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Letter Fulton High School; Ai, Ohio
Senior Class Photos, 1917

Kathryn SCHYWN, 1897-1990


     Very nice addition--about Amy (SWART WHITCOMB). I always wondered how the teachers in those days taught all the different ages. My mother, Kathryn Schwyn Huber (1897-1990) may well have known Amy. My mother also went to school in Bowling Green for teaching, and she taught a total of six years, all in Lucas County. As you know, she was in the graduating class of 1917, at Fulton School.

    When your Uncle Jack (MIZER) and I, and our other classmates, went to Fulton Centralized School, there were only two grades in a room. I know we had to do what was called "seatwork" while the other grade was reciting. We could get a review of last year's work, or a preview of next year's work. I've always wondered if that is where I got into the habit of my mind wandering, giving me trouble listening to lectures, or sermons in church. I'll use that as an excuse, anyway.

Dean and Mary (Huber) Leedy
March 10, 2001

    My mother, Kathryn Schwyn Huber, did have a long life. She was born in 1897, and lived until 1990. Her parents had come to America from Switzerland, sometime in the 1880's. Then, in 1900, her maternal grandparents, quite elderly by then, and having no close relatives in Switzerland, came to live with the family in rural Swanton, Ohio.

    I noticed the detail in the dress she was wearing for her graduation photo, especially what might be called pleats. Her grandmother was a seamstress in Switzerland, and it could very well be that she, Mother's grandmother, had a hand in the making of the dress.

March 12, 2001

    "A letter surfaced recently, written in 1972, by 11-year old David's grandmother (born in 1897). Part of it reads: 'Master David Leedy, Thanks, David, for the nice letter (thank you note). I wish to thank you and your whole family for the things you gave me, and the nice time I had down to your house. . . You thought that this was your best Christmas yet, because you received what you wanted.

    I can look back many Christmas days and I feel that really the best ones were when I was young, say from 5 to 10 yrs. old and we each got a nice apple or orange, a popcorn ball at the church program and a lb. of rock candy for our family of six kids. I can still see that bag of candy and my eyes popped way open to see which pieces would be mine. We also received a pr. of black knitted stockings and a pr. of mittens my mother or grandma knitted. Really David, those were the nicest Christmases, Love, Grandma' " (Written by Kathryn Schwyn Huber, 1897-1990).

Mary (Huber) Leedy
March 15, 2001

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Ai Centralized School, Fulton County, Ohio School Photos
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