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Letter Fulton High School, Ai, Ohio


      In the fall of 1914 we entered Fulton High School as Freshmen. There were thirteen in our class ranging in all sizes from large to small and a very brilliant class we were. Great was our joy when we found we could study that great foreign language, German, but our joy was not so great by Christmas time. Our one great monster was algebra, which everyone found a great delight in hating. During the whole year we plodded along very nicely, never having any parties in which most Freshmen indulge and on the whole a very good bunch. One excitement of the year was the giving of an Indian Operetta in which all were allowed to take part, leading and influential.

      When school opened in the fall of 1915 we entered, a year older and much wiser and experienced, as Sophomores. There were only twelve of us left to plod along together. This year our one great study was geometry in which we all shone very brilliantly. Some few events happened such as a reception for the Seniors, consisting of marshmallows and picks which I am sure everyone enjoyed. We also had a number of class parties. One activity was the giving of a play, very exciting to us as it was our first try, but it was a success. Thus passed the second year of our High School course.

      Now our Junior year of High School has been the most enjoyable of all and also the most brilliant of all, and we are hoping our Senior year will prove more so. This year we have had a class party every month. The first one being at Miss Deck's. We have given a play and the whole High School gave an operetta entitled, "Merry Milkmaids," in which our members took an active part. Our school was made a first grade High School this year for which we put forth our best efforts to obtain. An additional teacher, Mr. Chase, has also been added to our faculty. Our Junior-Senior banquet was a success, also being given the eleventh of April, 1917. Now we are nearly ready to go into the Senior grade and there are only nine of us left to keep up the record of our class, and we are hoping we can keep it up.

          Ruth E. Potter

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