolution.Sanford is said to have studied law and to have been admitted to
thebar in 1790, practicing his profession in Rutland until 1804 when heremoved
to Smithfield, Madison Co., NY where he resided the rest ofhis life.  He is
said to have insisted on writing his name as itsounded to him and always
spelled it Calvin.  However, as he was aneducated man, one may suspect that
the change was based on theconviction after investigation that the name was
originally Calvin andshould be so spelled.  The form Calvin was continued by
his childrenand has always since been used by his descendants who are
thusproperly to be considered as of the Calvin family to which theimmigrant
John of Dartmouth is believed to have belonged."  This wholeburb is *just*
family lore.

Todate, no one has found any document on which Sanford signed -- orwas
identified with -- the middle name Jenks.  It was always SanfordG.  even on a
listing of 1850 (or 1870) Madison Co., NY, Justices ofthe Peace.

"Sanford J. Calvin was twice married and had eleven children.  Hisfirst wife
was Abigail Chipman, of a distinguished Vermont family, bywhom he had two sons
and three daughters, the sons having been AlpheusReed Calvin (1793-1839) and
Dileno Dexter Calvin (1798-1884).  Theformer of these Alpheus, removed to
Jefferson Co., NY, and had a son,Delano Chipman Calvin (v. 1824) who was a
prominent lawyer and in 1875became Surrogate of New York."

CENSUS:  1790 US Census for VT, Rutland Co.: A descriptive Enumerationof the
Inhabitants of the Town of Rutland Taken AD 1791, p. 238:
Calvin, Sanford [3 in household; probable identifications]1 male over16 [b.
bef. 1774] = Sanford2 females = Wife Abigail & Daughter Zilpha

CENSUS:  1800 US Census for VT, Rutland Co., Clarendon, p. 41:
Colvin, Sanford [7 in household with probably identifications]2 malesunder 10
[b. 1790-1800] = Alpheus & Dileno Dexter
1 male 26-45 [b. 1755-1774] = Sanford2 females under 10 [b.1790-1800] =
Zilpha & Electa1 female 10-16 [b. 1784-1890] = ?1female 26-45 [b. 1755-1774]
= Abigail

SOURCE:  Deed Abstracts from Clarendon, Rutland Co., VT, Land Records:
p. 362: Levi Colvin to Sanford G. Colvin, both of Clarendon, Rutland,VT, 40
acres in Clarendon Twp., bounded . . . southwest of the sd.Levi Colvin's now
Dwelling house . . . Common land . . . North line ofland Deeded by Thomas Pell
to Said Sanford G. Colvin to the Northeastcorner of sd. land deeded by Pell to
sd. Sanford . . . - __ Aug 1798.Wit: Joseph Dexter & Caleb Ingalls.
Acknowledged 14 Aug 1798 by LeviColvin. Recorded 18 Dec 1800.
p. 363: Alpheus Colvin to Sanford G. Colvin, both of Clarendon,Rutland, VT, 3
acres in Clarendon Twp., bounded . . . at the SE cornerof a three acre lot of
land that Thomas Pell deeded to the sd. SanfordG. Colvin . . . to Jesse King's
land . . . to the sd. Sanford's line-- Aug 1798. Wit. Garret Lawrence &
Jonathan Colvin. Acknowledged 14Aug 1798 by Alpheus Co. Recorded 18 Dec 1800.
p. 364: Sanford G. Colvin to Christopher Goff, both of Clarendon,Rutland, VT,
50 acres in Clarendon Twp., bounded . . . SW of AlpheusColvin's Spring . . .
Common Land . . . Jesse King's land . . . 14 Dec1800. Wit: Lewis Walker &
Alpheus Colvin. Acknowledged 14 Dec 1800 bySanford G. Colvin. Recorded 18 Dec
p. 420: Sanford G. Colvin to Luther Cotter, both of Clarendon, RutlandCo., VT,
30 acres in Clarendon Twp, bound . . . 32 rods east of thehighway on Samuel
Ormsbees South line of his home farm . . . ElijahShaws North line . . . 7 Oct
1801. Wit Lewis Walker & Lewis Walker,Jr. Acknowledge 8 Oct 1801 by Sanford G.
Colvin. Recorded 11 Oct 1801.

Cazenovia Town Assessment Roll for 1805
Colvin, Sanford G., (Colvin, Sanford G.), Real Estate valued at $25,Total
Valuation = $25, Tax Due = $0.07.

SOURCE:  Madison County [New York] Proceedings to 1810:
Henry Clark, jr., Brookfield; Elisha Williams, Cazenovia; RobertAvery, Eaton;
John Hall, Hamilton; John W. Bulkley, Lebanon; Amos W.Fuller and Stephen F.
Backstone, Madison; John Dorrance, Asa Dana andSanford G. Calvin, Smithfield,
and Jacob Patrick, Sullivan, wereappointed Justices of the Peace for the year

SOURCE:  "Our County and its People: a Descriptive Work on ErieCounty, New
York," ed. Truman C. White [The Boston History Co., Publishers, Boston, 1898],
Vol. 1, p. 186, Just Before the War [of1812]:
In April, 1812, Abel M. Grosvenor, the Buffalo merchant, was nominated for the
Assembly by the Federalists [who now assumed so far as they were able the
title "Federalist Republicans"]. The law passed byCongress in February calling
for the organization of any army of 25,000 men, and a speech by Daniel D.
Tompkins, governor of the State, to the Legislature, advising the State to
prepare for the approaching conflict, which caused intense excitement and
anxiety. At the same meeting which nominated Mr. Grosvenor, a great committee
was appointed, the members of which were doubtless the most influential men in
the county, and their names should, therefore, find a place here; they are as
follows: . . .
"Willink -- Abel Fuller, Ebenezer Holmes, John McKeen, Sanford G.Colvin, Levi
Blake, Ephraim Woodruff, Daniel Haskell, Samuel Merriam,Dr. John Watson, John
Gaylord, jr."
Note: In 1812, Willink would have been in Niagara Co., NY. Erie Countywas
created from Niagara County in 1821.
CENSUS:  1820 US Census for NY, Ontario Co., Palmyra, p. 342, no. 509:
Sanford Colvin [5 in household with possible identifications]:2 malesunder 10
[b. 1810-1820] = Stephen, DeWitt, Darius*1 male over 45 [b.bef 1775] =
Sanford1 female 10-16 [b. 1804-1810] = Lydia1 female16-26 [b. 1794-1804] =
* Possible enumerator error [recording two instead of three sons].

SOURCE:  "The Canadian Parliamentary Companion," ed. Henry J.
Morgan,Barrister-at-Law [Printed by John Lovell, Montreal, 1874] p.p.326-327:
Calvin, Dileno Dexter. [Frontenac.]
S. of Sanford G. Calvin, Esq., of Clendon, Vt. U.S., by AbigailChipman of the
same place. B in Clarendon Township, Rutland Co., Vt.,May 1798. M., 1st, 1831,
Miss Harriet Webb [she d.]; 2ndly, 1844, MissMarion Breck [she d.]; 3rdly,
1861, Miss Catherine Wilkinson.Commenced business in Can., 1825, as a ship
builder and lumbermanufacturer, in which his firm, Calvin and Breck, still
continues. Amem. of the Canal Commission, 1870. Was Reeve of Wolfe Island
forseveral years, and is now Reeve of Garden Island. Held the office ofWarden
of Frontenac during four different terms. A dir. of theKingston and Pembroke
Railway. First returned to Parlt., for presentseat, Sept., 1868, in place of
the late Sir Henry Smith; re-elected byacclamation, at last g.e. A
Conservative. In favor of the internalimprovement of the country by the
building of Canals, Railroads, &c.-- Garden Island, Kingston, Ont.

BIRTH & DEATH INFORMATION: Register of the Society of Mayflowerdescendants in
the District of Columbia, 1970 : in commemoration ofthe 350th anniversary of
the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth in1620.  Washington, D.C.: The
Society, 1970, 596 pgs.  Author:Anonymous.

BURIAL:  Unknown
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Notes for Sanford G COLVIN

BURIAL:   Sanford G. Colvin 9 Dec. 1840 1 yr. 15 das son of Darius P.Colvin &
Candace Colvin.  Alexander Village Cemetery (A/K/A RailroadAvenue Cemetery)
Alexander, Genesee County, New
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 Census for IL, DeKalb Co., Kingston.  p. 107.Enumerated: 26 Jun. 
Dwelling/Family:  747/129.  Ira Colvin, 50,farmer, $100 pers value, NY. 
Huldah Colvin, 50, house keeper, NY.Sarah, 12, NY.  Henry Allen, 24, farm
laborer, $200 pers value, NY.Mary, 23, house keeper, PA.  James, 10/12, IL.

BURIAL:  Belvidere Cemetery, Boone Co., IL.  Clark, Sarah (Colvin),
b.1849-02-18, New York, 64, 1914-02-04, Clark, Henry
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Ontario Co., Victor.  Pg. 15.Enumerated 21 Jun
1860.  Dwelling/Family:  120/120.  Taber H. Colvin,40, Farmer, real estate
value 9000, NY.  Elizabeth D. Colvin, 41, NY;Varnum, 21, commission, NY; Isaac
D., 18, student, NY; Mariette, 16,NY; Aldrich T., 8, NY; Sarah, 6, NY; Phebe,
4, NY; Jennie, 2, NY.
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for WI, Washington Co., North Bend, p. 37A,Dwelling &
Family: 617, enumerated 21 Aug 1850:  Thomas Colvin, 55,Farmer, $150 real
estate, VT.  Hannah, 48, VT.  Sarah, 19, NY.Carlista, 17, NY.  William, 15,
NY.  Eathn, 14, NY.  Phebe, 12, NY.Oleva, 11, NY.
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

SOURCE:  Porter Matteson, "Colvins in America"  Columbus, OH.  Copy on file.
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CENSUS:  1860 US Census for RI, Kent Co., East Greenwich.  pg. 38.Enumerated: 
16 Jun 1860.  Dwelling/Family:  210/292.  Obadiah Colvin,49, stone mason, 900
personal value, RI.  Amy L., 44, RI.  William H.,23, RI.  Abby, 19, RI. 
Charles E., 18, RI.  Albert G., 21, farmlaborer, RI.  Mariah L., 21, RI. 
Sarah, 1 month, RI.
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

Researched and provided by C.P. Tilson.
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

SOURCE:   "Colvin's in America"  by Porter Matteson.  Columbus, Ohio.copy on

On file, a "faithful copy" of the Will of Reuben Colvin (1743-1812) ascopied
by the well known Historian Miss Isabel L. Cole of 325 SouthStreet,
Bennington, Vermont.  Bennington County, Vermont Probate CourtRecords of 1811,
Vol. 5, p. 90.  He mentions his beloved wife, SarahColvin, sons Thomas, David,
Reuben, daughters Sarah Colvin, FreeloveVail, and Eleanor Sage.  Son, David
Colvin, was Executor and it waswitnessed by Isaac Matteson and Joseph Stevens.

DEATH:  Vermont Vital Records Pre-1870, originally researched by Dawn D.
Hance, Rutland, VT and added to by Marilyn Solari and Carol Page Tilson. 
Sarah Colvin, d. 20 Mar 1835, age 66.  d/o Reuben & SarahColvin , N.

BURIAL:  Elwell, Levi Henry,. "The gravestone records of Shaftsbury,Bennington
County, Vermont." Amherst, Mass.: Composition andPresswork, 1992.  (Ancestry) 
Pg 14.
North Bennington Cemetery.  Colvin, Sarah, d. Reuben & Sharah Colvin,d. March
20, 1835, a. 66 y.
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

SOURCE:  "Colvins in America" by Porter Matteson.  Columbus, Ohio.Copy on file.

SOURCE:  Tim Esch, who with others, compiled a valuable familyhistory. Thank
you and all of those who worked with you Tim, for thiswonderful body of family
history.   July 2002.
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CENSUS:  1850 US Census for OH, Huron Co., Townsend Township, p. 387A,Dwelling
#769, Family #787, enumerated 16 Aug 1850:  Dennis Colvin,31, Farmer, NY. 
Harriet, 30, PA.  Sarah, 3, OH.  Hannah, 1 OH.
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

MAIN SOURCE:  W.C. McCaw through many emails in 2003/2004.

Source:  Tim Esch, who with others compiled a valuable family history.Thank
you Tim and to all of those who worked with you for thiswonderful body of
family history.   July 2002.
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

Note:  Bates researchers say she was Sarah Culver.  I don't believe soand
here's what  proof we can provide that she was NOT a Culver:(Note:  Researched
and provided by Carol Page Tilson)

If Loudon Bates' 1850 census listing was correct and his mother,Sarah, was
born ca 1770 in Rhode Island, the odds of her being aCulver are less-than-slim
to none.
Culver just isn't a major Rhode Island surname. While there arerecords of
scattered RI Culvers in earlier and later periods, at thetime in question,
there's just one. The only Culver listed on censusesfrom 1774-1800 was a David
Culver of West Greenwich. Born in 1750, hecould have had a daughter in 1770,
but he didn't.
Evidence found:
Arnold, James N., "Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850: A FamilyRegister
for the People," Vol. I, Part III, West Greenwich Births, p.67:   1-52 Culver,
Mary, of William and Desire. Jan. 2, 1746-7.---David. July 15, 1750--- Joel.
Aug. 31, 1752.--- Sarah. Mar. 9, 1757.2-136 --- William, of David and
Dorcas, July 26, 1774.
Ibid., West Greenwich Marriages, p. 14 [also p. 23, Hall surnamelistings]:
2-136: Culver, David, of William, and Dorcas Hall, of Preserved; m. byJob
Spencer, Justice, Dec. 6, 1773.
1774 Rhode Island Census, p. 142 [ transcription]:
David Culver [2 in household]--- 1 male over 16 [b. bef 1758]--- 1female
over 16 [b. bef 1758]
1777 Rhode Island Military Census, West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, p.132
[published, p. 7, original]:
David Culver, 16-50, West Greenwich
1790 Census, West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, p. 67:
David Culner/Culuer [5 in household]--- 1 male over 16 [b. bef1774]--- 2
males under 16 [b. aft 1774]--- 2 females
1800 Census, West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, p. 58:
David Culver [7 in household]--- 1 male under 10 [b. 1790-1800]--- 1male 45+
[b. bef 1755]--- 2 females 10-16 [b. 1784-1790]--- 1 female26-45 [b.
Ob. cit., Arnold, Vol. XIII, The Providence Gazette, Deaths, p. 311:
Culver, David, aged 60 years and son, aged 20, of Coventry, died inEast
Greenwich harbor. Gazette of August 10, 1811.

The brother, Joel Culver, does not show up on any Rhode Island census.A Joel
Culver does appear 1790 Census, Castleton, Rutland Co., VT. Ifthis was the
same Joel, he'd apparently left Rhode Island before 1774.
Don't you think that should be enough to get rid of "Culver" -- ifthat 1850
census listing is right?

CENSUS:  1840 US Census for OH, Portage Co., Hiram, p. 187:  Louden ABates [6
in household].
2 males under 5 [b. 1835-1840]1 male 5-10 [b. 1830-1835]1 male 30-40[b.
1800-1810]1 female 20-30 [b. 1810-1820]1 female 70-80 [b.1760-1770] =
CENSUS:  1850 US Census for OH, Portage Co., Township of Hiram, p. 7B,Dwelling
& Family #112, enumerated 25 Oct 1850:  Loudon A Bates, 43,Laborer, $75 real
estate, NY.  Harriet, 37, CT.  Sheldon D, 17, OH,Attended School.  Casper, 14,
OH, Attended School.  Ulyses, 12, OH,Attended School.  Harln [sic], 8, OH,
Attended School.  Harriet, 3,OH.  Walter, 1, OH.  Sarah, 80, RI.  Chloe, 26,
OH.  James L Green?,26, Stage Driver, OH
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CENSUS:  1900 US Census for NY, Warren Co., Johnsburgh.  E.D.  99.Enumerated:
12 Jun 1900.  Dwelling/Family:  154/155.  Stephen Colvin,head, May 1862, 38,
m17 yrs, NY/NY/NY, farmer.  Mary A., wife, Aug1862, 37, m17 yrs, 5 children, 5
living, NY/VT/NY.  Roxana, dau., Oct1895, 14, NY/NY/NY, at school.  Dennis,
son, Dec 1889, 10, NY/NY/NY,in school.  Sarah, dau., Mar 1891, 9, NY/NY/NY. 
Dellia, dau., Oct1893, 6, NY/NY/NY.  Earl, son, Jul 1899, 11/12, NY/NY/NY.

"The Warrensburg Lake George News"  [Warrensburg, Warren Co., NY]Article not
dated with other than 1972-1973
Sarah Heath has returned home from a visit with her son anddaughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Heath, at Truthville, Granville.
While visiting there, a grandson, Royce (Buddy) Heath met with a badaccident
when a farm tractor, driven by a young boy, age 13, crossedin front of him. He
was taken to the Glens Falls hospital and then toSt. Peter's Hospital in
Albany, where he underwent surgery.
Buddy will recuperate at his home with his aunt and uncle, Mr. andMrs. Elmer
Heath, who have cared for him since he was a small child.

"The Warrensburg Lake George News"  [Warrensburg, Warren Co., NY]Thursday,
October 3, 1974.
Sarah Heath is visiting her son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs. ElmerHeath at
Truthbille, RD Granville.

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index
Name: Sarah Heath
Last Residence: 12811 Bakers Mills, Warren, New York
Born: 25 Mar 1891
Died: May 1975
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1973)

"The Warrensburg Lake George News"  [Warrensburg, Warren Co., NY]Thursday, May
29, 1975
Many relatives were called here recently for the deaths of NelsonDunkley
Edward Summer, Sarah Heath and Vernice
Hitchcock. We all feel the loss of these special ones.

OBITUARY:  "The Warrensburg Lake George News"  [Warrensburg, WarrenCo., NY] 
Thursday, May 22, 1975
BAKERS MILLS-Mrs Sarah Heath of Bakers Mills died Tuesday morning (May13. 1975
at the Glens Falls Hospital after a short illness.
She was a member of the Bakers Mills Wesleyan Church. Survivorsinclude two
sons, Elmer of Granville and Carl of North Creek; twodaughters Mrs Gordon
Persons Jr North Creek and Mrs. Mary Bene ofEssex Junction Vermont; a sister
Mrs. Blanche Colvin of Glens Falls;15 grandchildren; and 38 greatgranchildren.
Services were conducted at 2 pm. Thursday at the funeral home by theRev.
Gilbert Clemons, pastor of the Wesleyan Church. Interment was inBates Cemetery

Sarah Colvin Heath
Birth:  1891
Died:  1975
Burial:  Bates Cemetery, Johnsburg, Warren Co., NY
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

BIRTH:  Information from Individual Record on FamilySearch.  Film #:452104,
Ref. #:  45590.  August 2002
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Notes for Sarah COLVIN

BURIAL: Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Transcription Project.Briggs, Sarah
(Colvin) 1743 - on Lot, Foster, Providence Co.  [FR101]
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Notes for Sarah A COLVIN

CENSUS:  1870 USCensus for NY, Oswego Co., Town of Orwell, OrwellP.O., p.p.
5A-5B, Dwelling #73, Family: 89, enumerated 8 Aug 1870:Colvin, John, 26,
Farmer, NY.   Susan, 25, Keeping House, NY.  Sarah,7, NY, Attended School, 
John, 6, NY, Attended School.  Frances, 4, NY[Male]  Frederick, 2, NY.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for NY, Oswego Co., Orwell, E.D. 243, p.
283C,Dwelling/Family: 330/346, enumerated 24-25 Jun 1880:  Colvin, John,41,
Farmer, NY.  Susan, 36 Wife, NY/NY/NY.  Sarah A, 18, Daughter, AtHome,
Attended School, NY/NY/NY.  John F, 17, Son, At Home, Attended School,
NY/NY/NY.  Francis, 14, Son, Attended School, NY/NY/NY.Frederick H, 12, Son,
Attended School, NY/NY/NY.  William S, 5, Son,NY/NY/NY.
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Notes for Sarah A COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for NY, Monroe Co., Henrietta, p. 284B,Dwelling #1595,
Family #1598, enumerated 2 Oct 1850:  Ashley Colvin,33, Farmer, $7000 real
estate, NY.  Margaret, 30/31, NY.  Clarry*, 10,NY, Attended School.  Elenor,
8, NY, Attended School.  Mary, 6, NY,Attended School.  Sarah, 5, NY.  Isaac,
1, NY.  Homer Higgins, 21,Laborer, Ireland. John Ireland?, 17, Laborer,
Ireland. Esther King,24, Ireland. Anna Witheral, 15, England*Clarissa Delano
Colvin, d.26 Sep 1872, Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI; m. Edward Sperry bef

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Monroe Co., Henrietta, East HenriettaP.O., p.
809, Dwelling #40, Family #38, enumerated 13 Jun 1860:Ashley Colvin, 43,
Farmer, $13,000 real estate, $1000 pers estate, NY.Margaret P, 39, NY.  Mary
F, 16, NY, Attended School.  Sarah A, 14,NY, Attended School.  Isaac A, 10,
NY, Attended School.  Martha D, 7,NY, Attended School.  Bridget Kelly, 39,
Domestic, Ireland.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for MI, Calhoun Co., Township of Emmett,Battle Creek
P.O., p. 580B, Dwelling #125, Family #124, enumerated 8Jul 1870: Colvin,
Ashley, 54, Farmer, $20,000 real estate, $1407pers estate, NY.  Margaret, 49,
Keeping House, NY.  Sarah, 24, AtHome, NY.  Isaac, 20, Works on Farm, NY. 
Martha, 19, At Home, NY .Isabella, 7, NY.  Stone, Jake, 22 [B], Works on Farm,

BURIAL:  Oak Hill Cemetery, Calhoun Co., MI.  Family Monument -Children of
Ashley & Margaret P. Colvin.  Sarah Born Oct. 27, 1845Died Dec.
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Notes for Sarah Ann COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for MI, Jackson Co., Parma, Sandstone [Twp],E.D. 28,
Sheet 2B, Dwelling/Family: 50/52, 49 Union Street, enumerated2 Jun 1900: 
Calvin, John J,  Head, b. Feb 1851, 49, m. 28 yrs,MI/UNK/UNK, Day Laborer,
Rents House.  Arilda Ann, Wife, b. Dec 1857,42, m. 28 yrs, mother of 5
children, 5 living, MI/MI/MI.  John Henry,Son, b. May 1880, 20, IN/MI/MI,
Laborer.  Lula, Daughter, b. Aug 1885,14, IL/MI/MI, At School.  Sarah Ann,
Daughter, b. Nov 1887, 12,IL/MI/MI, At School.  William D, Son, b. Mar 1893,
7, IL/MI/MI, AtSchool.  Ethel Z, Daughter, b. Nov 1895, 4, IL/MI/MI.

BURIAL:  Bly Cemetery, Marcellus, Cass County, Michigan Blood, ClydeA, b.
1882, d. 1950 Blood, Sarah A, b. 1887, d. 1931
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Notes for Sarah Ann COLVIN

Rochester Monthly Meeting, Monroe County, New York: Quaker Records
Isaac Colvin b 7-7-1789 , Danby, VT , s Isaac & Lydia d 1-6-1872Sarah b

BURIAL:  Friends Burial Ground, Mendon, NY.  West side of QuakerMeeting House., Sarah A. [Colvin]
d. March 26, 1845 age 20.  [b. April 30,1825].  Row 6 North
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Notes for Sarah Ann COLVIN

Source:  Marilyn Solari via email 16 Mar 2008.   Copy of email behindTimothy.

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for CT, Hartford Co., Avon.  Enumerated  17Aug 1850. 
Pg. 265 (stamped).  Dwelling/Family:  53/56.  TimothyColvin, 53, farmer, 3000
real estate, CT.  Sally A. Colvin, 46, NY.Sarah Colvin, 25, CT.  Charles
Colvin, 21, Farmer, CT.  Timothy Jr.,16, Farmer, CT.  William V. Colvin, 14,
CT.  Susan M. Colvin, 10, CT.Henrietta Colvin, 7, CT.  Frederick Colvin, 5,
CT.  Alice W. Colvin,3, CT.  Channing Barber, 19, Laborer, CT.

BURIAL:  West Avon Cemetery, Avon, Hartford Co., CT.  Find-a-Grave -photo of
tombstone there as well.  Inscription:SARAH A wife of SamuelM. Hart DIED
March 18. 1866 AE. 41
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Notes for Sarah Ann COLVIN

BIRTH:  LDS Collection -- [FamilySearch pilot site extraction]:
Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
name:	Sarah Ann Colvin
gender:	Female
birth date:	29 Nov 1830
birthplace:	Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
father's name:	Zacheus Colvin
mother's name:	Polly Colvin
indexing project (batch) number:	I00799-6
system origin:	Massachusetts-EASy
source film number:	751415
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Notes for Sarah Anna COLVIN

BURIAL:  Walnut Grove Cemetery [Worthington, Franklin Co., OH]:Charles Hector
Case b. 11 July 1824 -- d. 16 Dec 1888.  Sarah AnnColvin Case b. 9 Nov 1827 --
d. 17 July 1891.
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Notes for Sarah Anne COLVIN

SOURCE: Massachusetts, Birth Records, 1840-1915[Original image]
Name:	Sarah A Colvin
Gender:	Female
Birth Date:	5 Oct 1856
Birth Place:	Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA
Father:	George W Colvin
Mother:	Florinda Colvin

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Providence Co., Smithfield Districts 1& 4.
Enumerated:  3 Aug 1870. Dwelling/Family:  1200/1516.  George W.Colvin, 45,
laborer, $150 pers property, MA.  Florinda, 41, keepinghouse, RI.  Abby J.,
19, works in cotton Mill, Ri.  Lydia F., 18,works in cotton mill, CT.  Celia
M., 17, works in cotton mill, MA.Eldora, 15, works in cotton mill, MA.  Sarah
Anne, 13, works in cottonmill, MA.  Lydia M, 12, attending school, MA.  Elsie
A., 10, attendingschool, MA.  Caroline M., 7, attending school, MA.  Susan E.,
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Notes for Sarah Brownell COLVIN

SOURCE:  "Genealogy of the Potter Family Originating in Rhode Island"Rev.
Jeremiah Potter, Phenix, R.I., John H. Campbell, Book and Job Printer 1881. p.

BIRTH: LDS Extracted records:  Vital Records, 1722-1890.  Cranston,Rhode
Island Town Clerk   Film #:  931514   Call #:  0931514  Batch #:C512452. 
Sarah B. Colvin, 28 Jun 1858, Cranston, Providence Co., RI.Parents:  Hanan
Colvin and Phebe.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Warwick.   Enumerated:  6Jun 1860 
Dwelling/Family:  156/195.  Hanan Colvin, 36, machinist, RI.Phebe, 34, MA. 
Sarah, 3, RI.

CENSUS:  1865 State Census for RI, Providence Co., Scituate.Enumerated:  June
1, 1865.    Family:  98
Hanan Colvin, 41, b. Scituate, farmer.
Phebe H., 39, MA, housekeeper.
Sarah B., 8, Cranston.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Providence Co., Scituate.  Pg. 79Enumerated: 
19 Jul 1870.  Dwelling/Family:  605/706.  Hanan Colvin,46, farmer, RI.  Phebe,
43, keeping house, MA.  Sarah, 13, at home,RI.

BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave.comSarah Brownell Colvin BennettBIRTH:1858DEATH: 
1918BURIED:  Cottrell Cemetery, Scituate, ProvidenceCo., RITombstone photo
on memorial.
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Notes for Sarah C COLVIN

DEATH:  Michigan Death Index, 1867-1897.  FamilySearch IGI
Extraction.[Microfilm image]
Name: Sarah C. Colvin
Death date/place: 22 Jul 1874,  Seneca, Lenawee, Michigan
Gender: Female
Age at death: 2 years 22 months
Estimated birth year/place: 1872, Michigan
Marital status: Single
Father name: Jerome Colvin
Mother name: Mary Colvin
Occupation: Child
Film number: 2363453
Digital GS number: 4207883
Image number: 991
Reference number: p 153 rn 306
Collection: Michigan Deaths 1867-1897
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Notes for Sarah Chase COLVIN

SOURCE:  Tim Esch, via emails in July 2002.

BURIAL: The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Index. 
Nye Sally C - 16 May SC121   David Colvin Cemetery ScituateeGlenview CT ->300
ft. N
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Notes for Sarah E COLVIN

CENSUS:  1900 US Census for NE, Box Butte Co., Nonpareil.  District
7.Enumerated: 5 Jun 1900. Dwelling/Family:  15/15.  Theodore Colvin,head, Jul
1846, 53, yrs, m32 yrs, OH/OH/OH, farmer.  Fidelia E., wife,Jul 1850, 49, m32
yrs, 11 children, 7 surviving, NY/NY/NY.  Jasper W.,son, Jun 1876, 23,
IA/OH/NY, farm laborer.  Clinton, son, Feb 1881,19, IA/OH/NY, farm laborer. 
Rosy M., dau., Aug 1885, 14, IA/OH/NY.Sarah E., dau., Feb 1889, 11, NE/OH/NY. 
Nellie M., dau., Jan 1893, 7,NE/OH/NY.
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Notes for Sarah E COLVIN

SOURCE:    Calvin, Claude W.  "The Calvin families : origin andhistory of the
American Calvins, with a partial genealogy"  Pasadena,Calif.: unknown, 1945,
417 pgs.  p. 168

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Wayne Co., Macedon.  Pg. 395.Dwelling/Family: 
2951/3142.  Stephen Colvin, 47, grocer, NY.  ReliefColvin, 33, NY.  Sarah E.
Colvin, 6, NY.  Lydia H. Colvin, 4 months,NY.  Enumerated 2 Oct 1860.
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Notes for Sarah E. COLVIN

BIRTH:   Photocopy of page of Bible belonging to William D. Stevens.  Copy on

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for PA, Luzerne Co., Abington.  Enumerated: 21 Oct
1850.  Dwelling/Family:  2182/2196.  Stephen Colvin, 43, farmer, $6,000 real
estate value, RI.  Hannah, 32, NY.  Sarah, 19, PA. Mary A., 16, PA.  Laton,
12, PA.  Philip O., 5, PA.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Cortland Co., Cincinnatus.  Enumerated:  12
Jul 1860.  Dwelling/Family:  261/262.  Stephen Colvin,53, farmer, $6,000 real
estate value, $3,500 pers value, NY.  Hannah, 42, NY.  L.O. Colvin, 22,
manufacturer, PA.  Otis P., 15, PA.  Phebe P. Crittenden, 28, daughter, NY.

Sarah E. Colvin Stevens
Birth:  Aug 22, 1831
Death:  Feb 23, 1904
Buried:  Nicholson Cemetery, Nocholson, Wyoming Co., PA
Tombstone photo on memorial.
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Notes for Sarah Elizabeth COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for NY, Essex Co., Chesterfield.  Enumerated:18 Sept
1850.   Dwelling/Family:  3490/3570.  Alvin Colvin, 57,wharfinger, 15,000 real
estate value, b. VT.  Jerusha, 48, NY.Jerusha, 17.  Elizabeth, 13.  Mary, 23. 
Jane McCausn? 19, Canada.Edward, 15.  Charles White, 21, Corpl?, NY.  Newcomb
Weston, 24,Corpl.?  Chester Doughty, 28, Clerk.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Essex Co., Chesterfield.  Alvin Colvinis 61
years of age, born in Vermont and his occupation is"wharfinger".  His wife,
Jerusha, is 58 years of age and was born inNew York.  Others in the home: 
Elizabeth Colvin, age 23, born in NY;John Colvin, age 23, born in NY; Eliza
Satzmann(?), age 20 (actually Ibelieve she is 30), born in Canada; Andrew J.
Colvin, age 13 and bornin NY; Eugenia A., age 11, born in Canada; and
Sylvester E. Colvin,age 8, born in Canada; and a laborer, Richard S. Wells,
age 38 born inNY.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for Ny, Essex Co., Chesterfield.  p. 39.Enumerated: 
15 Jul 1870.   Dwelling/Family:  288/294.  Colvin, Alvin,71, wharfinger., VT. 
Jerusha, 68, keeping house, NY.  Jenny, 29, athome, NY.  Martin, Eliza, 24,
domestic servant, Canada.  LillianColvin, 7, attending school.

CENSUS;  1910 US Census for NY, Town of Chesterfield, Port KentVillage*, Essex
Co., E.D. #39, Sheet 9B [stamped 190B],Dwelling/Family: 151/16, enumerated 23
Apr 1910:  Whitney, C. J.,Head, Female, 71, Wd, mother of 2 children, 1
living, NY/VT/NY, OwnIncome, Owns House Free.    Notes: Hopefully the census
taker meant towrite "Mrs." C. J.   Port Kent Village must not have been
anincorporated place; both the name and the word "incorporated" arecrossed

"The Essex County Republican," 27 May 1910:
THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, By the Grace of God, Free andIndependent,
to Sarah E. Whitney residing at Chesterfield, New York;Benjamin W. Burland
residing at Cedar Keys, Florida; Latitia Maximresiding at Burlington, Vermont;
Harry/Harvy Bradshaw, residing at 502Iron Block, Milwaukee, Wis.; Maude
Heiby/Helby, residing at WestAllis, Milwaukee, Wis.; Francis A. Tamble
residing at 471 GreenbushSt., Milwaukee, Wis.; Grace Appleyard residing at
Frankfort, Kansas;Estella Finn residing at 2?03? Clybourn St., Milwaukee,
Wis.; GeorgeE. Appleyard residing at No. 90 10th St., Milwaukee, Wis.; Mary
E.McGarigle, residing at ?92 21st ave., Milwaukee, Wis.; Emma
Appleyardresiding at 723 East 6th St., Devils Lake, No. Dakota; Charles
T.Appleyard residing at 535 South 6th St., Springfield, Ill,, the heirsat law
and next of kin of Jerusha H. Doughty late of the town ofChesterfield in the
County of Essex and State of New York, deceased,Send Greetings:
Whereas, Anthime Charbonneau of the town of Ausable in the County ofClinton,
and State of New York, has lately applied to our Surrogate ofour County of
Essex, to have a certain instrument in writing relatingto both real and
personal estate, duly proved as the Last Will andTestament of the said Jerusha
H. Doughty deceased, therefore you andeach of you are hereby cited and
required personally to be andappeared before our said Surrogate at his office
in the village ofElizabethtown, in said county, on the 31st day of May, 1910,
at teno'clock in the forenoon of that day, then and there to attend theprobate
of the said instrument as the Last Will and Testament of saiddeceased.
IN TESTAMONY WHEREOF, we have caused the seal of office [L.S.] of oursaid
Surrogate to be hereunto affixed.
WITNESS, Rowland C. Kellogg, Esquire, Surrogate of our said County atthe
village of Elizabethtown, in said County, this 7th day of April,A. D. 1910.
LEVI S. POND, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court.

"Essex County Republican"
Sept. 30, 1910
For the third time in nine months the death messenger visited the oldColvin
Homestead at Port Kent and summoned to the rest and peace ofthe unknown
hereafter a weary pilgrim along life's journey.
The third of the four daughters of Alvin Colvin, Jerusha Doughty, diedin
The youngest and only surviving daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Whitney,died Sept.
Clarence J. Whitney, Sarah Whitney's husband, died in December of lastyear. 
All three had passed the seventieth mile stone, and all threewere glad to halt
and be at peace.
Sarah Elizabeth Colvin was born in Chesterfield, N.Y., her childhoodwas spent
on the Colvin farm, her girlhood at Port Kent, and the yearsof her maturity,
at Milwaukee and Chicago.  She was married toClarence Joshua Whitney in 1863.
Although a resident of the west during her married life, she had agreat
affection for the scenes of her childhood and visited LakeChamplain nearly
every summer.
She might be called the family nurse, as she was the one on whom thefamily
depended in times of sickness.
She was sent for to nurse both her father and her mother during theirlong
months of suffering and nearly four years ago she was again sentfor to care
for her sister Mrs. Doughty.  She who had spent so many,many watchful hours at
the bed side of her sick, needed not the careof nurse or physician, for death
was kind to her and lead her gentlyand quickly away.
Mrs. Whitney attended church service Sunday night the 18.  Tuesday shebusied
herself packing her trunk as she was planning in a few days toaccompany her
daughter to Iowa to spend the winter.  After she hadretired Tuesday evening
her daughter read aloud to her severalchapters from a story they were reading
together and then bidding hermother good night left her to join the children
in the tent.
Wednesday morning she was found unconscious and dying and though aphysician
and nurse were hastily summoned, their services were notneeded.
Friday afternoon, September 23rd she was laid to rest on the Colvinlot beside
her husband.
Mrs. Whitney leaves one daughter, May Whitney Farnham of Shenandoah,Iowa, to
mourn her loss, and two grandchildren, Ruth Elizabeth Farnhamand Elsy Whitney
Farnham.  "Alas for him who never sees The starsshine through his cypress
trees; Who, hopeless, lays his dead away.Or look - to see the breaking day 
Across the mournful marbles play"Who hath not learned in hours of faith.  The
truth to flesh and senseunknown, Thus Life is ever lord of Death.  And love
can never lose itsown."

BURIAL:  Port Kent Cemetery.  Chesterfield, Essex County, New
COLVIN.  (back)  Sarah COLVIN / His Wife / BornChesterfield, N.Y. / Nov. 1,
1836 / Died Port Kent, N.Y. / Sept. 21,1910 /
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Notes for Sarah F COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for MA, Norfolk Co., Town of Franklin, p.305A,
Dwelling/Family: 185/230, enumerated 27 Aug 1850: Caleb Colvin,49,
Manufacturer of Cotton, RI.  Mary, 43, Mass.  Alfred P, 17,Operative in Mill,
Mass, Attended School.  Mary, 13, Mass, Attended School.  Sarah F, 9, Mass,
Attended School.  Georgeana, 6, Mass,Attended School.  Zachery T, 9/12, Mass. 
Ann F Gay, 11, Mass,Attended School

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for MA, Worcester Co., Town of Holden, PaxtonP.O., Pg.
610, Dwelling/Family:  246/289, enumerated 23 Jun 1860:Calab Calvin, 59,
Manufacturer, $300 pers estate, NJ [sic].  Mary, 54,Mass.  Alva D/P, 29,
Manufacturer, Mass.  S J [female], 19, Teacher,Mass.  J N [female], 17,
Teacher, Mass, Attended School.  L F?[female], 10, Mass, Attended School. 
Henry Adamas/Adamns?, 20,Weaver, $100 pers estate, Mass.  Lucealia/Lucretia,
22, Mass.  A LPickering, 22, Farmer, Mass.  S B [female], 15, Mass.
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Notes for Sarah Hale COLVIN

BIRTH:  Rhode Island Archives - Sarah Hale Colvin born 29 Aug 1878 toStephen
and Clara Colvin.  Book: 78; Page 52; City:  35.

BURIAL:  The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Index.
Sarah H. Colvin, 1878 - 9 Nov 1961.  CY059=Greenwood Cemetery,Coventry,
Fairview Ave.
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Notes for Sarah J COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for NY, Steuben Co., Woodhull.  Enumerated 20Aug 1850. 
Dwelling/Family:  813/841.  Christopher Colvin, 49, Farmer,Value of real
estate, $3000, born in PA.  Betsey Colvin, 39, Canada;Calfunia (f), 18, NY;
Sarah, 14, NY; Wallace, 12, NY; Silas, 10, NY;James, 8, NY; George, 5, NY;
Parmelia, 2, NY.  Also in the home isAbram Peso, 17, NY, laborer.

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Steuben Co., Woodhull.  Pg 3,enumerated 12 Jun
1860.  Family/Dwelling:  18.  Christopher Colvin,68, farmer, 5000, 1663, NY. 
Betsey, 48, Canada.  Sarah, 24, schoolteaching, NY; Wm. W., 22, school
teaching, NY; Silas, 20, farmer, NY;James, 17, farmer, NY; George, 15, farmer,
NY; Permelia, 12; NY;Willis A., 2, NY.

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for NY, Steuben Co., Woodhull.  Pg 8.Enumerated 21 Jul
1870.  Family/Dwelling:  76/76.  Christopher Colvin,69, farmer, real estate
value 7000, personal value 2268, NY.  BetseyColvin, 59, keeping house, NY. 
Sarah, 34, teacher, NY; Willis A., 12,attending school, NY.

BURIAL:  Woodhull Village Cemetery, Town of Woodhull.  Located on thesouth
side of State Rt. 417 at the Woodhull exit, Woodhull,
NY.  Sarah J.Colvin,
b. 1836; d. Aug 2, 1876 Daughter of Christopher Colvin andElizabeth Cooper
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Notes for Sarah Jane COLVIN

BIRTH: Massachusetts, Birth Records, 1840-1915.[Original Image]
Name:	Sarah Jane Colvin
Gender:	Female
Birth Date:	25 Sep 1851
Birth Place:	Randolph, Massachusetts, USA
Father:	Danl H Colvin (AC's transcriber error - David)
Mother:	Amarantha Waterman

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for RI, Providence Co., District No. 1,
TownSmithfield, Woonsocket P.O., p. 95, Dwelling/Family: 260/342,enumerated 14
Jun 1860:  David H Colvin, 40, Blacksmith, RI.Amarantha, 29, RI.  Elisha, 17,
Laborer, RI, Attended School.  EdgarJ, 10, Mass, Attended School.  Sally, 8,
Mass, Attended School.Ellen, 1, Mass,  Ida, 1/12, RI
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Notes for Sarah Jane COLVIN

CENSUS:  1830 US Census for NY, Niagara Co., Lewiston.
Zina H. Colvin,
1 male under 5 [Benjamin]
1 male between 30-40 [Zina]
2 femails between 5-10
1 female between 10-15
1 female between 20-30

CENSUS:  1850 US Census for NY, Erie Co., Buffalo Ward 2.  31 July1850. 
Dwelling/Family:  58/531.  Henry B. Ritchie, 38, ? Merchant, England. 
Catherine, 28, NY.  Zolfair C., 1, NY.  Sarah D. Evans,31, NY.  Jasper B.
Evans, 12, NY.  Elizabeth Kreishmen, 25, Germany.Catharine Sheafer, 9, NY. 
Edmund Ritchie, 15, Canada.
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Notes for Sarah Jane COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for OR, Umpqua Co., Locust Grove. District 5.Enumerated
10 Jul 1860.  Pg 11.  Caleb Calvin/Colvin is 35 years ofage, born in NY and a
farmer with real estate value 300/500.  Hiswife, Caroline, is 26 years of age
and was born in Canada.  Children:Wm. F., age 13, born in IL; Sarah Jane, age
5, born in OR.
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Notes for Sarah Leah COLVIN

Main Source:  Carol Page Tilson who researched and provided theinformation.
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Notes for Sarah Loretta COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for MI, Van Buren Co., Porter Township, LawtonP.O., p.
1006 [144], Dwelling/Family: 1134/1135, enumerated 20 Aug1860:  Martin G
Colvin, 41, Farmer, $1000 real estate, OH. Lucy A, 26,NY. George, 20, Farm
Laborer, MI, Attended School.  Franklin W, 18,Farm Laborer, MI Attended
School.  Mary B, 16, MI Attended School.John J, 9, MI Attended School. Sarah,
5, MI.

BURIAL:  Oakwood Cemetery, Section 11, Joliet Twp.  1201 East Cass St,Joliet,
Will Co., IL
#705: Sarah Loretta Brott, b. Porter, Michigan, res. Joliet, IL, d.Jan 13,
1908, bur Jan 15, 1908; cause of death: Dropsy, Age 52 yrs indate of birth
block, Lot E 1/2 56, Block A
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Notes for Sarah Mabel COLVIN

BIRTH:  LDS Extracted records: Records of births, marriages anddeaths,
1800-1903 (Scituate, Rhode Island) Town Clerk Film #: 941154Batch #: C501972.
Sarah Mabel Colvin, 6 Sep 1866, Scituate Twp.,Providence Co., RI. Parents:
Nathan Colvin and Sarah

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for RI, Kent Co., Coventry.  Pg. 88.Dwelling/Family: 
630/780.  Nathan Colvin, 22, farmer, 200 personalvalue, RI.  Sarah D., 20,
keeping house, RI.  Sarah M., 3, RI.Welcome G., 1, RI.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for RI, Providence, Scituate, District 139.Pg. 41. 
Dwelling/family:  355/437.  Nathan Colvin, 32, laborer,RI/RI/RI. Sarah D., 30,
wife, keeping house, RI/RI/RI.  Sarah M., 13,dau., RI/RI/RI.  Welcome G., 11,
son, RI/RI/RI.

BURIAL:  The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Index. 
Colvin, Sarah M: 1866 - 1883, Woodland Cemetery, Coventry[CY066]
BURIAL:  Find-a-Grave.comSarah Mabel ColvinBIRTH:   Sep 6,1866DEATH:  1883
BURIED:  Woodland Cemetery, Coventry, Kent Co., RI
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Notes for Sarah Matilda COLVIN

SOURCE:  Whitney, W. A., "History and biographical record of LenaweeCounty,
Michigan : containing a history of the organization and earlysettlement of the
county, together with a biographical record of manyof the oldest and most
prominent settlers and present residents,obtained from personal interviews
with themselves or their children"Adrian Mich.: W. Stearns & Co., printers,
1879, 1023 pgs. Page 305

Sarah M. Colvin
Birth:  1841
Death:  1841
Burial:  Holloway Cemetery.  Lenawee County, Michigan, USA
Tombstone photo on page
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Notes for Sarah Miranda COLVIN

DEATH:  Ohio Death Certificates, 1908-1953.  FamilySearch IGIExtraction. 
[Microfilm image]
Name: Sarah Miranda PaulDeath date/Place: 16 May 1932,  Cleveland,Cuyahoga,
OhioBirth date/Place: 11 Apr 1852, Kinderhook, MichAge atdeath: 80 years 1
month 5 daysMarital status: MarriedStreet address:3284 W 98thOccupation:
HouseworkResidence: Cleveland, Cuyahoga,OhioBurial date/Place: 18 May 1932,
Coldwater, MichSpouse: David HPaulFather: Oliver E Calvin, b. New York
Mother: Miranda Mead, b. NewYorkGSU film number: 1992574Digital GS number:
4001570Image number:985Reference number: fn 29210
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Notes for Sarah N. COLVIN

CENSUS:  1850 Census, Township of Lyon, Oakland, MI, p. 286A, Dwelling#1673,
enumerated 18 Oct 1850:  Zeri Colvin, 42, Merchant, $1200 realestate, VT. 
Charlotte, 39, NY.  Helen, 19, Vt.  Sarah, 16, Vt

BURIAL:  New Hudson Cemetery, Lyon Township, Oakland Co., MI: COLVINSarah N
dau Z C & C A, age 20 yr 10 m, Dec 13
BURIAL:  Royal Oak Village Cemetery, Royal Oak Township, OaklandCounty
Colvin  Sarah H   Dec 13,1855 20y 10m  D/o Z C & C A Colvin  NewHudson Cem 
Lyon Twp
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Notes for Sarah S COLVIN

She was Sarah C. Latham at time of marriage to Humphrey.

SOURCE:  Whitney, W. A., "History and biographical record of LenaweeCounty,
Michigan : containing a history of the organization and earlysettlement of the
county, together with a biographical record of manyof the oldest and most
prominent settlers and present residents,obtained from personal interviews
with themselves or their children"Adrian Mich.: W. Stearns & Co., printers,
1879, 1023 pgs. Page 305
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Notes for Sarepta COLVIN

BIRTH:  Date figured from death date 19 Apr 1871, 65h 9m 8d = 11 Jul1805.

"A Genealogical & Biographical History of the Descendants of Griffinand Alice
Crafts of Roxbury, Mass., 1630-1890," compiled by James M.Crafts and William
F. Crafts [Gazette Printing Co., Northampton, Mass,1893]

CENSUS:  1840 US Census for OH, Geauga Co., Auburn, p. 144.  SereptaCrafts [3
in household].  Line 17: John Silvernail, 1 male 30/40
Line 24: Serepta Crafts 1 male 10/16, 1 fem un 5, 1 fem 30/40
Line 25: Bildad Bradley 1 male 20/30, 1 male 60/70, 1 fem 50/60

CENSUS:  1870 US Census for OH, Geauga Co., Township of Burton, BurtonP.O., p.
54, Dwelling & Family #58, enumerated 3 Aug 1870:Silvernail, Alonzo, 22,
Farmer, $1000 real estate, $400 pers estate,MIigan.  Seth, 1, At Home, OH. 
Sarepta, 64, Keeping House, RI

DEATH:  GEAUGA COUNTY OHIO - DEATHS -- 1867 - 1907 (S Surnames)Silvernail,
Sarepta, d. 19 Apr 1871, 65y 9m 8d, 1-24-#413, POD Burton,POB NY, Occupation:
H Wife, Cause of Death: Consumption, Residence

BURIAL:  Shadyside Cemetery, Auburn Twp., Auburn Corners, Geauga Co.,OH:  
Sarepta Silvernail, Section 5 A, Lot 61, d. 19 Apr 1871, age 65yrs., w/o John,
lot owned by W. Crafts
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Notes for Saxton COLVIN

CENSUS:  1860 US Census for NY, Franklin Co., Malone.  Enumerated:  21Jun 1860. 
Dwelling/Family:  215/214
C.W. Blanchard, 30, R.R. Conductor, $500 pers value, b. NY
Alvira, 24, b. NY
Charles A., 6, NY
Maggy, 4, NY
George P., 2, NY
Saxton Colvin, 22, conductor on R.R. $75 pers value, NY
Sarah, 22, NY

CENSUS:  1880 US Census for NY, Franklin Co., Malone.  E.D. 90. Enumerated:  9
Jun 1880.  Dwelling/Family:  130/132
Saxton Colvin, 41, Engineer on R.R., NY/NY/NY.
Sarah, 40, wife, keeping house, NY/NY/NY.
Frank, 18, son, carpenter, NY/NY/NY.
Nellie, 16, dau, at school, NY/NY/NY.
Gertie, 11, dau, at school, NY/NY/NY.

"The Franklin Gazette" [Malone, Franklin Co., NY] Friday, October 29, 1880.  A
special train was run from Ogdensburg on Sunday last, bringing railroad
employes to attend the funeral of Saxton Colvin.

OBITUARY:  "The Malone Palladium"  [Malone, Franklin Co., NY]  Thurs., 11 Nov
COLVIN.—In Malone, Oct. 22,1880, of inflammation of the bowels and kidneys,
Saxton Colvin, aged 42 years.
Mr. Colvin leaves a wife and three children to mourn their loss. He had
resided in Malone over twenty years, and had been in the employ of the
O.&I.C.R.R. Co. nearly twenty-five years. His funeral was attended in the M.
E. Church at Maione, Oct. 24. A special train was run from Ogdensburg,
bringing about one hundred employes to attend the funeral of one of their
number.  By his death the family lose a kind husband and loving father, the
R.R. Co. a trusty and faithful employe, and the community a worthy and much
respected citizen.

BURIAL:  Morningside Cemetery, Malone, Franklin Co., NY
COLVINGeorge S. Son of Saxton & Sarah COLVIN Died Sept. 7, 1861 AE 1mo 5 ds.
Separate stone in the same lot:Saxton COLVIN Died Oct. 22,1880 Aged 42 Years
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