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My experiences in the LaSalle one room school house.
By Ruth (LaSalle) Feeback

The LaSalle school was located 1 mile North and 1 Mile East of Winameg. I lived with my Grandma and Grandpa LaSalle about what would be a block from the school; North on a big farm. The 1 room school house held all 8 grades.

It was fun and very interesting. We could learn a lot by listening to the other students. There was a big pot belly furnace in the back of the room to help keep us warm.

I remember we would have a spell down where we would line up along the wall and the last one to sit down after misspelling a word was the winner.

We had a big school yard to play ball games and other games like Red Rover, Red Rover, I am coming right over and we would try and catch them. Also we would play London Bridge is falling down, etc. When it would snow we would build forts and throw snowballs at each other.

When the roads were all ice, we would skate on them. Most all of the students would walk 1 to 2 miles to school and back. I lived close enough that I didn't have far to go. The teacher would ring 2 bells and I could run after I heard the first bell and not be late to school.

There was a creek running back of the school house. Sometimes at recess and noon we would slide and play on the ice.

There were 2 toilets on the school grounds quite a ways from the school house, One for the girls on one side of the yard and one on the other for the boys, If one of us had to go, we would have to raise our hands and get permission.

There was a woodshed just as we entered the school. We knew if we didn't behave, to the wood shed we would go. You can guess the rest!!!

I really loved school and enjoyed going to the LaSalle school.

May 29, 2002

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Created May 29, 2002
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