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Whitcomb School

1912 - 1913

Left to right Row 1
H. H. Hite,
Frank Trant,
Haral Krieger,
Arthur Follett,
Edgar Sentle,
Bishop Andrews,
Volcott Double,
Eddie Hite
Row 2      
Lillian Upton,
Nina Smalley,
Joy Andrews,
Garnet Allwood,
Pearl Allwood,
Grace Shaw,
Myrtle Wilson
Row 3
Howard Hite,
George Allwood,
Thomas Upton,
Lewis Boyce,
Maude Upton,
Ruthie Rudolph,
Dora Hite,
Bertha Wilson,
Lucille Sentle,
Myrtle Shrock
Row 4
Glen Keaser,
Clifford Reckner,
Elton Whitcomb,
Teacher Bessie Dunbar,
Mirty Lee,
Myrtle Onweller,
Mamie Hite,
Thelma Keaser,
Ruby Whitcomb
*  *  *
Note: 17 enrolled students were not present at the time this picture was taken (See next page).
This was a copy of the names that had been written & attached to the original picture.

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