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Souvenir Card

Let fate do her worst, there are moments of joy,
Bright dreams of the past, which she cannot destroy:
Which come in the night time of sorrow and care,
And bring back the features that joy used to wear.

First Column: Elya Miller, Pearl Hayes, Eva Learned, Emmet Miller, Phia Watkins, Dessie Hayes, Hobert Dunbar, Maude Hayward, Frank Geitgey, Blanche Hayes, Milly Geitgey, Frank Graetz, Robert Gorsuch.

Second Column: Mayme Chatfield, Misca Tappan, Pearl McQuillin, Fred Hayward, Everett McQuillin, Cora Chatfield, Frank Tappan, Florence Gorsuch, Cleo Graetz, Bessie McQuilin, Alice Hayward, Jessie Graves, Floyd Heiminger.
               & Bird Hayward

(The images of the above Souvenir Card were sent to me by Melissa (Mann) Detwiler. Melissa is a daughter of Jim Mann who graduated from Lyons in 1964. Read his email about Rose (Richardson) Barnes below.)

East Chestefield

A Tribute

To the Life of Mrs Rose Barnes

She was the eldest child of Mr and Mrs Jas. Richardson, formerly of Royalton Twp. She was reared in a home of a large family where love and affection abounded and there was no room for selfishness. Being ambitious and energetic, she acquired a good education, taught school as a vocation, became a christian in her early life, took a prominent part in church work and was an active member of the Rebekah lodge and when she asssumed the responsibilities of her own home it was a continuation of an affectionate family and the cares of motherhood occupied her entire time. The husband and children will feel the loss most keenly in the home as well as her mother, sisters and brothers who have the deep sympathy of all.


(Note: Below is an email I received from Jim Mann regarding the Rose BARNES obituary.)
Subj: Lyons_Ohio_History Date: 7/3/00 2:40:48 PM EDT
From: To: Corpmiz

Dear CPK,

I really enjoyed the Rose Barnes obituary and notices. She was a sister to my Grandmother, Olive Mann. We have always enjoyed a family tradition passed down about Aunt Rose.

It seems she taught school for a time at the Edgar School, a one-room school that was located at the NE intersection of US-20 & CR-12 on what now is the Barlow farm. When she was hired to teach there they warned her that two older boys would be helping at home with the fall harvest and would not be in school until later in the year, and that when they did come, most likely they would be unruly.

The story is that on the first day they came, shortly they began acting up. Aunt Rose, who was a rather diminutive woman and the boys both towered over her, picked up a piece of stove wood, walked over and knocked one of those boys unconscious. She turned and asked the other if he had any problems, to which he reportedly replied, "No. Ma'am."

The claim has been they caused no further problems during the time she taught there. My father could name the two boys, but it was a family name that was unfamiliar to me and has been lost. My oldest daughter (who has just finished her 11th year of teaching school!) has Aunt Rose's school bell.

Bye for now, Jim Mann
Column Two (Part of Top Missing)

their respective homes for the last time at this place before moving to Metamora and Wauseon. Rev. Goller will give stereopticon views of the modern S.S. next Sunday evening at the church. All are invited to the morning service also.
     Mr and Mrs Bowen and daughter Nellie of Morenci whose farm Mr Will Barnes occupies, attended the funeral of Mrs Barnes on Sunday afternoon also.


     Roy Richardson, wife and his mother, Mrs Jas. Richardson and Mrs Mabel See who were called here by the death of Mrs Wm Barnes left for their home at Breckenridge, Mich Monday. They were expected to stop at Adrian enroute.
     Mr and Mrs S W Evers entertained at a family dinner on Thanksgiving. Charles, Will and George Evers and their families, V. Eberly and Jake Hartmen and families and Mr and Mrs Oliver McLain of Wauseon.
     Dr and Mrs Haroun spent Tuesday with their son John and wife in Toledo.
     Mrs Ed. Hayward and daughter, Mrs Edna Dean left Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving at the home of Chas. Drum in Detroit.
     Ernest Hinkle and wife and Jake Gephart and wife and Mrs Libbie Gephart who were called here by the death of Mrs Wm Barnes returned to Detroit Sunday night by auto and Mr and Mrs Gepheart and sister will go from there to their home at Breckenridge, Mich.
     Telephone in your Thanksgiving news, 47 gets the Journal.
     Mr and Mrs Haroun spent Sunday at John Churchill's at Lenawee Junction.
     Mr and Mrs Melvin Hinkle and grand son Melvin Smith left Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with Harry Hinkle and wife in Ft. Wayne, Ind.
     Mr and Mrs Geo. Evers have taken the baby girl of William Barnes to care for.
     George Schamp and daughter, Estella, Roy Schamp, Mrs Mary Spurgeon and Mr and Mrs Bert Raker of Wauseon attended the funeral of Mrs Wm Barnes on Sunday.

Note: Transcribed by Lou Jacobs

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Early Schools of Fulton County, Ohio
April 4, 2009
     by Charles Paul Keller

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