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Whitcomb School

1915 - 1916

1915 - 1916, Clarence Dunbar, teacher
Left to Right
Row 1. Front Bertha Wilson, Lucille Sentle, Volcott Dauble, Arthur Follett, Elgsie Myers, Edgar Sentle, Elton Whitcomb, Bishop Andrews, Clifford Reckner,

Row 2. Dora Hite, Dora Fouty, Violet Fouty, Garnet Alwood, Delight Krontz, Mile Smalley, Joy Andrews, Grace Shaw, Blanche Alwood, Myrtle Shrock

Row 3. Myrtle Onweller, Zelpha Baxter, Bertha Whitcomb, Lillie Smalley, Mamie Hite, Wavel Sentle, Mary Bader, Mirty Lee, Glen Keaser, George Alwood

Row 4. Teacher Clarence Dunbar, Ruth Reckner, Edna Ryan, Wealtha Baxter, Eathel Hartman, Icy Krauss, Clive Reckner, Ray Krauntz

The above is a copy of names that had been written & attached to the original picture.

 1. Introduction
 2. History of One-Room Schools
 3. Samuel WHITCOMB,
 4. Whitcomb School Building
 5. Old School Friends, 1896-1897
 6. Class Photo, 1912-1913
 7. Souvenir Card & Class List, 1912-1913
 8. Souvenir Card & Class List, 1913-1914
 9. Class Photo, 1915-1916
10. Dorothy BROWN, Teacher, 1916-1917
11. Amy SWART, Teacher, 1918-1919
12. More Amy SWART Class photos &
      Souvenir Cards

13. Class Photo, 1935-1936
14. Daily Teaching Program
15. Teacher List
16. Attendance Spread Sheet
17. PTA Minutes, 1937-1938, Final Year
18. Commencement 1938 Program
19. Pike Centralized School Article

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