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Whitcomb School


These young ladies attended Whitcomb School when they were 9 to 13 years of age as the 1893 and 1895 Daily School Record Indicates.

Old School Friends
Left to right
Row 1: Mabel [Miller] Larnel, Lottie Krebbs, Ruby [Kirkman] Faylor, Grace [Rockwood] Elliott, Myrtle [Lawerence] Miller.

Row 2: Viola [Whitcomb] Holmes, Clara [Derby] Sturtevant, Mariel [Derby] Lozier, Cora Bell [Whitecomb] Cooley, Ethel Whitcomb

The second last names above represents the girls later marriage names, as recorded on the back of the original picture.

Souvenir Presentation Cards

The card on the left records:


School District No. 3
Pike Township,
Fulton County, Ohio
* * *
* * *
Presented by
Myrtle Auble, Teacher
B. S. Moore Director


Mariel Derby   *   Clara Derby
Lillie Derby
Agnes Currier   *   Ida Raymond
Ethyl Lawrence
Mary Hawkins   *   Nellie Murdock
Rubie Kirkman
Lottie Krebs   *   Viola Whitcomb
Mae Phillips
Louis Hawkins   *   Harry Lawrence
Charlie Murdock
Ransom Tuckerman   *   Harley Quellet
Myrtle Lawrence
Viola Shambarger   *   Grace Auble
Mable Miller
Hazel Tuckerman   *   Mora Tuckerman
Lillie Hawkins
Nora Miller   *   Cora Whitcomb
Ethyl Whitcomb
Samuel Hawkins   *   Willie Hawkins
Austin Lawrence
Albert Miller   *   Lucity Tuckerman
Herbert Whitcomb   *   Winslow Tuckerman

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