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Relationship Notes For Douglas Delmar GILES and Corol Lee BROWN

FamilySearch - LDS Extracted Marriage Records - Collection: WashingtonState
County Marriages, 1858-1950
Groom's name: Douglas Delmar Giles
Bride's name: Carol Lee Brown
Marriage date: 11 Feb 1944
Marriage place: , Thurston, Washington
Marriage license date: 11 Feb 1944
Marriage recording place: , Thurston, Washington
Digital GS number: 4141389
Image number: 00741
Volume: 21968
Collection: Washington State County Marriages,

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Relationship Notes For Frederick Goodridge CUMMINGS and Sophia DOUGLASS

SOURCE:  "The Notebooks of Sarah Reeves Douglas Written Circa1920-1934 Adams
Co., Wisconsin.
Resided in Iowa
DOUGLAS - Sophia Douglas daughter of Jeremiah and Margaret (Smart)Douglas,
married Good [Goodridge] Cummings, resided Iowa. .

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Relationship Notes For Kenneth Edward BIXBY and Dorothy Ruth SILSBY

Annual Town Reports, Lunenburg, Vermont, Marriages Notices from 1926to 1980
[online transcription]:
Groom / Residence / Bride / Residence / Date
Bixby, Kenneth Edward Jr, Littleton, NH, Silsby, Dorothy

MARRIAGE:   Vermont Marriage Records, 1909-2008   (
Copy of Original on file.
Dorothy Ruth Silsby Gender: Female Age: 27 Birth Date: abt 1923Mother's Name:
Marion Father's Name: James Marriage Date: 29 Jul 1950Marriage Location:
Lunenburg, Essex Spouse's name: Kenneth EdwardBixby Jr Spouse gender: Male
Vital Event Type: Certificate of Marriage

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Relationship Notes For Albert Merritt PITCHER and Frances McPherson RICHARDSON

SOURCE:  "The Olcotts and their kindred" Mary L.B. Olcott.  NewYork::National
Americana Publications, 1956, 403 pgs
Pg 192

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Relationship Notes For Clarence B COLVIN and Aretta M MCMILLAN

Grooms Index; 1883-1987;  Marriages of Frontier County, Nebraska.Colvin,
Clarence B. 23 Jun 1925, Bk 6, Pg 46 McMillan, Aretta M.

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Relationship Notes For Alfred C GROW and Sarah C LOTT

FamilySearch Extracted Records.  Collection: New York Marriages,1686-1980
Groom's Name: Alfred C Grow
Groom's Birth Date: 1840
Groom's Age: 69
Bride's Name: Sarah C Linabery
Bride's Birth Date: 1846
Bride's Age: 63
Marriage Date: 24 Nov 1909
Marriage Place: Broome, New York
Groom's Father's Name: John W Grow
Groom's Mother's Name: Caroline Waitfield
Bride's Father's Name: John W Lott
Bride's Mother's Name: Lavina Hallock
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I00882-4
System Origin: New York-EASy
Source Film Number: 808820
Reference Number: 1329
Collection: New York Marriages,

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Relationship Notes For Albert J BALLOU and Sarah J SHELDON

SOURCE:  "Genealogy of the Potter Family Originating in Rhode Island"Rev.
Jeremiah Potter, Phenix, R.I., John H. Campbell, Book and JobPJob Printer881.
p.  74

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Relationship Notes For Silas Edwin WILLMER and Mrytle May SAXTON

LDS FamilySearch Extractions
Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925
groom's name:	Silas E. Willmer
groom's age:	21 years
groom's birth date:	1883
groom's birthplace:	Ingalls, Mich.
bride's name:	Mertie M. Saxton
bride's age:	17 years
bride's birth date:	1887
bride's birthplace:	Menominee, Mich.
marriage date:	22 Mar 1904
marriage place:	Ingalls, Menominee, Michigan
groom's father:	Henry Willmer
groom's mother:	Mary Harron
bride's father:	Jas. B. Saxton
bride's mother:	Cislies Niles
film number:	2342668
Digital folder number:	4208676
image number:	311
reference number:	v 3 p 283 rn

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Relationship Notes For Coy B. HOLLAND and Esther B STICKLIN

"The Wellsboro Agitator" [Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA], Wednesday, 7 Aug1940:
STICKLIN-HOLLAND     Miss Esther B. Sticklin, daughter of Mr.and Mrs. E. B.
Sticklin, formerly of Wellsboro, was married to Coy B.Holland, Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Coy B. Holland, of Endicott, N. Y.,July 26, at Oxford, N. Y., by Rev.
N. B. Graves, pastor of theMethodist church. Mr. and Mrs. Holland will reside
at Endicott.

Osford is in Chenango AND Orange Counties.

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Relationship Notes For Francis BARRETT and Julia M CALVIN

Source:  "Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson County"  Town of
Clayton.  adapted from
HamiltonChild's "Gazetteer of Jefferson County, N.Y.", published in 1890.

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Relationship Notes For George Frederick ELDRIDGE and Elizabeth TIFFT

Source:  "Historical sketch of the Sheldon family."  Information ofSheldon,
Hulburt, and Matteson Families, authored by Donna Bodily,Vernal, UT.  Aug 1967.

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Relationship Notes For Blaine BRUNKER and Florence GAMBONI

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah)  1946  March 17
References at Random
For Marriage  Licenses to marry had been granted Saturday at theWeber county
clerks office to Blaine Brunker, 17, and FlorenceGamboni, 17, Ogden.

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Relationship Notes For Arthur Charles COLVIN and Fay Lozell FAUDE

Michigan Marriages 1868-1925.  FamilySearch IGI Extraction.[Microfilm image]
Groom name: Arthur Chas Colvin, 22 yrs
Groom birth year/place: 1884,  Medina Mich
Bride name: Fay Lozell Faude, 19 yrs
Bride birth year/place: 1887, Iona City
Marriage type:
Marriage date/place: 09 Feb 1906,  Lansing, Ionia, Michigan
Father of groom name: C. C. Colvin
Mother of groom name: Nellie Ely
Father of bride name: G. F. Faude
Mother of bride name: ...nez Mc Arthur
Film number: 2342674
Digital GS number: 4208699
Image number: 243
Reference number: v 2 p 325 rn 977
Collection: Michigan Marriages

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Relationship Notes For Lowell M WEBSTER and Frances S WILSON

Maine Marriages, 1892-1996  ; Bride: Wilson Frances S; Bride's Placeof
Residence: Springfield; Bride's State of Residence: ME; Groom:Webster Lowell
M; Groom's Place of Residence: Springfield; Groom'sstate of Residence: ME;
Date: 2 July, 1941

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Relationship Notes For Albert Stanley NANCE and Merle Jane FEARRIEN 
Family Group Sheet.

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Relationship Notes For Bert E CONLEE and Verna B SOPER

Michigan Marriages 1868-1925.  FamilySearch IGI Extraction.[Microfilm image]
Groom name: Bert Conlee
Groom age: 24 years
Groom birth year: 1880
Groom birth place: Clio, Mich.
Bride name: Verna B. Soper
Bride age: 21 years
Bride birth year: 1883
Bride birth place: Flint, Mich.
Marriage date: 29 Jun 1904
Marriage place: Clio, Genesee, Michigan
Father of groom name: Hiram H. Conlee
Mother of groom name: Carrie Wilson
Father of bride name: D.B. Soper
Mother of bride name: Blanche Johnston
Film number: 2342667
Digital GS number: 4208675
Image number: 148
Reference number: v 1 p 17 rn 6392
Collection: Michigan Marriages

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Relationship Notes For Forest Walter DAVIS and Mabel Marie MINER

LDS FamilySearch Extracted Records
Ohio Marriages, 1800-1958
groom's name:	Forrest W. Davis
groom's birthplace:	Delaware Co., O.
bride's name:	Mabel Marie Miner
bride's birth date:	1881
bride's birthplace:	Hebron, O.
bride's age:	18
marriage date:	21 May 1899
marriage place:	Franklin County, Ohio
groom's father's name:	J. F. Davis
groom's mother's name:	Amanda Lepps
bride's father's name:	Gib Miner
groom's marital status:	Single
bride's marital status:	Single
indexing project (batch) number:	M86842-5
system origin:	Ohio-VR
source film number:	0285156
reference number:

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Relationship Notes For Alfred PALMER and Helen M COLVIN

Source:   Long Island Historical and Genealogical Research

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Relationship Notes For Silas Byram CONDICT and Mary JOHNSON

SOURCE:  Johnson Family Bible
Mary Johnson [dau of Mahlon & Sarah] was married to Silas B. CondictJune 16,
1840 at Littleton, NJ.

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Relationship Notes For Delois MAULDING and Bernice BENSON

Oregon, Marriage Indexes 1906-2008 (
Name:	Delos Maulding
Spouse's Name:	Bernice Benson
Marriage Date:	11 Oct 1947

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