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Letter Fulton High School, Ai, Ohio


      How well we remember the first day we entered High School. There were not enough seats for all so some had to sit together. This was not at all comfortable as it was a very warm day. There were fourteen of these green little "Freshies," but after four years only nine are left to graduate. In the first year, 1913, a new teacher came to us as our former one accepted a position elsewhere. Although it was difficult to change teachers we all stood it very well for nine of us are now seniors and Mr. Watkins is principal in Archbold High School.

      One evening Homer Kline invited us to his home and this evening will always be remembered because it was our first "H. S. party." The organization of the class took place; the first officers were elected and the class colors, purple and gold, were chosen. These have been loyally supported through the four years, and although our banner has been taken many times it has always come back safe and sound.

      We entered the Sophomore grade in 1914. Only twelve members but we were "sturdy Sophomores" and no longer "greenies." German was the chief study this year, and if we didn't have it we were cordially invited to attend a "12 o'clock German tea party."

      We began the Junior year with high spirits and bright prospects, but alas! Matrimony looked better to some members so three left school and two married. One is now queen of "Louis"-ville and the other thinks that no one is quite like her "King Arthur."

      Last but not least, our senior year, which proved to be the most successful but also the busiest. The motto, "Not on the heights, but climbing," was chosen and adopted by the class. Our school days for Ai will soon be over, and we will soon leave the dear old High School, but we shall always hold in mind the memory of kind teachers, dear classmates and friends of Fulton high school.

           N. A. B.
Note: Probably by Nellie Amelia Babcock. Cpk.

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